Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Classics Of Magic

Dear Friends,
I notice that I am coming to almost two months of doing this blog. One of the things in life that makes me happy are things I like to see, hear, or perform over and over again. Like a favorite movie, a great song or magic effect. This is what becomes a "Classic". To know what will become a classic is a talent and a gift in itself for a true performer.

When I was a kid a famous Fur company used a slogan "What Becomes a Legend". Well, now a days its not that fashionable to be seen wearing a fur. The term still works for me. What Becomes a legend? The tricks? The music? You know after 30 years it really doesn't matter execpt one thing. The joy you give when you perform. The reason you really wanted to be magical. If its just for the money then hopefully the tricks will make you look good. If the tricks don't the audience is waiting for your personality to make the magic and you better do it.

A quick quote from the movie The Matrix. Actually it is more then likely taken from a Zen or Buddist ideal. Here we go. "There is a differance between knowing the Path, and Walking the Path." Sort of like a kid yelling out "I know how it's Done!" Does he really?
Remember this "The journey of a Thousand Miles begins with the First step." Never lose your sight of why you want to be magical.

This Weeks Picks "Billy and I sharing a Pipe moment"

Mona Lisa McComb
One of my comedy magic heros is Billy McComb. His talents and knowledge of the history of magic are astounding. Five minutes with Billy and you know why you became a magician. One of his routines (which he has many, just type his name in our site or on google and see ) is Mona Lisa McComb. I have seen many versions of this routine. I have made up a version using cereal boxes. As a fitting tribute to the genuis that is Billy McComb, Mona Lisa McComb is a most professional made prop and comes in a artist portfolio to display these classic works of art. Art work featured is by Di Vinchi and Van Gogh. All rants as side this is a great packs flat plays big comedy routine as only Billy can come up with.

Nest of Boxes
One of the all time classics of magic now made new and modern by our magical friend and builder Jay Leslie. Jay is a master craftsman and was consulting with me on the creating the look of these boxes the entire time he was creating them. Made of very tough plastic and brightly done these boxes will be a collectors item and of course a classic of magic. The routine is already a classic of vanishing a object and then introducing a box and the another and then another till you get to the smallest one which has the lost object re-appear in. This is but only one of many classic items that Mr. Leslie makes and I am honor to call him a friend as well as a master craftmen to our Hocus-Pocus family .

Himber Ring Routine
Again I have to harken back to Billy McComb who sets the standard for the Himber Ring Routine ( see him on his Billy McComb Greater Magic Series video/DVD for this act)

If you ever wanted to see the finest rings made for this of act, type in our product search the name Don Billings. Don is a professional jeweler from Texas and makes what are the best Himber Rings ever made!!!! Don makes these rings in a few styles Wedding band, Signet, and Ladies Ring. He uses the finest 14 carot gold (not plated) and also uses 1.5 Ziconia stones to make what will be a true collectors classic of magic for the Himber Ring Act. Our Hocus Pocus thanks to one of our dearest friends and customers for introducing Mr. Billings to us and his wonderful talents.

Joe Porper
Since I am on a rant tonight about master craftsmenship, I would be remiss not to mention Joe Porper. Mr Porper's work from metal to wood is the mark of Excellence. I mean some of the cases the tricks come in are a work of art and the public will never see them. From his cups and ball sets to his coin boxes to his new work with casino chips he is hands down a artist. Yes, his items cost more. but as a rich person would say, " Darling, If you have to ask the price you can't afford it." What does that mean to you the "Working Pro". Well if your getting paid well for your gigs....your props better look well to!! It is again one of the honors of working here, so even when Paul and I are busy and get a call from Mr. Porper telling us of a new creation of his we say. Thank you Joe, for sharing your talents with us and our customers.

This Weeks DVD Picks
Some of these may have been out for a while or even new but I am telling what working pros from around not just the USA but the world are calling in or ordering on line for. I have also viewed them and agree with them so check out these DVD's /Videos.

Mike Brents Halloween treats (which I mention last week, still hot sellers)
Dracula Bites The Dust
Mummy Dearest

Fiber Optics

The ulimate one rope routine (even if it start as a Professiors Nightmare)

Peter Egginks

Matchbook Odyssey

As much as most folks are crazy for AE2. I think Matchbook Odyssey is more of a killer and a name dropper if your using a matchbook (the place your working) and/or a deck of cards from a casino you perform for.

