Monday, November 14, 2005

Magical Season

As we approach the end of the year, there are many magical things a happening. Look forward to more TV Magic specials coming up. Usually this time of the year repeats of World's Greatest Magic. Penn and Teller were on the other night. The release of the DVD of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Great movies come to TV during the holidays.
This Friday the saga continues with the 4th Harry Potter movie...Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire. Hey! Here is a great chance to do some magic for the folks waiting in line. Great PR there! So contact your local theatre owner. Also look for the classic C.S. Lewis story Narnia, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe coming to the big screen. What a film season... Dragons, Lions and Wizards, Oh my!
The magic of the holidays can only inspire your magic for your shows. This inspiration can get you more work if you put in the effort to promote your show.
One such idea Paul and I talked about is selling your show as a Magical Santa Claus. So for the cost of a good costume and wig and beard, you can become the part of many shows for mall's Breakfast With Santa, company parties, family get-togethers. Perhaps those regular bookings this time of the year now can earn you an extra $100.00 or more. Think about it and get ready share the "Magic of the Season".

This Weeks Picks

This Just in "Ulitimate Card Through Window DVD" ready for shipping.

Forgetful Rudolph

One of the most clever takes on the Forgetful Freddie prop comes Forgetful Rudolph. A creative idea and well made professional prop for the Holiday season. Rudolph is so forgetful the he once forgot his nose (vanish nose with Devil's Hank) replace the nose with a red balloon. When Santa sees this balloon he pops it only for Rudolph to have his nose again. A clever idea that has been, been made just in time for this season.


Imagine the power to create your own custom Flash Paper with the ability to make shapes burn. With Fuse and some tissue paper you can prepare paper for all types of predictions. Using a ziplockbag "prepaint" the paper and keep the paper fresh. So then you can have card logos, psychic/ESP symbols. The ideas are unlimited with this chemical. Just light a match blow it out touch while still hot and watch your design slowly burn into the paper.


The magic created by a puppeteer bring a piece of foam and fabric to life is one every magician should do once. Now with "Cory" your perform your favorite card tricks and let Cory be the magician. Psychic, Cute, and loveable is "Cory the magical Fish". Another Dick Barry comedy and magical routine.


From the magical creator of many effect Michael P. Lair comes the DVD Coins. Sixteen visual standup coin effects. Coins change to silver streamers, coins burst into silver confetti, 3 inch coins splits into two coins. Over the years Michael has created many visual magical effects. If his name is not one you know just check the back of most magic magazines for he has advertised many of his creations for years and now comes to Hocus-Pocus.

Little Grey Hair

The performance of sponge rabbits is not new but Little Grey Hair is. The routine created by Ryan Pilling and Gerald Kischner and grey sponge bunnies by Gosh is a comedy filled joy to have. Filled with magical moments and loaded with jokes and one liners Little Gray Hair is truly a packs small plays big close up routine. Kit comes with about 25 bunnies and full illustrated instructions. For the price, its a great item to have in your bag of tricks.

Other Hot items for your show

Amazing Kreskin DVD

( both DVDs will be here by the end of November)

As I Recall...Slydini

Christmas Routines (will sell out soon a few copies left)

Chock full of ideas for your Holiday shows
Get you copy Now

This Weeks Tips

Let see what I tip this week? First Am I helping? I still don't get much feed back from all of you folks. You got to let me know if you enjoy my writing or have been helped. Comments on the bottom of this blog are welcomed or email me...Thanks

This week lets talk about the power of the spoken word. If you call in your orders you either speak to Ken or me. Ken took a afternoon off to go see performance artist Henry Rollins. He is a fast and furious working person on stage. Paul's favorite comic is Lewis Black. Taking the angery young man to clever everyman level. I tend to go for the British/Irish/ Scotish comics such as John Cleese, Eddie Izzard, Billy Connelly and of course Billy McComb. All of these guys use the humor of the spoken word and tell visual stories . Alot of times now a days speaking for an audience can get you stares, so its time to look at what you say to them.
Having started as a magician and storyteller... comedy was only the next step. Timing is important, as well as being honest in your humor. I have learned people will listern to your patter but will believe you more if your story is based on truth. Bill Cosby is someone like this in telling a story and then going off the edge really making a story a fable.
One of the most powerful set of tapes ( now on DVD) is a series to help you use words in your show is Wonder Words by Kenton Knepper. Many famous magicians have changed their style of performing after hearing this series of tapes. Each time you will hear more ideas to help you speak and have your audience in the palm of your hands. Most magicians have a problem creating patter or a story that blends with their act, this is why many magicians work silent.
Giving a story or a tale to your act even if its a small deversion while a set is being change it still must entertain. So first I recommend watching more comics when you can on TV or go to live comedy clubs. You talk about putting an act together wow, it never stops for the standup comic. News changes, styles change, so you have to update your act all the time. So should the magician also. Staying fresh and trendy for your audience is also a lesson to learn from watching standup comics. Watch folks like Jay Leno, and David Letterman to see the freshness you should have everytime you walk and talk on stage. When you can rent or buy famous comics' DVD or tapes and watch them over and over and learn the timing of speech. Its just like good music when done right. Also learning to edit your patter for an act is just as if not more important when putting your show together. Remember on stage your a magician, storyteller and salesman.

As Always please read the full descriptions of these items on the website ( of this weeks picks I recommend for you to have for your show.
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With my Honest Wishes for you always to be the best you can be...
Best Magical Wishes,
Tony Blanco

"Remember what happen to the guy who got everything he ever wished for ....He lived Happly Ever After".


Thanks for listing my "Cory" puppet in your THIS WEEKS PICKS in TONY'S PICKS AND TIPS. Your tips are excellent. Have a happy and busy holiday season.

My best,

Dick Barry
Dick Barry's Magic

I did learn some card tricks from It's a nice site with free card tricks using a normal deck of cards (tricks are explained with photo's and videos).
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