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It's a Kind'da Magic

First let me say, Thank you to all of you. I have received so many wonderful emails and phone calls to welcome me to magical land of Hocus-Pocus & about this blog. Paul is impressed with how many hits that I have gotten with this, just the first blog. This blog is for all of you of so please feel free to email or add comments with you tips and picks also. I am going to try my best to cover something for each type of magician so lets get started.

A Buyer Beware Alert

Here a at Hocus Pocus we stand by the creators of magic. Today we received a sample of a item that is a total ripoff of Wayne Roger's Appearing Ladder. Paul showed me this inferior knockoff by Mak Magic. Let it be stated here and now, that this is a Wayne Roger's creation not Mak Magic or anyone else. This product is so poorly manufactured it does not open properly and would not last a dozen performances before it cracks and breaks.
We have sold Wayne's version and stand by his creations now for over 7 years.
Please help us support the right maker.

Today's Picks
A Day With Finn Jon

Well, first thanks to Losander for producing this DVD of one of Europe's creative minds in magic. Finn Jon shares some of his most recent creations with a new type of sponge to create a new form of magic. Finn shares some wonderful sleight of hand effects with cards, sponge magic (not your dad's sponge routine), and the best take on Card to Wallet ....EVER! Losander's interview with Finn gives you an inside to Finn's creative mind. This will inspire you!

Amazing Marker

Just in Today. Paul played with this all day and raved to all he talked to on the phone. He likes it so much so he told me something I am sworn not to repeat. Let just say I don't think anyone getting one of these will ever have a problem or want to return it. Just image standing a marker on its edge and then placing a coin on top of the marker and a glass over the whole thing. Then magically the marker turns till the coin falls off. The Amazing Marker can lay flat and spin in a circle. It has so many magical and psychic possibilities.

Skrunken Bill

Close-Up Workers ALERT!!!. For the first time in history. Thru a special process a real US Dollar skrunken is now an item to make magic happen. Can be used in many close-up miracles. Your creative ideas can really happen now. One comes to mind with The Comedy Mini Wallet and a thumb tip. Let your mind work out the rest. Now in and ready for shipping. I laughed so hard on how small and real it looks.

Making Magic DVD's Vol 1 & 2

I have been a longtime fan of a working magician who likes to able to build his tricks & props. I have my own full woodworking shop (when ever I get the chance to move the rest of it from Vegas to Fresno) here . So this is why I am a fan of Martin Lewis effects. Here is a man who is second generation magic (Dad... Eric Lewis & best bud to Robert Harbin) who builds, writes and then shows his most magical secrets on these DVD's. All is explained in a "This Old House" kind'da way. So if you can't make, you can buy his tricks. If you can build get this series "Making Magic Vol I & II". Some of his best effects, even Cardiographic is explained how to make in detail. There are effects for Stage, Close-up and Family entertainers. Worse case, if you can't make them Hocus Pocus has the entire Magikraft Line to purchase. Art work is even include for your computer to print out. Its like Martin is making it for you then! There are 10 effects explained between the two DVD's, 8 of which I use in my shows is that a recommendation or what!

Colin Rose

Not one trick but 2 entire web sections on the Hocus Pocus website. This Englishman is "The Ultimate Mastercraftmen" that Hocus Pocus buys from. From Card Frames to Hoffman wands to woodwork from from ancient ships of England. Colin and his lovely wife Sharron produce hand crafted, handturned wooden cups for cups & balls, exotic wooden magic wands, to illusions for stage and close-up. I can't say nothing more then I wish I had his talents and skills to make such wonderful crafted products. Yes, his items may cost more, but I tell you, you will use these items for the rest of your career. Like a fancy car, his items will also be collectors items also besides being "worker tricks". There is something for everyone that Colin Rose makes.

As Always please read the full descriptions of these items on the website( www.hocus-pocus.com) of this weeks items I found for you to have for your show.

My Tips for you "Workers" (TY Mike Close for the term)

I promised to tip my working knowledge. Some maybe common sense but if you not using them, maybe now you might.

Those of you do the Banandana Routine:

I performed this 3-4 times a day at Excalibur Hotel Casino (one day 9 times in one day) and learned to save clean up time. Inside any Devils Hank use a ziplock bag,double stick tape to the pocket then to the outside of the ziplock. So after the show banana comes out wipe the ziplock with paper towel and your ready for next show.

Birthday Party Shows:

One working pro I knew years ago, actually had 2 suitcases with the same setup. If he had 2 birthday parties in one day ( he booked them close) he'd leave one show and get to the other all set to go with a second case. Think about it, it saves time and you have a backup set of tricks if one ever is broken or lost. Really, most working pros actually order two items from us just for those reasons I mention, let alone if a trick ends up not being made anymore. Ask the crew at Hocus Pocus, I wear denim shirts almost everyday ( I have 7 shirts). I bet they think the rest of my clothes are still in storage in Vegas....lol. Think of that scene in the movie "Arthur" getting the same shirt 2 or 3 each in a different color. Personally, I buy in bulk to CYA. Let you figure what CYA stands for.

Close-Up Magic

For you close-up kind'da guys a finale I came up with to the Ascanio Spread trick "Cannibal Kings." Let me tip my personal act. I won't explain the whole trick (that's still in print under the Ascanio Spread manuscript) but here's my ending. Before you start the routine have a red Queen one on top of the deck and one one the bottom. Now do the routine as in print to the point of the "famous flip/drop of the "regular card" and the King.

Now as you get ready for the the last missionary (as the routine calls them (which is really a number card) you do the eating act, & cut the deck ( I say "putting out the fire in the pot before the feast" at this point) spread the four Kings ala Ascanio Spread style and drop four Kings and the "last missionary" is gone. Now my finale. "You see those were not only missionaries but they had a kind'da of magic with them and where really safe with they ladies.

Spread the deck (the two cards chosen to be the missionaries say 7 hearts and 3 clubs) are were really safe and sound with there ladies. So as you spread the deck face up here is a 7 of hearts with a Queen and a 3 of Clubs with a Queen. "Its a kind'da Magic."

That's what I wish for each of you.... A Kind'da Magic in your life and spread that Magic. You wanted to be a Magician, be magical and make each person you meet feel special and touched by your Magic!

Let me know my magical knowledge is working for you.

Best Magical Wishes,

Tony Blanco

Tony@Hocus-Pocus.com (preferred)



Att. Tony Blanco

2311 E McKinley

Fresno, CA 93703 USA (to send stuff for review for the website to sell )

That's my email and the comment button is right there below. Let me hear from you!

Hey Tony,

Good tip on the vanishing bandana zip lock bag deal. I will add this right away. I wish I would have seen this a month ago. We are just finishing up a tour of Fairs and I have been performing this 3 times a day at each fair. By the time the fair is over my devil's hank is LOADED with banana. I'll try this right away. Thanks,

Keith Raymond
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