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Boo! Gobble Gobble and Ho Ho Ho

As the seasons change and the year is heading towards the fall solstice time to start planning. This is and should be your busiest time of the year for parties and shows. So today's blog is about helping you plan ahead. I know most creative folks never plan ahead so let me spend tonight helping you plan for your first fall set of parties...Halloween. Halloween can be a magician's best showcase. So think now and get your orders in to Hocus Pocus ahead of time. You know like ahhh, time to rehearse these Hot Picks...LOL. From nice ghost storytelling shows to scaring the the heck out your audience, let your creative ideas flow.

Happy Halloween and by the way BOO!

This Weeks Picks

Jack O' Lantern Animated Sphere

What would Halloween be without a pumpkin? From the art of levitation creative genius, Losander along with Tommy Wonder they present for this season Jack O' Lantern Animated Sphere. Based on the Zombie and explained on a teach-in DVD. This floating Jack O' Lantern even has a flicking light system. Hey get one now, they are being made on a limited bases. Soon to be a collector's item.

Spirit Cabinet

For the feeling of a seance in the daylight comes John Calvert's Spirit Cabinet. Imagine having the power to bring "Spirits" on stage with you to perform. The Spirits perform they magic to a spectator while inside the cabinet you the magician is tied up. The curtain is raised and all magical mayhem begins around the spectator. A act that Mr. Calvert has perfected in his 60 plus years as a traveling superstar of magic. This entire act is a true pack flat plays big. Everything is included even a video by Mr Calvert teaching you all the subtles to create a very eerie act.

Forgetful Frankie

Any kid show magician knows Forgetful Freddie, now comes a Halloween special Forgetful Frankie. Frankenstein now becomes subject for this classic of kidshow magic. In the process of removing Frankie's bolted neck loud cranking noise can be heard as well as sparks kicking off. Replacing Frankie's head with a balloon you then proceed to vanish his head from the body, balloon pops and his head reappears on his body. Dr. Frankenstein couldn't have come up with a more entertaining act.

Haunted Illusions

From the master draftsman and illusions of Paul Osborne is the book Haunted Illusions. This book presents some classics of magic with a Haunted Halloween twist. For years, Paul has shown all of us how to build illusions. Now Paul shares some themes to create spooky easy to build illusions. If you ever wanted to do illusions here's a good start to learn from.

Dracula Bites the Dust

Talk about theming, Mike Bent has created not one but two Halloween effects. First one is based on Terry Seabrook's Chattering Teeth routine. Mike has produced a CD-Rom with all the graphics to use a Dracula theme for this laugh-filled routine. Graphics include Transylvania Today newspaper, images to make a "Dracula Deck and much more. So if you feel you can upgrade a act your currently doing this one is a winner. Mike shows that with a little thought any standard act can be made more personal to the event.

Mummy Dearest

This is the second of Mike Bent's Halloween theme effects. Dust of that old Temple Screen to produce a Egyptian theme story of conjuring up the spirit of a mummy. Have a child come on stage and then have your helper cast a spell only to produce white paper. Instead of the spirit of a mummy you transform your helper into a mummy. All is included in the CD for transforming you old Temple Screen into the walls of a Pyramid with hieroglyphics. I have already seen a couple of smart magicians placing orders for this CD and a new Temple Screen.

Today's Tips

As there are so many things I can tell you about Halloween. Such as buying a plastic pumpkin and creating your own Sq. Circle Box with the pumpkin being the Sq. Part in this case. Remember to cut out the eyes and mouth and give it a quick spray of black paint.

Use a Sucker Dye Box as a spooky box. Change the dye to say something else that may be a haunted object.


Recording music to go along with your show. Classic music such as "Night on Bald Mountain" "Toccata in D Minor" are a few pieces of music that you have heard in your favorite horror movie. Don't forget sound effects of wind, noisy doors, and much more. When I was a kid Disney put out a record of "Sounds from the Haunted Mansion". I know that there are many sound effects out there, and now with the Internet you can pay online and download to your computer to edit. Just do a Google search to find music services that you order from.

Fog Machines & Flash Pots

If your in a position to use them don't miss that chance to add fog or dry ice to give that spooky feel to your show

Costume Theme

This could be your chance to step away from your standard costume. During Halloween try dressing as a Mad Professor in lab coat and wild hair wig. Perhaps go the full route of formal tails and slicked down hair to look like Dracula. Be that much more of a entertainer and your show will be real special to book.

Search the site www.Hocus-Pocus.com for many more ideas and let you mind create something special

One last tip, plan ahead. Plan in ordering your Holiday magic now. When I worked with the Macy*s Parade folks in New York the day after that parade they would start planning next years parade. So hey gang, lets start planning so we can ship on time for your show!!

Figuring that one picture is worth a thousand words,

Here are a few more ideas for your Halloween Themed Show

Mickey Hades Finger Chopper

Halloween Mouth Coils

Death Trap

As Always please read the full descriptions of these items on the website (http://www.hocus-pocus.com/ ) of this weeks picks I recommend for you to have for your show.I would like to hear from you so feel free to write to me at:Tony@Hocus-Pocus.comor snail mail me at:

Hocus-Pocus Magic
Att. Tony Blanco
2311 E. McKinleyFresno,
CA USA 93703

Best Spooky Wishes,


Hey Tony...

Here's something worth a look... www.midnightsyndicate.com Their music is AMAZING. It's dark, spooky, and, most important, fully orchestrated! Most spooky music discs are one guy and his synth. These guys have it all, and they are INCREDIBLE composers.

I especially recommend "Gates of Delirium."

Kevin Burke
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Thanks Kevin,

Very cool website gang and the music is even cooler. Great Musical tip for all looking for really spooky music

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