Hobson Live
What can I say about a tape of a truly funny man, and friend. Before I met Jeff I was already doing two of the routines from the tape and he gave me more permission then I could imagine to continue performing them when we both worked in the same casino! If you don't learn about comedy from this tape.....you will never learn!!

This Weeks Tips
From some of the calls & emails from our Hocus-Pocus family around the world ( Ulf, Blake, Rick, Artie, Micky, Barrie, Mr. Palmer, Koz, Dean, Tomas, Doug, Jay, Mr.Abbott, Justin and many more) Thank you for letting me a make a differance for your shows. If any and all of you reading folks this, please feel free to send tips. In weeks to come I will ask some of my Las Vegas friends to share their tips... so then so should you too!

Be All You Can Be

Yes, I know this is a term used by the Army. It also rings true for entertainment also. As a performer it is your job to serve the folks who hire you to be the best you can be. As a working magician (again sorry to tell you 30yrs) I get alot of parties where they want something different then just a guy in a suit or Tux. It has been to my advantage (also disadvantage sometimes) to be flexable to offer a varierty of characters and costumes.

Such as a actor would, if a director calls and asks can you ride a horse, even you he/she couldn't, their answer is YES I CAN!! If they want to work. Then the actor would go out learn how to ride. No different from you magicians who would buy a new trick that would teach them how to do what the client needs. Well, the same can be said for you. When the call comes in (for work) asking can you do 2 hours of close-up magic dressed like a little fellow from Irleand. If I can get my price and they pay for the costume, my answer is Yes I CAN!!!

Hey By the way if you only read this Blog on Tuesdays I had a mid week blog below on last Wednesday. It was an Extra, please scroll down and read this one too!

Our Dear Friend Barry Mitchell wants to help victums of Katrina please take a moment and read it....Thanks

As Always please read the full descriptions of these items on the website (http://www.hocus-pocus.com/ ) of this weeks picks I recommend for you to have for your show.

I would like to hear from you so feel free to write to me at:Tony@Hocus-Pocus.com

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Hocus-Pocus Magic

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With Magic and Love ,


Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Magic With a Differance

One of our best friends and magical storyteller at Hocus- Pocus is Barry Mitchell. He has offered a great way for all of you who wish to help the Red Cross in this time of disaster. So read his idea of support and love for the people of New Orleans.

Barry, all I have to say is your truly a Southern Gentleman and a good soul. Lend a hand magicians if you can.
Thanks........Tony Blanco


The Bait: To help others in need, to feel better about yourself, to gain a tax deduction, and to win a one of a kind mouse trap.

The Trap: In case you didn't know Barry Mitchell has released his new book "Building A Better Mouse Trap." The cover and back of the book show photos of a one of a kind mouse trap he built for the photos. The trap is really cool. The cover photos are below.

From the front it looks like a mouse mall with one door leading to a world of free cheese, mouse movies, and tons of mouse time fun. However, the back side of the trap reveals that the doorway is the opening of a miniture head chopper. When our little friend pushes his head through the hole the blade is released! Ah, the perfect mousetrap. Below the head chopper is a bucket filled with actual size mouse heads. (No real mice were used in making this prop.)

No expense was spared while making this unique conversation piece. The entire trap is mounted on a board, covered with a plexiglass box, and rests on a turntable. The trap was displayed at Barry's booth at Kidabra 2005 where the book was first released.

The Opportunity: Although Barry loves the trap he is willing to share it with you. Actually, just one of you. From now until October 31, 2005, Barry will be taking bids on this mouse masterpiece. The highest bid wins the trap. The winner writes a check to the American Red Cross for the amount of the bid and Barry will wrap up the trap and ship it to the winner.

How to Bid: Send an email to BarryMitchell@aol.com with the amount of your bit. We ask that bids open at $50 and up. Barry will email you back with the highest bid at that time so you may up your bid if you wish. The highest bid as of noon (EST) on Oct. 31 will be notified to send a check for their donation to Red Cross. 100% of their donation will be given to Red Cross and Barry will ship the mouse trap to the winner.

Please note: A small shipping fee will be applied should the winning bid require foreign shippment.Please place your bid today. It's a great way to get trapped into doing something good BarryMitchell@aol.com
Barry's New Book: If you're interested in Barry's new book, "Building A Better Mouse Trap," you may order it at www.BarryMitchell.com or
from www.Hocus-Pocus.com
It's only $35. and it includes a PDF artwork CD.

