Monday, December 26, 2005

A Celebration and a New Beginning

Well, we have all made it to another year. I hope you have found the magic you wished for in your performances this year. If you haven't, keep tuned into this blog as I am currently chatting with some of my "Working Pro" friends to share tips and tricks for the New Year. Time flies fast so remember take the time and imagine and create new dreams for your audiences. This year I wish for you all your hopes to be the best performer your can be. I really need to hear from you and want to share with all of our readers things that work and don't work for your shows. Make it a Great New Year!!!

This Weeks Tips

In Stock and Ready For Shipping
Those of you who have been waiting....

Criss Angel DVD's back in stock
Mindreading 101
Mind o Matic

Flame Thrower

This got to be the hottest tip ever on this blog. Imagine produce a comedy style flame (ala Jerry Lewis) 3 to 4 feet high. This has got to be the most amzing flame you can produce during the course of your act. Can be performed surrounded. To really see this amazing spot that you can do check out the on-line video. Please note no sale to anyone under 18...sorry that's the law.

100% commercial DVD Set "The Magic of Andrew Normansell

Those of you who read this blogknow that I am a big Fan of British magic and Humor. From England comes a 3 DVD set from Andrew Normansell, a 20 year vet of working big time companies and the U.K. comedy clubs. This 3 DVD set covers real world commercial magic with Mentalism, Comedy Stand- Up, Close-up Magic. The stuff on these DVD's is not for folks who don't want to put in the practice time. Andrew tips his personal well kept secrets that have made him of of England's busiest "Working Pros".

D'lite Morph

Just in time for the New Year comes D'lite Morph. What does Morph mean? Imagine doing the traditional D'lite by Rocco now with the power to have 6 (yes 6) different colors appear in your finger tips. Those of you may use a D'lite for just a quick bit, can now envision a stage performance piece that you can do creating different colors. Imagine this first produce a color of Purple then red , orange, green, blue and then pink. Over the years many working pro's have come up with so many different uses for the D'lite. Now do it in a rainbow of colors. An online video is on the site. Comes in Single and Pairs.

Drink Up

The ultimate is in your face magic. Show a silk, cover your hand and produce a full size glass fill with your favorite beverage. On line video (could have been a better one) give you an idea of the mind blowing effect that every magician wishes he could do. Comes with a video CD and a silk with the gimmick, Imagine the friends you'll make whipping out drinks out of now where. As the Brit's would say....Cheers Mate!

Kandu's Card in Balloon .....Almost

Over the years here at Hocus-Pocus we have been proud to present the work of Jeff Eaton and Don Arthur under the title of Kandu. Some of the greatest comedy kidshow props and routines follow the Kandu style of magic and fun. Now comes a Card in balloon effect for kids with lots of fun, comedy and mayhem. Search our website for all the Kandu Items...many now in stock. Jeff is a working Pro and is on the road for most of the year, so get them now while they are in stock. Don is a great magic inspiration and was actually my teacher in Ringling Clown College (I attended) in 1979. So if your putting a new show together read each Kandu item and you'll find something for your show.

Confusing Crayons

So many effects in magic have a great premise but then how could you think of doing them for kids. It just doesnt seem to be the type of effect for a school or kidshow. Now comes (Back again) Confusing Crayons, with its basic idea of Topsy-Turvy Bottle only with Crayons. This is a item that flies out the door when we had it in stock last time. Now in stock again for all you family entertainers and your imagination can work this with coloring books and painting effects. Get yours now!!

Sid Lorraine Scrape Book

One of the legends of inventive magic was Sid Lorraine. Now from our friends at Fun Inc. comes 5 books in one. Sid was the type of performer that thought outside of the box (before the phase was ever used) and came up with real world commerical magic and fun. I personally have been pushing to Richard Kaufman to do a Sid Lorraine Issue for Genii (about two years now) so this book comes back at the right time. Full of great patter, tricks, gags and entertainment insight. Paul's favorite is a talking skull routine, me I look forward to the Troublewit routine in the book. One hundred and sixty eight pages of the wit and wisdom that was Sid. Want to help yourself and your show get this and email Richard (at Genii Magazine) to do a issue on this creative kind'da guy.

This Weeks Tip

From my Family Show.

A Routine with Professor's Nightmare

If I told you this before forgive me, but the routine is getting better since I came up with it. One time a customer asked me on the phone for magic that has a motivation point. I said " All magic can motivate." Off the top of my head I used Professor's Nightmare (also know as three-way ropes) and told a story of 3 different people and how one is small, one is medium, and one is tall. Now in performance I get 3 kids of different heights and have them hold the different ropes. Now I point out that each is a different size (the ropes and the kids) then work the magic. All the ropes become the same size. Now the line..."But no matter what, we are all the same on the inside." This comes as you change the ropes to the same length. The oohs and ahhs that happen make a kodak moment. This is also a lesson to treat each other the same as we like to be treated. "Because remember we are all the same one the Inside".

Good thought and Inspiration for the children of today. So work that routine for the New year in your gift to you enjoy.

Please do share some of your ideas and Tips with me for the New Year. Recommend a book or DVD you think we all should learn from. Thanks.

Thank you for reading each week. As Always please read the full descriptions of these items on the website ( of this weeks picks I recommend for you to have for your show.

Some of the items I have recomended have videos to view also.I would like to hear from you so feel free to write to me


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Remember one thing about the season, its for the kids. If you have a chance do something special for those who may have less and give them a magical Holiday.

Donate a show or just do a show somewhere for everyone to enjoy!

Best Magical Wishes and Happy Holidays to you and your family from ours,

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