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The Spirit of the Holidays

As we all prepare for the Holiday Season one thing that comes to mind is that the real magic of this time of the year is for the Children. As Magicians the true magic is to find the child in all of us. When you entertain people (young and old) you should spark the child in all of us. Tonight as we start the New Year I wish to point out some of my style of magic...Family Magic. I remember when I lived in New York and had the luck to work for Macy*s Department store, as much as it was about sales the store had the spirit of Christmas all year long. As I have mention (before) they would work on the famous Parade all year long. Then was the magical Santa village that would be on the 7th floor as a fixture all year long but covered by fake walls till just after the Parade. This village would be about the size of a city block inside the store and had the old German woodworking village look. Trains, snow falling indoors, and then Santa's house to visit. What the public didn't know was there were actually 5 Santa houses so kids didn't wait long. I was a Toy Soldier (which sounded alot like C3PO from Star Wars). As you enjoy this time of the year, start to think about all the new magic you can perform for the child in all of us, you get to entertain in 2006.

This Weeks Tips

In Stock and Ready for Shipping
Ultimate Finger Chopper (the finest chopper with great metal work)
Burning Up DVD
Advanced Illusions Projects Book (a super book of illusion ideas)

As you read each week, I recommend items that I would use in my own show! These are honest and from my heart recommendations for you to look good as a performer. Thanks for Reading each week!

Magic For Under 5's

First when I saw this title of this new DVD, I actually went YIKES. I thought how young are we going to have to entertain kids since kids today are so hip and don't always believe magic after a certain age. Well I was wrong, and I was charmed by the magic of Terry Herbert. British magic has been an inspiration to many of the effects I do. If you don't know this I am a big Brit fan of things by the old Supreme Magic Company. Terry shares on this DVD not only a performance in front of children but tips his style for what I now see is the new market for children's entertainers, preschool show. As a kicker New York Children's entertainer Silly Billy sits down and interviews Terry. Terry shares his many years of knowledge and wisdom during this interview.

Confidential Dare Care Bookings Manual

Long time family entertainer Samuel Patrick Smith shares his knowledge In this new family market I have just told you about. Samuel tips his 17 years of knowledge in the Day Care Market. This book covers how to get started in this market, repeat bookings, themes, what type of shows to perform. One of the topics is not to believed, its called "The $100,000 Possibility". The knowledge in this book/CD is so valuable that the book is actually locked so no peeking inside until you purchase it.

Magic of Creative Thinking

One of my hero's in the family market is Barry Mitchell. His products, knowledge and wisdom for entertainer are one of a kind. The Magic of Creative Thinking is actually (purchased as two different items) is a DVD and the title of a Book. On the DVD he shares a 3 hour spot at the Kidabra Convention. This was a one of a kind lecture, because Barry showed some of the props, performed routines from his many years of school shows. So honestly I would purchase both the DVD and the Book. The book shows you how to build the props and includes ideas from folks like Jeff Hobson, Andre Kole, David Ginn, Trixie Bond, and Steve Kissell. A must for any one, who works for children!!!!!

Reading is Magic

To give you the best example of Barry Mitchell's genius, is Reading Is Magic. A pre-recorded playlet of the legend of King Midas with that touch of storytelling and magic with voice work by Terry Evanswood is part of Barry's magic. With all the props, including all things that become gold when King Midas gets his touch to them. This is what family entertainment is all about when you perform for family audiences. I know this is going to be one of my features in the new year and you should make it yours if you do any school, pre-school, library, or even birthday party. For your knowledge please be inspired by this great routine.

Lilly the Ladybug

One trick I grew up with was What's Next. Over the years I have made it into something else then a board with spots. I mean it looks like a flat die (single for Dice) so how can kids relate. Now comes Lilly the Lady bug based on the same trick with something kids can relate to. This time no magnets, or false moves. Cute and fun. Those of you with kid shows can find a spot for Lilly and even make up a funny story.

Chico The Mind Reading Chimp

For the working family show entertainer (Heck any entertainer really!) Chico the Mind Reading Chimp is a solid laughed packed routine. Bill Abbott gives you everything to present this reputation making act. You get a DVD to teach you the act, as well as CD for the music and sound effects. Chico has been the talk of many magic chat sites. Now Chico is here at Hocus Pocus & only here. Just think of inspiring continuous laughs from your audiences all in one suitcase. This is one of those packs small and plays big items you should have. If you work schools, malls, or even Vegas your crowds will fall in love with Chico and remember your name. Limited Run. Limited supply left act now!!

This Weeks Tip

Now after me telling of all the great family performers that we sell of I am tipping my pet routine from my show. First you will need a set of (another hero of mine) Bev Bergeron's Multiplying Wands (mine were the ones first made by him in Brass years ago), a Breakaway Wand, and a Rabbit Wand.
This routine has served me well from birthday parties, libraries, schools and the stages of Las Vegas.
The routine begins with getting a little girl on stage. I am usually wearing a Top Hat. "We are now going to perform one of the most famous acts that magicians perform, that is the production of a rabbit out of the Hat. I need you to show everyone that the hat is empty like this." Showing the hat empty running the hand inside and then say TA-DA. Give the child the hat and watch her do the same. Now have her hold the hat on the side by the brim. "Now we get the magic wand ( the break away one) wave and as I wave the wand a rabbit will appear and your remove it" "One, two, There....(tap, tap, tap) now pull the rabbit out." Lots of laughs cause the hat is empty.
Now hand her the wand as you check the hat for being empty. The wand breaks Laughs again. Do this again, she hold the hat and you wave the wand and again the hat is empty. Take the hat and give her the breakaway wand. Laughs No. 2
"Ok lets try this again this time you will be the magician and I will be the showgirl helper (laughs #3) " "Let put the top hat at your feet and I need you to put you right hand out (this can be fun when the wrong hat is put out by the child) " Now you need to use the Bev' Wands and do the routine with them. At this point a chil has wands under each arm and one under the chin. Remove the wands and get the final wand which is the rabbit wand. Have the audience say some magic words and unroll the banner and now the girl is the rabbit in the top hat coming out. This is always a Kodak moment (birthday child for sure) during the show. have her take a bow and don't forget a gift or Certicate for helping.
Now I didn't give you my jokes, so I hope lines will come to you if you use this routine that has and still serves me well.......theres my Christmas Gift to all of you for the New Year. Trust me work it out and it will serve you a long time.

Next week I will continue sharing another of my shows best routines as well as recommend more great props for family shows.

Please do share some of your ideas and Tips with me for the New Year. Recommend a book or DVD you think we all should learn from. Thanks.

Thank you for reading each week. As Always please read the full descriptions of these items on the website ( of this weeks picks I recommend for you to have for your show. Some of the items I have recomended have videos to view also.
I would like to hear from you so feel free to write to me at:

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Remember one thing about the season, its for the kids. If you have a chance do something special for those who may have less and give them a magical Holiday. Donate a show or just do a show somewhere for everyone to enjoy!

Best Magical Wishes and Happy Holidays to you and your family from ours,

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