Monday, October 31, 2005


Today is Halloween....Ho Ho Ho ?

Well, as the little goblins come a knocking on my door tonight for free candy its time to think of Santa and Christmas shows. OK.... I am not crazy but the last customer of today calling actually was calling to order his Christmas show items. I was rather impressed. This reminded me of my work in New York when I worked with the Macy*s Parade. The designers of the Parade would finish one Parade on Thanksgiving Day and the very next day plan next years Parade. So as this greatest part of the year for all types of Holiday Parties, Events, Shows. It is the smart magician that begins to think, plan ahead, to be a pro and look magical. I am not picking on any of you but hopefully, try to inspire you not to order last minute and hope we can get it overnight to you for a show tomorrow.

This Weeks Tips

Christmas Routines

To begin our Christmas journey comes Christmas routines by David Lew and Harvey Raft. Many clever holiday routines. Routines include ideas for Holiday magic and games. The magical production of Toys is worth the price of the book. Many ideas that will inspire and get those holiday ideas coming.

Forgetful Santa

Those of you real pro's know the legend of Forgetful Eddie, now comes this great kidshow effect with Mr Claus himself. If you don't know of Forgetful Eddie (or Frankie for Halloween) its the tale that your mom would say that you would forget your head if it wasn't attached. Well this time Santa is forgetful and his head disappears, replaced by a balloon with face drawen on it. Then this Balloon pops and Santa's head returns.

Magic Christmas Stocking

Those of you magi's who use a change bag will love the look of the Christmas Stocking. Think of all the effect you currently perform using a change bag now have the look to create holiday magic. One such effect comes to mind is using 20th Century Silks and tell a story of Santa, the reindeer and the Elves. There's an idea from me your create the story. Next use the Stocking to produce all the trimmings of a Christmas Tree. So produce, vanish, change objects to inspire the magic of those stockings hung by the fire with care.

Santa's Chimney

Santa's gift to the world was to bring magic and gifts to all of the world. With Santa's Chimney you can create this magical vision. Not a Square Circle box but a box with many uses even all year round and with many stories. Produce, Vanish or Change....All you have to do is think and create the same magic Santa would coming down the Chimney on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Present Trick

Those of you working pro's who have ever used the classic kid show trick ABC Stung Again Trick will love Christmas Present Trick. This take on that classic is about Santa and his gift giving of presents. Again as in the classic effect this is a sucker type trick with the most magical ending for the Holiday.

More Christmas Effects and Ideas

Christmas Mouthcoils
Big Red Nose
Peppermint Stick Nesting Wands
Santa Stuck In The Chimney
Santa's Suit
The Real meaning of Christmas

Tips of the Week

As it is Halloween and I am sitting here writing about Christmas but watching A Houdini History Channel Show and Criss Angel's Halloween Mindfreak Show what am I doing, I am always learning! One line tonight on the Houdini show was that Harry had a massive library. Every little word or picture is an idea. My friends know its all about knowledge with me, so much so friends even call to let me know when something is happening...Thanks Betty!

One of the most interesting lines or sayings comes from my friend Jeff Mc Bride...."If you want to be a Master of Time and Space...You Need to get to the Space on Time". What does that mean, just show up on time? Get up Early? Honestly, its what you see and hear in it. For me its about Planning, Thinking Ahead and studying so you can being able to perform at the drop of a hat. Being able to do magic with anything. Wisdom is Knowledge.

So the Tip this week is about knowing and planning. Currently if you are following my journey from Las Vegas Magician to Real world working magician, In the weeks to come I am going to share with you some of my new working class ideas for Kid Shows, Close-up Magic, Private Parties. I would like to start getting feedback from all of you my readers and share your knowledge also.

Roadie Cases and Planning for Magical Moments

When it comes to your show and props no cost should come to mind to protect and save your tools of the trade. Currently I have just purchased 2 more cases, now that numbers about 8 or more roadie cases, as well as numerous suitcases and sportbags. Why? Well, if your a worker you know its about easy in and easy out.

I am always looking to make my set up as magical as I hope my show will be. Below see some pictures from my collection of roadie showcases. The teal color one is my newest for Birthday parties. With 3 drawers I have room for the tricks with the back lid that becomes my backdrop. If you notice it has a folding leg on the lid and clips to the case as a table. I made it a backdrop with two bungee cords to the handles. The top drawer is even section out so now I really know where a certain trick should be.

I just did 3 shows in one day. So with 3 setups and 3 tear downs I now learned that my set up time has been cut in more then half because of the ease of this case's layout. Now in this way my magic can appear more magical to the audience, but its about lots of planning to make things look natural. So Tip of the Week.... Plan, Know, and your life will be more magical then ever.

So once again gang, Paul and I are always on the look out for the next magical effect. If you have created something your interested in selling on our website. DVD's, Magic Tricks, a Book, please contact me or send your sample .

As Always please read the full descriptions of these items on the website ( of this weeks picks I recommend for you to have for your show. I would like to hear from you so feel free to write to me

or snail mail me at:

Hocus-Pocus Magic

Att. Tony Blanco

2311 E. McKinley

Fresno,CA USA 93703

With my Honest Wishes for you to be the best you can be......

Think Ahead,

Tony Blanco

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