Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Magic With a Difference

As I begin this week's Blog I hope I have been making a difference in your career, sharing my inside knowledge and 30 yrs as a performer. My honest feeling is to be able to share the luck that Paul has given me to be working for him. What does that mean? Well, as we watch the folks on TV in New Orleans suffer from the wake of Katrina we are all touched by this. How could I help? Please contact your local Red Cross and give your best. Either time, money, blood, free shows raising money. How did this touch me? My personal cast friends in Las Vegas at Excalibur were fired because the company that runs Excalibur now lost its casino in Buloxi, Miss. So the budgets get cut and entertainers are always disposable. So all of you reading this please make a difference with your magic and help somehow in this time of sadness for families of New Orleans. As for me I thank Paul for his offer for me to be here in Fresno, and I plan to work with our local groups to raise some money somehow. If Hocus-Pocus has ever shown it's magic to you either in savings for buying magic, our friendship or just being there for your act . Now you can use that magic or money or talent to show your best to help the victims of Katrina.

This Weeks Picks

As this summer is over its time to plan for those what I used to remember as the busiest time for workers. So I ask all of you to start planning for your holiday shows. I say this as we will be there for you but, please plan ahead. In weeks to come I will point out great holiday tricks. In using these effect you can gain extra bucks when selling your show to schools, malls, and parties.

Lilly the Ladybug

One trick I grew up with was What's Next. Over the years I have made it into something else then a board with spots. I mean it looks like a flat die (single for Dice) so how can kids relate. Now comes Lilly the Lady bug based on the same trick with something kids can relate to. This time no magnets, or false moves. Cute and fun. Those of you with kid shows can find a spot for Lilly and even make up a funny story.

Water to Cola

You know something must be good when the boss wants to play with it and be the photo model for the trick himself. Very visual and open for many types of shows. Be it a musical act or a message act "Water to Cola" is this weeks pick for a stage show stopper. You have to check out the online video to be amazed and convinced. No hard moves and easy to learn. We have a small group of online customers I have gotten to know who have already gotten theres. So that's not my words but theirs and they wanted it the first day it was posted on the web.


Personally, I have to be honest I don't like using decks that aren't just a regular deck of cards. Now I have to tell you P.D.A. deck by Adam Grace includes a 29 page manuscript with 45 drawings of some very clever ideas to blow your audiences away. Many ideas for personal close-up magic. Another item that has been snapped off the shelves. We have a video to show you one sample of a trick but it pales by what effects you can do with a P.D.A. Deck.

The Amazing Guy

Now that I am working more close-up magic again then the stages of Las Vegas, I am looking for fun entertaining close up magic. In the course of moving here I packed stuff I purchase from Hocus-Pocus that I didn't get to use or see. Just the other day I watched "The Amazing Guy". What appears as a super hero on the cover, is a DVD is filled with "killer" close-up magic. Thom Peterson is his hometown guy kind'da way takes you thru 13 routines. I personally tell you of a 3 Card Monte that uses just a Ace, a Queen, and a Joker that in the end you can hand them to the spectator's. During the routine the audience is convinced that all they see is two Aces and one Queen. This routine is worth the price of the DVD yet there are 12 more "Killer" routines you will also use!!!

The Falling Cup

Science meets Magic or is it Magic meets Science. Here is a effect for those of you who do demo/performance magic. This is a effect of science in the guise of magic. Draping a magic wand with a sting and a washer at one end and a coffee mug attached to the string watch as the mug doesn't fall and smash. Pretty weird. I personally was sure the mug was going to smash....Paul knew and laughed.

Chinese Linking Ring DVD

Truly the most filled DVD on the subject of magic most performed act the Chinese Linking Rings. I have stayed away from this act for a long time but now with Bob White's information packed DVD I may have to change my tune. If you have ever thought of doing the rings (whether fancy ones or standard) you will learn more then most books can teach. Bob has covered every type of ring and style. Sometime what is old is new again.

Tips of the Week

This week I have begun performing here in Fresno, and of course my first big gig a Casino...lol. In California these are American Indian properties. These casinos are usually run by Las Vegas type folks but each Tribe owns and sets the rules. I found that I could not carry my usually bag of tricks in the door. So what I needed for the night better fit in my pockets. I had to work for 4 hours. In Vegas I had already designed a vest with 4 pockets. The top 2 breast pockets are deep enough for a deck of cards each. Not seen unless I reach in for them. Then the bottom 2 pockets for coins and smaller stuff. Then wearing a normal jacket or coat I have 2 pockets outside and then 2 or 3 pockets on the inside of the coat. Then pants pockets have 2 in the front and two in the back. This way I have room for tricks and for rose colored napkins. Just a tip when you work close-up all night long. Wear a vest or maybe look into adding extra pockets to your suit or perhaps a fanny pac under your suit so that your ready to work all night long.

Holiday Tip

From one of our Hocus-Pocus Family, Steve Haberman comes up with this tip:

Hey Tony,

Here's a Christmas tip, for holidays shows I do a Jumbo Sq. Circle to produce decorations from as a final. I find repacking the load chamber takes lots of time between shows. So I load 3 of them all at the beginning of the day. So that I can do three shows in a row without having to repack the decorations. I don't have 3 Sq. Circle Boxes just 3 load chambers. Makes resetting time that much easier during the busiest time of the year for entertainers.

Thanks Steve! Expect my thanks in your mail from Hocus-Pocus.

Well, see I care and so should you in what you do. Make a difference in all you do. I don't get extra pay for this blog I asked Paul to do this. Unlike someone writing in one of those magic chatrooms this is not ment as a commerical for Hocus-Pocus. Yes, I have already been picked on in some magic chatroom. Fame finally...lol. What I do is because I give back to what gives me....Magic.

So I hope all of you understand the power your magic can give you. Yes, we all want to make a living, but once in awhile give back and you'll get more back.

So take a moment and be grateful for all you have and help those who don't have as much. Make a Difference with your talents and skills .

As Always please read the full descriptions of these items on the website (http://www.hocus-pocus.com/ ) this weeks picks I recommend for you to have for your show.
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