"Building A Better Mouse Trap"

Front /Back covers of Barry's Book


Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Boo! Gobble Gobble and Ho Ho Ho

As the seasons change and the year is heading towards the fall solstice time to start planning. This is and should be your busiest time of the year for parties and shows. So today's blog is about helping you plan ahead. I know most creative folks never plan ahead so let me spend tonight helping you plan for your first fall set of parties...Halloween. Halloween can be a magician's best showcase. So think now and get your orders in to Hocus Pocus ahead of time. You know like ahhh, time to rehearse these Hot Picks...LOL. From nice ghost storytelling shows to scaring the the heck out your audience, let your creative ideas flow.

Happy Halloween and by the way BOO!

This Weeks Picks

Jack O' Lantern Animated Sphere

What would Halloween be without a pumpkin? From the art of levitation creative genius, Losander along with Tommy Wonder they present for this season Jack O' Lantern Animated Sphere. Based on the Zombie and explained on a teach-in DVD. This floating Jack O' Lantern even has a flicking light system. Hey get one now, they are being made on a limited bases. Soon to be a collector's item.

Spirit Cabinet

For the feeling of a seance in the daylight comes John Calvert's Spirit Cabinet. Imagine having the power to bring "Spirits" on stage with you to perform. The Spirits perform they magic to a spectator while inside the cabinet you the magician is tied up. The curtain is raised and all magical mayhem begins around the spectator. A act that Mr. Calvert has perfected in his 60 plus years as a traveling superstar of magic. This entire act is a true pack flat plays big. Everything is included even a video by Mr Calvert teaching you all the subtles to create a very eerie act.

Forgetful Frankie

Any kid show magician knows Forgetful Freddie, now comes a Halloween special Forgetful Frankie. Frankenstein now becomes subject for this classic of kidshow magic. In the process of removing Frankie's bolted neck loud cranking noise can be heard as well as sparks kicking off. Replacing Frankie's head with a balloon you then proceed to vanish his head from the body, balloon pops and his head reappears on his body. Dr. Frankenstein couldn't have come up with a more entertaining act.

Haunted Illusions

From the master draftsman and illusions of Paul Osborne is the book Haunted Illusions. This book presents some classics of magic with a Haunted Halloween twist. For years, Paul has shown all of us how to build illusions. Now Paul shares some themes to create spooky easy to build illusions. If you ever wanted to do illusions here's a good start to learn from.

Dracula Bites the Dust

Talk about theming, Mike Bent has created not one but two Halloween effects. First one is based on Terry Seabrook's Chattering Teeth routine. Mike has produced a CD-Rom with all the graphics to use a Dracula theme for this laugh-filled routine. Graphics include Transylvania Today newspaper, images to make a "Dracula Deck and much more. So if you feel you can upgrade a act your currently doing this one is a winner. Mike shows that with a little thought any standard act can be made more personal to the event.

Mummy Dearest

This is the second of Mike Bent's Halloween theme effects. Dust of that old Temple Screen to produce a Egyptian theme story of conjuring up the spirit of a mummy. Have a child come on stage and then have your helper cast a spell only to produce white paper. Instead of the spirit of a mummy you transform your helper into a mummy. All is included in the CD for transforming you old Temple Screen into the walls of a Pyramid with hieroglyphics. I have already seen a couple of smart magicians placing orders for this CD and a new Temple Screen.

Today's Tips

As there are so many things I can tell you about Halloween. Such as buying a plastic pumpkin and creating your own Sq. Circle Box with the pumpkin being the Sq. Part in this case. Remember to cut out the eyes and mouth and give it a quick spray of black paint.

Use a Sucker Dye Box as a spooky box. Change the dye to say something else that may be a haunted object.


Recording music to go along with your show. Classic music such as "Night on Bald Mountain" "Toccata in D Minor" are a few pieces of music that you have heard in your favorite horror movie. Don't forget sound effects of wind, noisy doors, and much more. When I was a kid Disney put out a record of "Sounds from the Haunted Mansion". I know that there are many sound effects out there, and now with the Internet you can pay online and download to your computer to edit. Just do a Google search to find music services that you order from.

Fog Machines & Flash Pots

If your in a position to use them don't miss that chance to add fog or dry ice to give that spooky feel to your show

Costume Theme

This could be your chance to step away from your standard costume. During Halloween try dressing as a Mad Professor in lab coat and wild hair wig. Perhaps go the full route of formal tails and slicked down hair to look like Dracula. Be that much more of a entertainer and your show will be real special to book.

