Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Its Always Going to Be Magical

So if all of you have been following my journey from Las Vegas to Fresno, let me let you know its going great. I was booked for a birthday party the other day. I was told it was going to be for 3 kids and 5 adults. The ages of the kids were 4, 7, and 13. One would think (as I did) why or how would this be a great show. I am used to having lots of kids and big crowds for my shows. Well I was just so blessed by a great little family event, this small group renewed my thought how everything can be magical. The family was so attentive, focused, and was better then any big audience. This just seems to be more then one reason that you live and learn every time you go on stage. As a matter of fact I think for the first time (in a long time) an audience actually got all the magic, jokes and timing. So never under estimate a booking, it might be the inspiration you need.

This Weeks Picks

Cesaral Melting Point

On of the hottest and fastest selling items on our website is Cesaral Melting Point. It has to be the most visual effect on the market today. With video to watch on the website, watch how a coin just seems to melt thru a piece of glass. This technique learned from a CD/Video with gimmick can be applied to other ojects like candy, bigger coins. So many orders I have printed out for this effect as well as phone orders so don't you miss getting this really powerful effect.


From Barry Mitchell productions and the music talents of Nathan J. Roberts comes MagiTunes. This is a collection of "Royalty Free" magical music for Magicians, Jugglers and Clowns...heck any entertainer. The tunes range from simple drum lines to pieces for opening a show to grand movements for a production. All the tunes come to you Royalty Free which means not having to pay any unions for your performance on TV or in a live theatre show. Some of the tunes even have a "New Age" music sound to them. Use one tune or blend them together for your show.

Ketchup Side Down

New from the comedy mind of David Allen. A new comedy classic using mustard bottle gag with a yellow string. But now the old gag is just the beginning to something new and original in children's entertainment. It's topsy-turvy ketchup and mustard bottles! This version isn't like anything you've ever seen before. David's method allows the performer to place those recognizable squirt bottles under potato chip cans for laughs and magical moments. You can even allow the child to choose which bottle to use. Comes with bottles, tubes and gimmicks. It also has a Video CD of a live performance/ instructions, tips, and complete script for two different variations.

Further Impuzziblites

From one of magic's creative thinkers and Master Illusion designers Jim Steinmeyer, is the futher adventures of Impuzziblites. This is a second in the series of self working magical effects. Effects that are easy to learn and best of all self working. One thing about Jim's creations are that they leave a lasting memory of the performer who uses his effects. This book has 10 routines that you will enjoy and best of all use.

Tossed Out Deck

Years ago (and I mean years!!!) I was a the Tannen's annual event in upstate New York and watched Dr. David Hoy blow a room away with his "Tossed out Deck". Over the years I have learned and been given many different styles of tossed out decks, but until now there is nothing like Cody Fisher's Tossed Out Deck. Having chatted with him the other day on the phone, I could not believe all of the clever ideas he has put into this grand old magic staple. First showing the whole deck as normal to the audience...YES! Showing all the cards. Then his routining has applause cues built right in for a standing ovatation style finish. I told him this might be the only gimmick deck I personally will ever use!

This Weeks Tip

Once again it is my honor to present a guest for this week's "Tips". A guy I like to call the "David Copperfield of Family Entertainers". With so many creative DVD's, magical routines, props and books to his credits, Barry is a gifted & knowledgeable friend. One of his best works is his DVD and Book combo (both of the same title) is "The Magic of Thinking Creatively". Now, enjoy some of the wit and wisdom of Barry Mitchell.

The Creative Storyteller

Did you ever wonder how the creative imagineers of Disney are able to develop such creative characters and theme park attractions? How do they begin? It ALL begins with a story! Every ride, restaurant, and attraction at the Disney Parks communicate a story. Walt Disney was a storyteller.

It has been suggested that most powerful communication ability can be summed up in six words, "let me tell you a story." I often teach workshops on creative storytelling and I begin by sharing the three greatest forms of communications throughout history. 1.Telegraph. 2. Telephone. 3. Tell-a-Story. I bet you thought I was going to say tell a woman. Shame on you. That line always gets a laugh.

Experience has taught me that magic with a story line aways garners the greatest audience response. Many of David Copperfield's early TV specials involved storytelling magic. The greatest actors and movie directors agree that the birth of a great movie begins with a great story. Life itself is a collection of stories.

Effective story communicators use a simple method to grab and hold the attention of the audience. George M. Cohan used a three part formula when writing a play. First act: Get the hero up a tree. Second Act: Throw rocks at the Hero. Third act: Get the Hero out of the Tree. I don't believe it can be any simpler than that. Most magic tricks follow the same formula. 1. Intoduce the subject of the trick. 2. Reveal barriers that prevent the magic from happening. 3. Wave the wand and watch the magic!

Whether you like it or not, if you're a magician you're also a storyteller.

Thank you Barry! Those are some powerful and true words of wisdom. I hope everyone will get the real magical understanding now in why we wanted to be magicians. Because truly, we all (as you say) have a story-to-tell.

Thank you all for reading each week. As Always please read the full descriptions of these items on the website (http://www.hocus-pocus.com/) of this weeks picks I recommend for you to have for your show. Let me tell you this is a labor of love each week for me. It is still work though so let me know you enjoy this Blog and share...thanks

Some of the items I have recomended have videos to view also.I would like to hear from you personally, really, so feel free to write to me at:

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Have some great shows and magical moments this week !!

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