Tuesday, October 11, 2005


The Creation of Magic (part two)

If you read Paul's Blog (on Friday) you'll know I went back to Las Vegas to get my roadie cases and magic books and props. I was in Las Vegas less then 24 hours. Most of my real stuff has been in storage. I have been missing that, what makes me a performer/teacher, my library and show stuff. The creation of an act or inspiration starts with knowledge. So to continue this part 2 of the creation of magic. Let me point out my favorite sources of knowledge.

This Weeks Picks

New Modern Coin Magic (Bobo)

As a young magician (started at 15 in 1975) one of the first books I spent really big money ($20.00 at the time) on was Bobo's Coin Magic. The nickname I grew up knowing. Bobo's is still consider the bible of coin magic. Every move and routine was laid out in the classic book. Routines, moves, and the knowledge and wisdom of many of coin magics stars. Since DVDs have come of age many coin teachers have produce their take on really was the first book...Bobo.

Apocalypse Vol 1-4 Harry Loyrane & Richard Kaufman

One of the magical moments I had was looking forward to getting my copy of a single magazine called Apocalypse. This magazine contained the greatest close-up effects from the greatest close-up performers of the time. Marlo, Vernon, Slydini, Garcia, Maven, are just a few of the names that made Apocalyse from 1978 to 1997 the hot magazine to have. Now all issues are bound in a 4 Volume set and spotlights real creativeness in close-up magic. So if you need to know what creative ideas are read these books.

L&L Publishing

Under the publishing emperior of L&L today's magicians have stepped into the limelight and shared their best secrets. Since 1985 Louis Falanga has sought out magic's greatest creators and thinkers. He then preserved their talent first in video now on DVD. L&L has introduced the likes of Michael Ammar, Doc Eason, Gregory Wilson, Jeff Sheridan Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, Bill Malone, Tommy Wonder and many more to all of us. Each tape/DVD is always jammed packed with magical knowledge. Always the best in today's hottest names sharing their best magical, from books to videos to DVD's .

Andrew Mayne

Living, Learning and Inventing is the magic of Andrew Mayne. I have a total respect for this young guy who I would rank in the same names as Jim Steinmeyer, Alan Wakeing, and Paul Osbourne. Andrew has created some of the most totally inventive effects from close-up magic to stage illusions. Many of his illusions are designed to be easily built using common everyday objects. He has created so many performable and easy to do magic which can make you a magic star. Type in Andrews name in product search to see the many amazing creations of this young inventor.

Hot New Items in Stock and Ready for Shipping

As they say in the Baseball Parks "Red Hot Get them while they Hot"

Mona Lisa McComb
"I'm Sitting On It"
Correct Key
Aerial Fishing

This Week's Tips

Its always a creative process to examine what you want to be and what to create. I am always looking for many new ideas. Creative ideas are all around. Movies, TV, shopping in a .99 cent store. So this weeks tip is a simple one. Discover everything around you. As I have just moved so much stuff from my storage (Paul wonders why?) each little piece of something inspires me to create new magic and shows. I have seen so many magic tricks that are just something simple but its all about the presentation. So as with these books and the DVD's I recommended learn from the past and create a future. Famous saying time....Ready? "Those who forget the past are condemmend to relive it".

As Always please read the full descriptions of these items on the website (http://www.hocus-pocus.com/) of this weeks picks I recommend for you to have for your show.
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Thanks for reading sorry for the delay this week.

Be magicial and create,

Tony Blanco

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