Monday, October 17, 2005

Is it Magic or a Place for my stuff?

As I have been buying and collecting magic for so many years. I have finally moved my stuff down from Las Vegas so thats 18years there. Then 20 something years plus of performing past.
So the question is are magicians "pack rats"? Well having a habit of traveling to .99 cent stores, thrift stores and such everything seems to be an idea for a magic act or routine. Alot of times we have the feeling if we don't get it now it will a case of now you see it now you don't. So as I really now feel settled into my new home and job, I plan to share some of my "Pack Rat" visions.

Yes! That's my library being set up amonst all the other stuff in my collect....ok go say it Pack Rat!!!

This Weeks Tips

Chain Breaker By Losander

Sharing one of his pet effects, Losander presents Chain Breaker. Years of perfection Losander creates a modern take on the Thumb Tie. It is a visual performance piece and comes to you complete with all the props plus a teaching DVD. If you ever wanted to perform a thumb tie routine this is the a must for your act!! Want to learn more click to our site for a video preview of this one of a kind act.

Inner Ear

If you ever wanted a new take on a telepathy act then check out Inner Ear. Created by one of our personal builders "Louie", he has made a tool for the working professional mentalist. Louie's genuis has made a wonderous piece of equipment that needs no stooges or assitants. Its also ready to go with no set up time or wires or magnets to worry about. To fully take advatage of this prop for your act read the full description. This prop is so cool that you can even use it as a walkaround mentlism prop. By the way when Louie is not building and designing props for us, he even gives great haircuts (see Paul's blog of Oct 14th). All kidding aside this is a clever and well made tool for the working pro!!

"I'm Sitting On It"

Greg Gleason has perfected and shares one of the highlights of his Las Vegas and Cruise Ship shows. This is not a prop as much as it is a kit to help you build a laugh packed comedy stage act. All the parts and pieces are there, as well as step by step building DVD. Once you purchase the kit (and chairs separate) you not only get one routine but 3 routines for a true packs flat plays big show to perform anywhere!!

Seance Handcuffs

One of our newest members of the Hocus Pocus family is Mark Cannon. Mark is a master escape artist as well as builder. The first of many items to come from Mark is the Seance Handcuffs. With these handcuffs inspected by the spectator and taped off the keyholes, the fun begins. Performing many daylight seance effects while handcuffed. Reverse your jacket, link and unlink thru a chair. In the future look forward to straight jackets, more handcuff effects and escapes acts by Mark Cannon.

Mini Crystal Production Box

From the creative forces of Encore Magic comes a new take on the Crystal Production Box. This version is not your dad's Crystal Box. Its cute look blends well with magicians that entertain for children or for a full stage show act. Designed with a clever gimmack many different performing ideas will come to you. With a handle on top I even imagine having the spectator even hold it when the magic happens

Hot Items Moving faster then we get them in!!

Dynamite Book Test Set
Shufton's Ultimate Floating Match
Horwitz Wallet
Chimera Wallet
Apple, Banana, Tomato
Human Rotation Floation
Super Silver Sharpie

This Weeks Tips

Seeing the many sides of the big picture is one of the lucky things I get to do here at Hocus-Pocus. Looking at new items I have some ideas how to combine magic. Lets see if you agree.

Andrew Mayne's Infusion is a great effect on to itself. If you add Peter Eggink's AE2 with a little practice you'll have a killer routine. Imagine borrowing a spectators bill and doing both of these routines together I think you'll blow their mind. So here's a vision that can make one act twice as good.

Crystal Production box can be more then transforming and producing. It can be linked to many acts. Pieces of ripped fabric can be transformed into a blendo silk or a rainbow streamer. Silks can change into Sponges.

Chain Breaker as the opening of a seance routine and then lead into the Seance Handcuffs.

Let me know and share some of your creative combinations that come to mind for you.

New and Used Magic Alert We are currently looking for a Collectors Workshop " Khayber Cobra".

We will pay cash or you can have a store credit to shop Hocus-Pocus.

If you have something your interested in selling on our website contact me.

As Always please read the full descriptions of these items on the website ( of this weeks picks I recommend for you to have for your show.

I would like to hear from you so feel free to write to me

or snail mail me at:Hocus-Pocus Magic

Att. Tony Blanco

2311 E. McKinley

Fresno,CA USA 93703

Best Magical Wishes and Dreams,

Tony Blanco


That's very high praise. I hope I can live up to it.


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