Search the site www.Hocus-Pocus.com for many more ideas and let you mind create something special

One last tip, plan ahead. Plan in ordering your Holiday magic now. When I worked with the Macy*s Parade folks in New York the day after that parade they would start planning next years parade. So hey gang, lets start planning so we can ship on time for your show!!

Figuring that one picture is worth a thousand words,

Here are a few more ideas for your Halloween Themed Show

Mickey Hades Finger Chopper

Halloween Mouth Coils

Death Trap

As Always please read the full descriptions of these items on the website (http://www.hocus-pocus.com/ ) of this weeks picks I recommend for you to have for your show.I would like to hear from you so feel free to write to me at:Tony@Hocus-Pocus.comor snail mail me at:

Hocus-Pocus Magic
Att. Tony Blanco
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CA USA 93703

Best Spooky Wishes,


Monday, September 12, 2005

Back To Basics

This week I begin by telling you that I feel like I am starting my career all over again after 30 years of performing. I have done many types of shows in my life. Birthday parties, Conventions, Trade shows, Bar Mitzvahs, to Street performing. Since moving here to Fresno, Ca., its like everything I have ever learned may finally be of use. I just started working for a Indian casino in Coarsegold, Ca. While it has all of the Las Vegas appeals its much more geared for local folks and provides a more personal touch to each person. This casino is much like the casinos off the LV Blvd., that do special events and promotions. This way giving work to folks like us magical/ host type guys.

So I tell all of you look back to what you used to do. Remember the fun you had when you first started. Remember how much you enjoyed entertaining folks just for the pure joy of being the magical guy everyone wants to know. On those notes let me recommend somethings that have or are inspiring me .
Before I jump to tell you magic picks let me tell you some cool thing I am always learning from. One thing is watching movies and the "Extras" that today's DVD's provide. I have learned many magic/performing tricks from some of today's hottest movies. Hey! Remember movie makers are just like magicians creating something from nothing to make movie magic. If you ever get a chance to watch on the Bio Channel Jackie Chan's "My Stunts". Talk about a film maker and performer letting you in on his secrets. A magician on many levels.

This Weeks Picks

Cellini Art of Street Performing (3 Volume DVD)

Since I mention I started as a street performing magician/mime in NYC, what a treat to be able to learn from a true living legend and master of busking. Busking is the term for a pass the hat performer. I know some you if not most of you may never perform on the street but lessons are life lessons. Cellini teaches you the tricks, techniques, and wisdom that is all about being a performer. Whether your on stage, walkaround at a private party or in the middle of a crowd be the best performer you can be anytime, anywhere.

Wrinkles on the Table

Steve Shufton shares some of his personal secrets that make close-up magic one of the coolest ways to entertain folks with. This "Double DVD" gives you the hottest tips of the most common things you may already be performing. I enjoyed the take on coins and card effects. You have only to give yourself the time to master effects that you will use for the rest of your performing life...Again anytime, anywhere.

The Ultimate Card Sword

This week I bring you the coolest idea in Card Swords (and a Card Dagger) from Encore Magic. Chris Reesman the guy who has built many creative ideas for some of today's famous magicians comes a killer idea. Many of us would love to perform a card sword act but hate to deal with too many gimmick problems. Chris has taken the pain out of the card sword and provides at least 6 different routines with this the "Ultimate Card Sword". Bold in its ideas think about actually doing a signed by the spectator card on the sword. Not to mention even 3 cards on the sword and much more. This will be the only Card Sword (or Dagger) you will ever use!!

Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks

This reprint of 3 Stewart James classic books has been expanded into one book. There are effects from some of deans of magicians tipping their pet routines now edited and new drawings. Using a piece of rope to create your magic at anytime, anywhere is the type of magic that will always impress your audience. This book is the "Bible" of rope magic. So many tricks and routines to help you create some in your face magic. Knowledge is wisdom and this book is chock full of wisdom. Forward by Las Vegas comedy magician Mac King, plus a whole essay on the legendary Indian Rope Trick.

The Tarbell Course In Magic

What can I begin to say about the series of books that have inspired generations of magicians. First this course written by Dr. Harlen Tarbell, used to be a mail order series (thats way before the Internet) of chapters that you would look forward to in the mail. Over the years many of magic's creative minds have made this the true Encyclopedia of Magic. There are still days that I go back to the books for ideas and inspiration. A must for anyone who calls themselves a magician. A must for wisdom and knowledge.

