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Classics Of Magic

Dear Friends,
I notice that I am coming to almost two months of doing this blog. One of the things in life that makes me happy are things I like to see, hear, or perform over and over again. Like a favorite movie, a great song or magic effect. This is what becomes a "Classic". To know what will become a classic is a talent and a gift in itself for a true performer.

When I was a kid a famous Fur company used a slogan "What Becomes a Legend". Well, now a days its not that fashionable to be seen wearing a fur. The term still works for me. What Becomes a legend? The tricks? The music? You know after 30 years it really doesn't matter execpt one thing. The joy you give when you perform. The reason you really wanted to be magical. If its just for the money then hopefully the tricks will make you look good. If the tricks don't the audience is waiting for your personality to make the magic and you better do it.

A quick quote from the movie The Matrix. Actually it is more then likely taken from a Zen or Buddist ideal. Here we go. "There is a differance between knowing the Path, and Walking the Path." Sort of like a kid yelling out "I know how it's Done!" Does he really?
Remember this "The journey of a Thousand Miles begins with the First step." Never lose your sight of why you want to be magical.

This Weeks Picks "Billy and I sharing a Pipe moment"

Mona Lisa McComb
One of my comedy magic heros is Billy McComb. His talents and knowledge of the history of magic are astounding. Five minutes with Billy and you know why you became a magician. One of his routines (which he has many, just type his name in our site or on google and see ) is Mona Lisa McComb. I have seen many versions of this routine. I have made up a version using cereal boxes. As a fitting tribute to the genuis that is Billy McComb, Mona Lisa McComb is a most professional made prop and comes in a artist portfolio to display these classic works of art. Art work featured is by Di Vinchi and Van Gogh. All rants as side this is a great packs flat plays big comedy routine as only Billy can come up with.

Nest of Boxes
One of the all time classics of magic now made new and modern by our magical friend and builder Jay Leslie. Jay is a master craftsman and was consulting with me on the creating the look of these boxes the entire time he was creating them. Made of very tough plastic and brightly done these boxes will be a collectors item and of course a classic of magic. The routine is already a classic of vanishing a object and then introducing a box and the another and then another till you get to the smallest one which has the lost object re-appear in. This is but only one of many classic items that Mr. Leslie makes and I am honor to call him a friend as well as a master craftmen to our Hocus-Pocus family .

Himber Ring Routine
Again I have to harken back to Billy McComb who sets the standard for the Himber Ring Routine ( see him on his Billy McComb Greater Magic Series video/DVD for this act)

If you ever wanted to see the finest rings made for this of act, type in our product search the name Don Billings. Don is a professional jeweler from Texas and makes what are the best Himber Rings ever made!!!! Don makes these rings in a few styles Wedding band, Signet, and Ladies Ring. He uses the finest 14 carot gold (not plated) and also uses 1.5 Ziconia stones to make what will be a true collectors classic of magic for the Himber Ring Act. Our Hocus Pocus thanks to one of our dearest friends and customers for introducing Mr. Billings to us and his wonderful talents.

Joe Porper
Since I am on a rant tonight about master craftsmenship, I would be remiss not to mention Joe Porper. Mr Porper's work from metal to wood is the mark of Excellence. I mean some of the cases the tricks come in are a work of art and the public will never see them. From his cups and ball sets to his coin boxes to his new work with casino chips he is hands down a artist. Yes, his items cost more. but as a rich person would say, " Darling, If you have to ask the price you can't afford it." What does that mean to you the "Working Pro". Well if your getting paid well for your gigs....your props better look well to!! It is again one of the honors of working here, so even when Paul and I are busy and get a call from Mr. Porper telling us of a new creation of his we say. Thank you Joe, for sharing your talents with us and our customers.

This Weeks DVD Picks
Some of these may have been out for a while or even new but I am telling what working pros from around not just the USA but the world are calling in or ordering on line for. I have also viewed them and agree with them so check out these DVD's /Videos.

Mike Brents Halloween treats (which I mention last week, still hot sellers)
Dracula Bites The Dust
Mummy Dearest

Fiber Optics

The ulimate one rope routine (even if it start as a Professiors Nightmare)

Peter Egginks

Matchbook Odyssey

As much as most folks are crazy for AE2. I think Matchbook Odyssey is more of a killer and a name dropper if your using a matchbook (the place your working) and/or a deck of cards from a casino you perform for.

Hobson Live
What can I say about a tape of a truly funny man, and friend. Before I met Jeff I was already doing two of the routines from the tape and he gave me more permission then I could imagine to continue performing them when we both worked in the same casino! If you don't learn about comedy from this tape.....you will never learn!!

This Weeks Tips
From some of the calls & emails from our Hocus-Pocus family around the world ( Ulf, Blake, Rick, Artie, Micky, Barrie, Mr. Palmer, Koz, Dean, Tomas, Doug, Jay, Mr.Abbott, Justin and many more) Thank you for letting me a make a differance for your shows. If any and all of you reading folks this, please feel free to send tips. In weeks to come I will ask some of my Las Vegas friends to share their tips... so then so should you too!

Be All You Can Be

Yes, I know this is a term used by the Army. It also rings true for entertainment also. As a performer it is your job to serve the folks who hire you to be the best you can be. As a working magician (again sorry to tell you 30yrs) I get alot of parties where they want something different then just a guy in a suit or Tux. It has been to my advantage (also disadvantage sometimes) to be flexable to offer a varierty of characters and costumes.

Such as a actor would, if a director calls and asks can you ride a horse, even you he/she couldn't, their answer is YES I CAN!! If they want to work. Then the actor would go out learn how to ride. No different from you magicians who would buy a new trick that would teach them how to do what the client needs. Well, the same can be said for you. When the call comes in (for work) asking can you do 2 hours of close-up magic dressed like a little fellow from Irleand. If I can get my price and they pay for the costume, my answer is Yes I CAN!!!

Hey By the way if you only read this Blog on Tuesdays I had a mid week blog below on last Wednesday. It was an Extra, please scroll down and read this one too!

Our Dear Friend Barry Mitchell wants to help victums of Katrina please take a moment and read it....Thanks

As Always please read the full descriptions of these items on the website (http://www.hocus-pocus.com/ ) of this weeks picks I recommend for you to have for your show.

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With Magic and Love ,


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