Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Magic With a Differance

One of our best friends and magical storyteller at Hocus- Pocus is Barry Mitchell. He has offered a great way for all of you who wish to help the Red Cross in this time of disaster. So read his idea of support and love for the people of New Orleans.

Barry, all I have to say is your truly a Southern Gentleman and a good soul. Lend a hand magicians if you can.
Thanks........Tony Blanco


The Bait: To help others in need, to feel better about yourself, to gain a tax deduction, and to win a one of a kind mouse trap.

The Trap: In case you didn't know Barry Mitchell has released his new book "Building A Better Mouse Trap." The cover and back of the book show photos of a one of a kind mouse trap he built for the photos. The trap is really cool. The cover photos are below.

From the front it looks like a mouse mall with one door leading to a world of free cheese, mouse movies, and tons of mouse time fun. However, the back side of the trap reveals that the doorway is the opening of a miniture head chopper. When our little friend pushes his head through the hole the blade is released! Ah, the perfect mousetrap. Below the head chopper is a bucket filled with actual size mouse heads. (No real mice were used in making this prop.)

No expense was spared while making this unique conversation piece. The entire trap is mounted on a board, covered with a plexiglass box, and rests on a turntable. The trap was displayed at Barry's booth at Kidabra 2005 where the book was first released.

The Opportunity: Although Barry loves the trap he is willing to share it with you. Actually, just one of you. From now until October 31, 2005, Barry will be taking bids on this mouse masterpiece. The highest bid wins the trap. The winner writes a check to the American Red Cross for the amount of the bid and Barry will wrap up the trap and ship it to the winner.

How to Bid: Send an email to with the amount of your bit. We ask that bids open at $50 and up. Barry will email you back with the highest bid at that time so you may up your bid if you wish. The highest bid as of noon (EST) on Oct. 31 will be notified to send a check for their donation to Red Cross. 100% of their donation will be given to Red Cross and Barry will ship the mouse trap to the winner.

Please note: A small shipping fee will be applied should the winning bid require foreign shippment.Please place your bid today. It's a great way to get trapped into doing something good
Barry's New Book: If you're interested in Barry's new book, "Building A Better Mouse Trap," you may order it at or
It's only $35. and it includes a PDF artwork CD.

"Building A Better Mouse Trap"

Front /Back covers of Barry's Book

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