Geki's Crazy Quick Change Suspenders

One of the most wackiest things I have seen in a while ( I want one set Paul!), makes me miss my street performing days. Imagine doing a color change of your suspenders, first one side then the other then the entire suspenders both front and back. There is a video on the website to see the entire action. Anyone who does a visual act or now might be inspire to do one must own a set of these braces. Pretty funny!

This Weeks Tips

Rose Napkins This first idea just came up the other day. Like most of you (and if you don't you should) I make paper roses for my guests. The problem is I end up having napkins that get wrinkled in my pocket. I got an idea to wrap tape (either duct or packing tape) around entire package of the rose napkins. Then with a razor blade to open just the top. This way I get a package of 50 napkins in the pocket of my suit and the package stays firm.

Ready, Set, Go I am always in search of cool cases or bags. One such bag I found at Lowes Hardware. I found this in the tool department. I use this "doctor bag" made of duct canvas and its blue and black with many pockets as my close up bag. It's so cool a bag that Mikey likes it too! There are many types of bags and tool cases to keep all those little tricks Ready, Set, Go. Check out your local Lowes or Home Depot.

Speaking of RSG, most of you probably do gigs on the weekend, so think ahead and get ready, be ready at all times. Order your magic supplies on Monday's so you can have it hopefully by the weekend. One way is to keep things such as costumes and props always set. After the weekend bring those suits/costumes in on a Monday to the drycleaners. Reset the props. If you have a regular job doing the week (not performing) let the rest of the family know where things are set . Just in case you get a last minute gig in the middle of the week. Your family or friends can meet you at the gig with your stuff if you can't make it back home to get everything. For me, I have a jacket and clean shirt and the above mentioned back in the van ready at most times.

Emergency Perfomers Kit This is the type of thing to have when last minute gigs or needs arise. I have a bag with extra things like hair spray, after shave, shaver, etc. As well as tools like touch-up makers for props, duct tape, extendtion cords. Just think ahead and be ready for all emergency situations.

Billy McComb, once told me that one thing when putting a routine together is that he thinks about all the outs if a trick ever fails. Be prepare for all those outs when an emergency happens.

Be ready, Be Magical, Be Happy!

Thanks for reading each week....hope I am of help.

As Always please read the full descriptions of these items on the website (http://www.hocus-pocus.com/ ) of this weeks picks I recommend for you to have for your show.
I would like to hear from you so feel free to write to me at:
or snail mail me at:
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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Magic With a Difference

As I begin this week's Blog I hope I have been making a difference in your career, sharing my inside knowledge and 30 yrs as a performer. My honest feeling is to be able to share the luck that Paul has given me to be working for him. What does that mean? Well, as we watch the folks on TV in New Orleans suffer from the wake of Katrina we are all touched by this. How could I help? Please contact your local Red Cross and give your best. Either time, money, blood, free shows raising money. How did this touch me? My personal cast friends in Las Vegas at Excalibur were fired because the company that runs Excalibur now lost its casino in Buloxi, Miss. So the budgets get cut and entertainers are always disposable. So all of you reading this please make a difference with your magic and help somehow in this time of sadness for families of New Orleans. As for me I thank Paul for his offer for me to be here in Fresno, and I plan to work with our local groups to raise some money somehow. If Hocus-Pocus has ever shown it's magic to you either in savings for buying magic, our friendship or just being there for your act . Now you can use that magic or money or talent to show your best to help the victims of Katrina.

This Weeks Picks

As this summer is over its time to plan for those what I used to remember as the busiest time for workers. So I ask all of you to start planning for your holiday shows. I say this as we will be there for you but, please plan ahead. In weeks to come I will point out great holiday tricks. In using these effect you can gain extra bucks when selling your show to schools, malls, and parties.

Lilly the Ladybug

One trick I grew up with was What's Next. Over the years I have made it into something else then a board with spots. I mean it looks like a flat die (single for Dice) so how can kids relate. Now comes Lilly the Lady bug based on the same trick with something kids can relate to. This time no magnets, or false moves. Cute and fun. Those of you with kid shows can find a spot for Lilly and even make up a funny story.

