Monday, November 28, 2005


Magic For The Ages

As this year ends, so begins a new generation of magic. This past year has been filled with some great new magic creations and feature magic stars. It is in the past one must look to learn of the future.
One of my favorite sayings is "Those who forget the past are condemmed to relive it". So as this year ends remember the magic created by these folks this year. In the Ideals, DVD's Books, Tricks and much more to help you become the entertainer you wish to be. So again, Thank you all for shopping here at Hocus-Pocus and for reading my blog. Last week I shared with you in My Tips, the beginning how I made my cool close-up table. This week finshes with a few photos of how to build it. I look forward to when I start getting some tips from you my readers, you know like ideas and things that helped you grow as performers.

This Weeks Picks

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Robert Houdin A Magician's Life DVD

Well speaking of magic for the ages, what can be more perfect then the Father of Modern Magic now on DVD. It starts with a film about the life of Robert Houdin and then goes into footage and features about him. An inventor, clockmaker, and creator of magic for the 19th Century. Lots of great history of the man whom Eric Weiss took the name Harry Houdini from.

Dr Q Locking Slates

Again traveling into the past into the future comes, Dr Q Locking slates. First made in the '80's and soon became a collectors item. Now Maverick Magic (having the rights to make) these once again. Wonderfully crafted in Maple wood, these slates are regarded as the finest for Spirit Slate writing. Slighty larger then 9 1/2 by 12 inches and once again soon to be a collectors item. This is a limited edition run, so mentalist take note.

Impossible Cassette Prediction

Since we chatting mentlism tonight comes a modern take with the Impossible Cassette Prediction. Two weeks before a show you mail a cassette tape to the show sponser and tell them Do Not Open. Well as your about to finish your show invite the sponser on stage to place the cassette tape in a push play. The audience now hears your preminition of two weeks ago of today's headlines. Comes complete to make you look like a star.

Forgetful Frosty

Once again our masterbuilders send us another clever idea for those Holiday shows. Once again based on the theme of Forgetful Freddie now comes Forgetful Frosty. Those of you looking for something extra will enjoy Frosty. Frosty's magical tale of his head disappearing only to replaced by a balloon and then to reappear back on top of his body. In stock now and ready for your last minute shows.

Just in Case your still looking for more Christmas Ideas click our link Holiday Magic

This Weeks Tip

So last week I started mentioning a portable close-up table I built. As I said I started with a portable keyboard stand. This you can get from most great music stores (price range from $15-$30). Then I got a room service tray at a thrift store only to find out it used to be the trays used at the Venetian Hotel Casino. The tray is made of fine cherry wood and brass corners (see pic). The tray has a depth of almost an inch and measures 23 1/2 x 14 1/2 .

So cutting myself a piece of thin wood (like masonite or luan) just a hair smaller then the above measurements. Now you will need some polyfoam. I used 1/4 foam and carved the sides a little at a angle. Spray contact cement to foam to the board.

Now using black fleece material cover the foam to the back of the board. Either glue, staple and then tape the excess fabric to the board. If you did this right the board will just snug fit into the tray and now you have a really cool. So for the cost of a tray (which you can find at Pier One type places or craft supply stores) and the stand, scrape wood, foam and fabric you will have a great table and look like a Pro.

Hope you enjoy the idea and take the time to find parts and make yourself one. Mass Production and selling of this table is forbidden. The tray does have built in wooden handles and if you smart about it make a nice vinyl travel bag and make a backpack for the tray. Now you can look like and travel like a magician from years past.

Copyright Tony Blanco/ Mass Production Forbidden!! keeps growing faster and faster.

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As Always please read the full descriptions of these items on the website ( of this weeks picks I recommend for you to have for your show. Some of the items I have recomended have videos to view.

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