Monday, October 24, 2005

Silence Can Be Golden

A picture is worth a thousand words. This ancient Chinese saying is still true today as it was thousands of years ago. Most of today's magic is about being visual. Chatting up a routine for today's audiences doesn't always work in this MTV generation. Over the years most folks watch and really don't listern. In the movie "Chaplin" ( about the famous comic) an argument about why Charlie (the little tramp) should not speak happens when talkies are being introduced. Charlie points out the other people on the planet that don't speak English so this is why the "little tramp" can't speak.
So let take that concept in mind that your now doing your show for folks that don't speak English. How will someone get your jokes? Understand your intro to a Illusion? So this weeks blog is about Visual Magic. Whether done to music or just silent. To watch the amazement in the eyes of the audience is magical.

This Weeks Picks

PTS (Programmable Thread System)

Using magic and music and to see objects float has been the hallmark of a magician. Over the years has created a number of versions of the Floating or Dancing Hankerchief. Well now comes the grand finale to all of his creations or should I say the combination of them all. Using his suitcase idea along with a new concept you can use a silk, or objects like a rope or tie to dance and fly around your stage. The performer who knows how to truly make movements magical will shine with PTS. There is a video on our site to give you just a taste of a full size stage illusion for way less then any box illusion you would ever buy. "Spooks in a Jug" "The Blackstone Dancing Hank" are just afew of the effects with the PTS. Thanks Sean for making magic look magical again!!

The Thing

Bill Abbott takes the Zombie into the 21st Century with this creative new act. Movement and style is what "The Thing" can be all about. Like the famous Zombie act timing and movement to music can make this a funny or eerie piece of magic. Having done the Zombie as a teen magician myself I love the improvements Bill has added to "The Thing". I mean kids can sit on the floor and look up and not see anything. In the hands of a talented magician its truly about Silence and Mystery.

Aerial Fishing

For a bit of fun and comedy to music and mime let me recommend Aerial Fishing. Going back to the silent movies I can actually see folks like Laurel and Hardy doing this act. Its clean, self-contained, silly, and visual funny. The idea of fishing in the audiences and then producing a "live goldfish" not once but 3 times is pure magic. Be aware its all about timing, movement and the right music to make this appear as funny as can be. So for that spot in the show that needs something silly and magical ...Aerial Fishing.

Fiber Optics

This is a DVD that teaches you what has to be the most magical rope around. This routine when learned is a 16 phase act with each move (as they say) a picture. Something that you can carry once learned and never need scissors. Five minutes of truly visual magic, add music and it will be a act you will enjoy doing over and over again. The act has 22 eyepoping moves and goes from a 3 rope act to one to three again.

Eccentricks DVD's Volume 1 and 2

Talk about Visual. What do you get when you mix a graduate of Ringling Bros. Clown College, Dick Van Dyke look alike, a magician and a Juggler? You get the creative talents of my fellow graduate and friend Charlie Frye. Charlie has long been a student of everything comical. His writings in MAGIC each month prove his love for visual comedy and magic. His DVD's show the creative genius that is his knowledge of mime, movement, comedy and magic. Watching Charlie's DVD's is like a private class in what made the silent movies and vaudeville so much the ground breaking class room for today's legends of comedy. Charlie tips his best bits and acts for you in a way that Buster Keaton would be proud of. Visual and magical, Eccentricks.

Card Cocktail

Here's one that Swings baby! To the current craze of swing music and dance, comes Card Cocktail by Doug Malloy. Its all about the swing mood doing a pick a card effect and then instead of a shuffle in the hand, how about a shake not stirred effect. Cards go into a Martini shaker, SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE, and pour out liquid cards into a Martini glass. Now turn the Martini glass over the liquid turns into a card silk of the chosen card. Visual and very hip

More Magical Ideas to Music

Dancing Canes or Brooms
Misers Dream
Sponge Balls
Bubble Zombie
Floating Tables
Card Swords

This Weeks Tips

One of the many talents I have gained over the years is Puppetry. I was even lucky to be in "Muppets Take Manhattan" at Kemit and Miss Piggy's Wedding. From that one day I learned and watched directing from Jim Henson and Frank Oz. Also one of my directors Carol Fijan wrote the book on "Making Puppets Come Alive". So where am I going with this introduction? Well all 3 of these folks taught me one important thing about being on stage or in front of the camera with your act. "Say it in Mime"
Before you go out and do some act with lots of words, make sure you know all the movements. If need to say the words in your head to give you direction for the movement, but its about the movement and actions. Rehearse and rehearse all the movements to gain the most out of the magic your doing. Even play different styles of music and have a play session with the tricks your working on (Thanks Jeff!!) to gain new movements and ideas.

Remember if one picture is worth a thousand words, then every move should be a picture. I like that take on it better.

Magic Alert!!

With Halloween just around the corner. Paul says that ready for shipping are just a few of Losanders Floating Jack-O-Laterns. Get one now before they vanish forever....

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