Monday, August 29, 2005

Magical Moments

My how time flies, Summer is almost over and in the short time I have had so many magical moments since moving here to Fresno. Magical Moment is a term which I coined on a take of the old Kodak film slogan "Make every moment a Kodak moment." This is what you must do everytime you perform. You create a magic moment for your audiences. That picture of the birthday child helping the magician. The smile on a lady's face when you turn a napkin into a rose. The parent whose child goes on stage in Las Vegas and the magician makes their child float. These are memories that will last a life time....even if you never ever see that person again they had a Magical Moment.

Just a few updates from Hocus-Pocus, Paul is doing much better since his Kidney stone problem and quick bout with the flu. So as the big guy approaches a milestone (hopefully not another kidney stone ) he will turn 50 years old this weekend. I kind'da overheard him talking to Mike. I think Paul might be planning a surprise for all our online members of Hocus-Pocus. So if your not a online member (and why aren't you?) time to sign-up be part of his Magical Moment.

One of my jobs here at Hocus Pocus (as If I had just is to bring more magic to the website. I just aquired from a magician in Southern California the magic collection of all times. You talk about a Magical Moment! Watching Paul act like a kid on Christmas day as we unpacked 40 boxes of MINT, and I mean MINT condition magic. Some of these items are from Abbotts Magic & Supreme from England. This is going to be the estate sale which may never end. So you better make sure you are a online member to get email notice of this sale. My personal tip don't email us, if you see what you want on a estate sale...Call! You snooze, you lose. Now if you didn't notice this last week lets try again.....

Performer's Tips Contest

The working knowledge that the collective group of Hocus-Pocus customers have could probably fill a library. Everyone here has learned something, either by trail by fire or just common sense. Now its your turn to share your tips and ideas for all of us to be better performers. So I asked Paul, for all of you, and he presented me $20.00 gift certifcates for the "Best Performer's Tip of The Week" Contest. So send in your emails with your best ideas, suggestions, routines or tips.

Next Tuesday, one of you gets $20.00 to shop free at Hocus-Pocus its that simple. Each email will be dated and time zoned. This weeks contest will end on Friday Sept 2, @ 5:00 PST.

Update: Since I think alot of you may have not seen this contest listing. I am rolling over the certifcate prize (there goes my first pay raise) to $40 to shop at Hocus-Pocus. Send your ideas, suggestions and tips before Paul takes it out of my paycheck.

This Weeks Picks

Wonder Pet

When I still worked in Las Vegas, I got to meet Alan Wong from Hong Kong. Alan is the creator of what has to be the cutest magic effect in a while. Wonder Pet is is truly a magical moment maker. Wonder Pet is by special arrangement and is in limited edition. This is a Hocus-Pocus find and is going fast off the shelf. Some folks are actually buying 2 and 3 of them. There is a video on the website so, one pic (video) is worth a thousand words. The ooh's and ahh's are just two more words about Wonder Pet.

Tomas Medina's Geek Magic

This DVD is an all out Magical Moment maker (if not wierd moments) that will surely get you remembered. This talented young man teaches you some of the Geekest stunts that you can do to turn heads. Mind you, all are safe and at no time are you ever taking a risk with your life. Now the stomachs of your audience thats another story.

Barry Mitchell

Barry is one person that knows about creating Magical Moments. From his sense of humor, colorful props to endearing story tricks with a message, Barry Mitchell is all about lasting memories. You can never go wrong with any creation by him. So I recommend just typing his name in product search and taking a journey into his fun world of magic.

Magic Anytime, Anywhere By Losander

From the creator of the Floating Table, comes a DVD that really shows what a magical moments can be. The truest form of magic is what appears to be impromptu. Magic for the moment at the moment. Losander takes you step by step into a world of impromptu magic. This is great DVD for those times when doing card tricks is not as magical as using whats around you to show your talent vs.your skill.

Tips of the Week

Suitcase Backdrop

Years ago I learned this idea from a puppeteer. He would travel with cases(footlocker type) and when he got to the gig he would set up from the inside floor of the case a frame. This was like two letter L's upside down with a crossbar to join them in the center. The poles or pipes would be mount by floor flanges. This is the same type under most magic tables. He would then hang a curtain (velcro or slide hem) on the pole. The curtain would drape over the lid of the case. He would then hang his marionettes also from the back. He would do a puppet performance piece.Then go behind hang up that puppet and get another puppet. All the pipes broke down and straped into the lid of the footlocker. The curtain (use double knit fabric it doesn't wrinkle as much) go in the bottom and the handcrafted puppets were then protected by the curtain. Those of you who do school shows, malls or birthday parties will look that much more professional with a backdrop.

Jumbo Stage Size

I started to mention this last week but now let me go further. As a teenage magician I used to buy every packet trick in the world. Now with the advent of home computers and scanners it is not hard to custom make your own stage size version of a packet trick.

You can even use a color copier and with jumbo cards enlarge them 151% (thats almost 8 1/2 x 11) this way you can really see the trick from stage. You will need to make both a front and back (don't do two sided printing) Then using a laiminating machine (buy one or have an office copy place do it for you) you now have a professional durable stage prop.

Examples of great packet tricks for this concept are: Girls Night Out by Tony Curtis (not the actor) Joker Poker (from the book the Magic of Alan Wakeling by Jim Steinmeyer) Harry Anderson's Monarch Monte ( from Mike Caveney's Book about Harry)

Well that should keep you thinking this week. As we end this summer, the Holidays are just around the corner. This is the time to be prepared and be most magical. Think of your time when you entertain as the time that lasting memories are made. These are "Magical Moments".

As Always please read the full descriptions of these items on the website ( ) this weeks picks I recommend for you to have for your show.

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