Monday, December 05, 2005


Magic of Giving

One of our closest friends at is Dean Dill (center) . He is one of the nicesest, humble, gentle souls in the magic family. Dean and his family were coming back from Las Vegas recently and got into a terrible car wreck. Dean and his family have been hurt very badly. Lots of hospital bills and possible operations in their New Year. Dean is a man of true pride and won't ask for help so his friends are reaching out for this help because we know he won't.

So Hocus-Pocus has put together along with many others in the magic community a way of giving a helping hand for him. First off, on top of our Hot New Items page what looks like a product is actually a way to give a donation to Dean's medical cost. So we are asking for all of our customers to lend a magic hand and make a donation of $10.00 (or more) to one of the good guys in magic.

You can also send checks directly to Dean. Make payments to "Dean Dill" and send to his home at: Dean Dill 2130 Fairpark #110, Los Angeles, CA 90041.

Our friends at Murphy's Magic have teamed up with us to donate some magic props for the fundraiser. Bob Kohler has alerted folks thru his site. Kenton Knepper has offered some items thru his site for fundraising. So we encourge all of you in your magic circles and Rings and clubs to help Dean Dill and his family. If you wish to give some magic for us to sell we can do that also.

Dean has been a creative force in magic. He has made many good friends as well as apperances on the old Tonight Show with his personal friend and student Johnny Carson.

This has been a very serious accident. Dean has broken Ribs & Pelvis and its going to be sometime till he is up and around. So in the spirit of giving please help Dean and his family have some hope and happeness for the Holidays by knowing how much he is loved and cared for. Please help anyway your heart tells you too.

New Items
In Stock and Ready for shipping
Appearing Pole Cue
Janis Pad
Rich Marotta's Fish Bowl

Icarus Effect

One of this years most talked about Illusions. From the mind of Arron Paterson comes a self levation effect and kit. With Icarus you can create the Illusion that you are floating up backwards to say a higher level behind you. Icarus has been compared to another floating magician's effect but I am here to tell you that the two illusions are totally different in method and makings. We at Hocus-Pocus were the first to premire Icarus and are proud to have it back on our website after much debate and chat room banter.

MindFreak Season One

Speaking of the most talked about on chat rooms is Magic Castle's Magician of the Year Criss Angel. This years most highest rate program on cable's A&E channel is MindFreak. Criss Angel brings a new twist and image on Magic. This generations most dramtic look for magic is MindFreak. Combining many different styles and looks are what fuel the 15 episodes of MindFreak on these 2 DVDs. Filmed around Las Vegas and on the streets of LA and New York its a in your face journey into the magic of Criss Angel. What is really the most cool thing of all is the low, low price this package is being offered for.


Since we are talking street performances, this week comes from England the street magic of Crowdpuller by Peter Wardell. Long time busker (the english term for street performer) Peter Wardell tips many of the secrets that have made him a very popular and a full time pro. Included in this 2 volume DVD are: How to gather the crowd, his top tricks (many his own personal secrets) and how to take street magic and bring it indoors for tradeshows. Filmed live on the streets of England's fame Covent Garden Market.

Miracles For Mortals Volume 1 and 2

Taking magic to the extreme seems to be the theme tonight. So timing is perfect for the premire of Miracles for Mortals. Geoff Williams has created some really off the wall magic. For full list of effects read his image on the site, but let me tell you they are truly wild sounding effects. Magic includes effects for the closeup, Street, Stage and platform performers. Clever ideas and inspired by some classic effects with a new age touch.

MindFreak 2006 Calendar

Here is a quick idea for the collector of magic as well as a look at the New Year via the images of Criss Angel. Great Idea for a stocking stuffer. Each calendar is autographed by Criss.

Those of you who have been lucky this year, help us spread that same goodwill and love to our friend Dean Dill and his family at this time of need. Watch the website for specials and deals to help raise money. Again on the top of the opening of Hot New Items is set up for helping a real gentleman of magic.

Thank you for reading each week. As Always please read the full descriptions of these items on the website ( of this weeks picks I recommend for you to have for your show.
Some of the items I have recomended have videos to view also.

I would like to hear from you so feel free to write to me at:
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Best Magical Wishes,
Tony Blanco


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