Water to Cola

You know something must be good when the boss wants to play with it and be the photo model for the trick himself. Very visual and open for many types of shows. Be it a musical act or a message act "Water to Cola" is this weeks pick for a stage show stopper. You have to check out the online video to be amazed and convinced. No hard moves and easy to learn. We have a small group of online customers I have gotten to know who have already gotten theres. So that's not my words but theirs and they wanted it the first day it was posted on the web.


Personally, I have to be honest I don't like using decks that aren't just a regular deck of cards. Now I have to tell you P.D.A. deck by Adam Grace includes a 29 page manuscript with 45 drawings of some very clever ideas to blow your audiences away. Many ideas for personal close-up magic. Another item that has been snapped off the shelves. We have a video to show you one sample of a trick but it pales by what effects you can do with a P.D.A. Deck.

The Amazing Guy

Now that I am working more close-up magic again then the stages of Las Vegas, I am looking for fun entertaining close up magic. In the course of moving here I packed stuff I purchase from Hocus-Pocus that I didn't get to use or see. Just the other day I watched "The Amazing Guy". What appears as a super hero on the cover, is a DVD is filled with "killer" close-up magic. Thom Peterson is his hometown guy kind'da way takes you thru 13 routines. I personally tell you of a 3 Card Monte that uses just a Ace, a Queen, and a Joker that in the end you can hand them to the spectator's. During the routine the audience is convinced that all they see is two Aces and one Queen. This routine is worth the price of the DVD yet there are 12 more "Killer" routines you will also use!!!

The Falling Cup

Science meets Magic or is it Magic meets Science. Here is a effect for those of you who do demo/performance magic. This is a effect of science in the guise of magic. Draping a magic wand with a sting and a washer at one end and a coffee mug attached to the string watch as the mug doesn't fall and smash. Pretty weird. I personally was sure the mug was going to smash....Paul knew and laughed.

Chinese Linking Ring DVD

Truly the most filled DVD on the subject of magic most performed act the Chinese Linking Rings. I have stayed away from this act for a long time but now with Bob White's information packed DVD I may have to change my tune. If you have ever thought of doing the rings (whether fancy ones or standard) you will learn more then most books can teach. Bob has covered every type of ring and style. Sometime what is old is new again.

Tips of the Week

This week I have begun performing here in Fresno, and of course my first big gig a Casino...lol. In California these are American Indian properties. These casinos are usually run by Las Vegas type folks but each Tribe owns and sets the rules. I found that I could not carry my usually bag of tricks in the door. So what I needed for the night better fit in my pockets. I had to work for 4 hours. In Vegas I had already designed a vest with 4 pockets. The top 2 breast pockets are deep enough for a deck of cards each. Not seen unless I reach in for them. Then the bottom 2 pockets for coins and smaller stuff. Then wearing a normal jacket or coat I have 2 pockets outside and then 2 or 3 pockets on the inside of the coat. Then pants pockets have 2 in the front and two in the back. This way I have room for tricks and for rose colored napkins. Just a tip when you work close-up all night long. Wear a vest or maybe look into adding extra pockets to your suit or perhaps a fanny pac under your suit so that your ready to work all night long.

Holiday Tip

From one of our Hocus-Pocus Family, Steve Haberman comes up with this tip:

Hey Tony,

Here's a Christmas tip, for holidays shows I do a Jumbo Sq. Circle to produce decorations from as a final. I find repacking the load chamber takes lots of time between shows. So I load 3 of them all at the beginning of the day. So that I can do three shows in a row without having to repack the decorations. I don't have 3 Sq. Circle Boxes just 3 load chambers. Makes resetting time that much easier during the busiest time of the year for entertainers.

Thanks Steve! Expect my thanks in your mail from Hocus-Pocus.

Well, see I care and so should you in what you do. Make a difference in all you do. I don't get extra pay for this blog I asked Paul to do this. Unlike someone writing in one of those magic chatrooms this is not ment as a commerical for Hocus-Pocus. Yes, I have already been picked on in some magic chatroom. Fame finally...lol. What I do is because I give back to what gives me....Magic.

So I hope all of you understand the power your magic can give you. Yes, we all want to make a living, but once in awhile give back and you'll get more back.

So take a moment and be grateful for all you have and help those who don't have as much. Make a Difference with your talents and skills .

As Always please read the full descriptions of these items on the website (http://www.hocus-pocus.com/ ) this weeks picks I recommend for you to have for your show.
I would like to hear from you so feel free to write to me at:
or snail mail me at
Hocus-Pocus Magic Att. Tony Blanco
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