Monday, November 21, 2005


The Magic of Giving Thanks

As all of you have been reading its been an amazing 6 months here in Fresno, CA after leaving 18 years of Las Vegas. For many moments one has to look back and say Thanks for being able to do what one enjoys. Its just a moment to say "Thank You" for the way luck and life deals you the cards to play. First and for most Thank You to Paul and his lovely wife Betty for making me part of the Hocus-Pocus Family.
Like any new born one makes mistakes and doesn't always know the rules but luckly I have been given room to learn and grow. To the brother I wish I had, Poster boy for Hocus-Pocus, Mike Giusti for his friendship and understanding. Thanks to other folks here you don't get to see, Jan, Jason, Ken, Louie, and Nick.
Once again for the short time I have been in Fresno, I give thanks to the many things that could never have happen even living in Las Vegas. Gigs given to me by both Mike and Dexter. A wonderful lifestyle in a wonderful growing city.

Like the other night watching a young college opera student at Cal State Fresno do magic that I taught him, getting ahhs and laughs. This was like watching your own child make good. So as we sit this week and eat for Thanksgiving, stop a moment and think of all the Magical Moments you have to be thankful for.

Hey! Don't forget to watch the Macy*s Thanksgivingday Parade, I had been a part of it for 5 years in a row and have taught the workers of Macy*s to be clowns sooo many years ago.

This Weeks Picks

Just in and Ready for Shipping ....."As I Recall Slydini"


One of the most amazing magcial effects to wrap up the year 2005. Imagine a signed card, then folded in four, torn apart piece by piece and then restored piece by piece. Oh Did I mention, A SIGNED CARD!!! Hocus-Pocus has to thank one of our best customers for turning us on to the genius of Kris Nevling the creator of a one of a kind magical effect. Criss Angel take note!! There is a video on the website for this powerful effect.

Wacky Worm

From the creative workshop of Wolf's Magic comes Wacky Worm. If you don't know about Wolf's Magic wonderful workmanship, colors and production stop and do a search on our site. This is a kind'da take on the Snake in the Basket theme but with a educational take. This time with the bookworm being the magical creature that helps a future magician learn his talents from reading a book. Full of comedy and magical moments that only Wolf Magic could do. One for my show right away!

Berlands Bill Tear

As I promised Encore Magic will be releasing the Classics of Sam Berland. Second up...Berland's Bill Tear. The spectator gives a bill (or note) and marks it. Then the Magi tears it up to the point of not even noticeable. The Magi shows the pieces and then slowly makes the Bill come back to life in one solid piece with no false moves and no gimmacks. Fully illustrated booklet and practice money to learn with.

Wizard's School

If I seem to have a favorite young creative person it would be Andrew Mayne. Clever in his marketing to us magicians comes his second Wizard's School DVD. Talk about timing with the release of Harry Potter's fourth movie. Those of you who work with kids or even teach magic to kids will welcome Andrew's theme of magic and wizards. This second DVD teaches future Magi's some classic tricks of the trades using household items. There is also a special interactive part of the DVD for the viewers at home.

The Vortex

Creative, Inventive, one of magic's best teachers are all words that are Jeff McBride. From one of magic's most visual performers comes the The Vortex. This is Jeff''s take on the Dancing Cane. From the techno talent of Gary Stradier (a guy who is a new age composer and electronics wizard to the Burning Man Festival) Jeff and Gary created the first light up Dancing Cane. As you perform the routine the cane will produce a rainbow of colors so at this point there is no way anyone will look at how it is done. Just enjoy the wonderful magic the cane creates. This is an item that we are truly honored that Jeff has released only to Hocus-Pocus, with a video to check out on the website.


If you ever saw the James Bond movie "Diamonds are For Ever" (filmed at my old home Circus Circus) or a Side Show act where a person changes right in front of your eyes to a Gorilla comes the magic behind Teleporter. Imagine showing a empty box (spectator can see thru the front window) with a light above. Then dial in the magic and watch a rabbit appear right before your eyes inside the box. This is the magic and craftsmanship of one of our favorite builders Jay Leslie. You can do like Willy Wonka (like the scene with Mike TV) vanishing a rabbit from one box (different one from Teleporter) and then reproduce the rabbit in the Teleporter. Once again made by Jay in high quality strong lightweight plastic. P.S. My bunny Benny is the Poster boy for the


Something new and visual in Silk magic from the Studios of Mephisto Magic. Written as a magical story about the colors (the silks) of darkness (black), the earth (green) , water (blue) and fire (orange) four silks change into a Rainbow Color 36 inch silk. So here is a effect you can do as a talking piece or as a musical silent act. Either way very visual and different.

Hot Seller Don't Miss out for those Christmas Shows

Forgetful Rudolph

New and Hot and a limited run item so don't miss out
on this great take to the item we all know as Forget Freddie.

This Weeks Tip

One quick tip comes from the music chain "The Guitar Center". I noticed this great keyboard stand which is used to hold keyboards for bands. It is a great idea for a close-up table too. With the use of a room service bedtray from one of the Vegas Hotels, I made a great close up tray/table. This same stand could work as a sidetable or small roadie case table. The price is between $15-$25 depending on the music store you go to. Height can be adjusted from a quick release grip in the middle. I'll give you pic of the tray next time. keeps growing faster and faster.

As the Largest Internet Magic Shop to the World, we are looking for another worker. Magical Knowledge a plus, as well as relocating to Fresno, CA.

Contact me thru the store phone number 800-407-4040 or email me if your interested in a great place to work.

As Always please read the full descriptions of these items on the website ( of this weeks picks I recommend for you to have for your show. Some of the items I have recomended have videos to view.

I would like to hear from you so feel free to write to me or snail mail me at:

Hocus-Pocus Magic

Att. Tony Blanco

2311 E. McKinley

Fresno,CA. USA 93703

With Thanks to all of you for supporting all of us and our hard work at Hocus-Pocus. From our family to yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Best Magical Wishes,

Tony Blanco

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