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The Creation of Magic (Part One)

One of the joys about being here at Hocus Pocus is to see the spark of creation of magic from talking to our great vendors/creators. The creative process is in front of you everyday. Some of the effects that Hocus Pocus offers are not just about the tricks. It's really like being an artist and looking at paint and brushes. You need only to understand what makes one magician's style verses another. So today's blog is about the tools and teachers that can make a act or a show. If you know your tools, then you can paint a masterpiece.

This Weeks Picks

Rice's Encyclopedia of Silk Magic CD-Rom
Now a days, I am told no one reads books. So I guess putting a 4 Volume cl
assic series of books is maybe the only way folks will stop and read. Rice's Encyclopedia takes you thru every single silk routine, act, and technique to help you create pure wonderful magic. From dye tubes, color changes, blendo, knots to silk fountains. This CD-Rom preserves some of the most classics of silk magic. .

Greater Magic Collection
Years ago when video was King, it was thought to preserve some of the best
performers and teachers of Magic. So with this in mind the Greater Magic Video series was started. The performers/teachers over the years have included the likes of Karrell Fox, Billy McComb, Don Alan, Eugene Burger, The Great Tomsoni all performing & teaching their best routines. This series also features just the tricks also. Such as DVD's teaching one subject by these different magicians. Linking Rings, Chinese Sticks, and topics such as Comedy Magic and Bar Magic. So type in the product search using the words Greater Magic Series and discover hidden treasures.

Max Maven VideoMind
The bizarre master of mentalism is Max Maven. If you ever wanted to try y
our hand at mentalism. I am not into mentalism too much, but I do enjoy and honor the knowledge and wisdom that is Max Maven. In this series he covers all types of venues as well as styles of mentalism. One effect is so great I have it my wallet ready to go at anytime. So if you ever wanted to "Freak" folks out once in a while check out this really wierd series of DVD's .

Stunners Plus!
Speaking of Mentalism I would be remissed if I didn't mention Larry Becker
. Larry has created so many mentalism masterpieces over the years. A great deal of these works of art are in his Stunners Plus! 20 years of creative, baffling and entertaining routines that can play on stage, parlour or close-up. In this book Larry includes updates to his classic routines Casino Royale, Serial Killer and many more. This book along with a visit to OfficeMax for your supplies and you too can be a mysterious masterful mentalist.

Jeff McBride On Stage
This 3 DVD series comes from one of today's most passionate teachers of magic, Jeff McBride. Coming from the same background of performing, I can relate to how Jeff has studied the history of all types of moves and motions that make magic come alive. Jeff explains in detail some of the most classics of magic from rings, to ropes, silks, props to illusions. Besides this series Jeff has other DVD's on manipulations (check those others out) for closeup and stage. Jeff walks you thru many styles and venues of performance. Inspiration and ideas abound.

This Weeks Tips
As we continue to learn, we should share. Over the years some of my best discoveries as a performer come from shopping. Favorite places range from OfficeMax to Home Depot, to Thrift shops. Being a performer again is like being a artist. You just need to know where inspiration comes from. An idea I have done for years and then found it being taught on Jeff McBride's On Stage Volume 1 is what he calls the "Masterbooks". The same idea I got from Jackie Chan's "My Stunts".

So many ideas come from magazines such as Magic, Genii, Linking Ring. I have a loyality to old books. I would never tear them apart. So copy what you need and then with plastic page protectors create a looseleaf book of your subjects. I have books on Close-up, Stage, and Kid Show effects. In this way you have new ideas at your finger tips always.

Plastic Bins and Tubs
Looking around Walmart/K-Mart I have found so many different style plastic bins & Tubs. These are great for organizing the amount of stuff we as magicians collect. Making travel and performing, as well as set up easier in your show .

Hey! Here are some music tips from one of our Hocus-Pocus family for your Halloween Shows.

Hey Tony...Here's something worth a look... Their music is AMAZING. It's dark, spooky, and, most important, fully orchestrated! Most spooky music discs are one guy and his synth. These guys have it all, and they are INCREDIBLE composers. I especially recommend "Gates of Delirium."........... Kevin Burke

Thanks Kevin for sharing.

As Always please read the full descriptions of these items on the website ( ) of this weeks picks I recommend for you to have for your show.
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