Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Magic Just Keeps Happening

This week we begin with more magic then you can fit into a Top Hat. First off those who have been waiting the wait is over.

Criss Angel's Mastermind DVD is Here!!
Even as you read this, our great Shipping Dept is packing all of your Criss Angel's MasterMind DVD Volume 1. So those of you that have ordered this Coin in a Soda can DVD, the wait is over. Orders have begun leaving Fresno, CA and depending where you live in the USA you should have it in a week or so. Those of you in other parts of the world a little longer. Again we extend our thanks to all of you for your patience in waiting till Criss and his company sent us this most wanted DVD in Hocus-Pocus history!

This week we have so many new items for all of you to choose from. Its like a smorgsborg of magic, with items for Family performers, Close-up guys, Stage workers, & Mentalist. A taste of something, for each magical experiance. Oh by the way, Thank You to all of you who have read my blog and started placing your Christmas and Holiday party equipment needs early. We have been filling soooo many Santa/Christmas trick orders, so if you haven't already, don't wait till the night before Christmas

This Weeks Picks

Mouse Animation

One of the coolest things in magic is the talent to make something come to life. A few years ago Quentin Reynolds made a video called 5 Minutes with a Pocket Handkerchief. Well now comes (for more then hal the price) is Mouse Animation. This package comes to you with a cute little mouse and a manuscript written by Supreme Magic's Ian Adair. This booklet shows all the moves to make this mouse "come alive" as well as diagrams for making the mouse hanky also. Paul has purchased so many of these pkgs and more then half of them are already sold. The price is so low you may as well buy a few to have in all your magic cases.

Berland's Bill in Lemon

Whats old is new again. One of the legends of magic was Berland, a man who created many magic classics. Such as the case when Chris Reesman of Encore Magic (who has the rights to Berland line) brings back the first of Berland line. Berland's Bill in Lemon is the granddaddy this great effect. Very simple to perform and masterful craftsmanship for a trick you will use over and over again. Look for more of the Berland items to be made by Encore in months to come here at Hocus-Pocus as a Exculsive. Its a joy and clever to perform.

It's Magic Flash Silk

A 18x18 silk in black and white with magic designs and with a shake changes to a very colorful symbols of magic. This super little magic effect can be used with your favorite coloring book trick, produced from any magic box or use as a storytelling effect. Your ideas can come to mind once your see how wonderful this silk looks.

Complete Workers EBook by Mike Close

Over the years the term "workers" has been used over and over. Mike Close is the guy that gave this term it true meaning. Over 30yrs Mike has written 5 different books with some of the best entertaining, commercial closeup magic. Now comes all 5 books in EBook form, thats 650 pages and many updates and new routines. When it comes to closeup magic, Mike is the man. Don't take my words, read recommedations by Max Maven, Simon Aronson & Simon Bean.
Many useful and creative routines for "Workers".

Mindreading 101

Over the years of working on comedy magic effects I have personal commissioned artist to create what now is being made in quality photography and glare free 11 x 14 posters. Mindreading 101 is a grouping of some the best comedy mentalism effects. Some of the effects that are linked together in a great routine (or do them separate) include: The Baby Gag, Bar Code, 52 Cards on One, Around the World. I look forward to getting a set for myself and be able to have some really great comedy magical effects for all my different types of shows.

Time Control

From the creative mind of Guy Bavli comes a very unique piece of mental magic.
Imagine having a prediction hanging in full view during your show. Ask a spectator that at anytime during the show he can just stand up. When he does (on his own no Stooge) the prediction envelope is handed to him. When opened it is a kitchen clock with the extact time he stood. Here is the kicker the clock has No Batteries in it! A different ending is also possible. In stock and ready to make your look like a real mentalist magician.

Other Hot Items (check them out)

Corker coin in a bottle
Seance a collection of a bizarre magic magazine
Real World Magic DVD
hot close up magic British style
Ripped Up
another great effect from creative mind of Peter Eggink
Campell's Cube Off a classic block trick
Changeabill DVD great money magic
Macbee Rings/DVD well crafted rings back now with a DVD to learn from

This Weeks Tip

Its all about getting your name out there. Since moving here to Fresno, I need to get my name out there. So far thanks to my friends Mike Guisti and Dexter, they have been passing the kid shows my way. I have no problem doing them and its a great way for any magician to gain a name in a new town. If you make the kids happy the parents are happy. The main thing to hear after your done is someone saying... Do you have a Card? Here are a few ideas to give out.
After my show each child gets a ziplock bag (gallon size) with a custom made coloring book of cartoon art of me and my show. This book is made on 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Then I include the Ed Harris 12 Amazing Magic Tricks Book with a custom back cover with my logo and numbers.

Then a biz card that is on a magnet. These magnets you can buy at most office supply stores. Next I include a novelty such as yo-yo's or some hot little toy. Below are some of the custom art I have had made for my coloring books and gifts. Remember that everything you give away has to have your telephone number on it (I am not showing mine here for now). Folks like free stuff just make sure they can contact to book you.
Postcards are great too. With a scanner and a copy machine or your home computer your the printing company to make your ads work for your next gig.

Back and Front

So once again gang, Paul and I are always on the look out for the next magical effect. If you have created something your interested in selling on our website. DVD's, Magic Tricks, a Book, please contact me or send your sample .

As Always please read the full descriptions of these items on the website ( of this weeks picks I recommend for you to have for your show. I would like to hear from you so feel free to write to me
or snail mail me at:
Hocus-Pocus Magic
Att. Tony Blanco
2311 E. McKinley
Fresno,CA USA 93703
With my Honest Wishes for you to be the best you can be......
Think Ahead,
Tony Blanco

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