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New Year, New Beginning 2006

Congrads everyone that has made it to another Just kidding, but really each year that you have made it being a performer means that your going the path you have dreamed of. If you look back each year just think how much you have grown and learned (and I hope share) from all of the other working pro's that want you to look good. So again Congrads and lets keep growing.
Speaking of growing Paul and I have been talking about a special event we maybe doing this year. We will need to hear from all of you if you want to be part of this. We are looking into having a Hocus-Pocus Magical Swap Meet Weekend. Are you interested? Would you come to Fresno? Time to trade, sell and buy Magic from fellow Hocus-Pocus on-line club members. We need to start taking a count to make this happen. Trust me if this comes to be, it will be a classy event filled with lectures and shows as well as good friendship. Email either me or Paul to get an idea if you would come. It would be on a weekend.

Another special already started as you read this is a Inventory Clearance. This will end January 4 at Midnight (West Coast) time. This is our way of saying Thank you to our loyal customers as well as making space for new hot magic thats coming in. We are in touch with the world's most creative minds, so stay tune for a truly magical 2006. Click on the link below to see the sales list of Clearance items and some Estate items which we have.

Hot New Items

Coming in this week

Those of you who have ordered any Criss Angel DVDs please be assured we are getting more in. Criss has been so busy and his DVD sells out so quick that more needed to be made. So we are waiting for the next shipment from his production company. The demand has been overwhelming and we expect more DVDs in soon (maybe this week or next)

World's Best Card Rise

Over the years many different card risers have been made and created. When Iwas young there was one rising card gimmack that was the hallmark of them all. Now comes a DVD and the gimmack to make up to 3 choosen cards rise from a deck. This gimmick would never been seen less expected to be introduced into a regular deck. Trust me you never want for another gimmick again.

Sympathetic Wands

From the creative mind of Ramos comes the reinvention of Sympathetic Wands. Have two magic wands and two soda bottles is just the begining of this magical demo of magnetic power. Even thru no magnets are used, these wands act as if by magnetic power do oppsite of each other. Put one in the bottle and the other comes out of the bottle. Movements of floating up and down back and forth create a eerie feeling of mystical powers forces controling their movement. My description is but a beginning of what can be done. Read the full description of this cool effect on the website.

Chink a Chink

Dai Vernon's name is golden in the world of Close-up Magic. Whit Hayden of School of Scoudrels Fame owns Vernon's personal set of Chink A Chink and has given Encore Magic the right to make these classics pieces of magic. Master craftman Chris Reesman has reproduced the best Chink A Chink you will ever see. Spun brass this set comes to you with 4 hollow weights and one shell. Nicely made for a classic of this 19th Century matrix street performer type act.

Change Pan

Recently here at Hocus-Pocus we have found a vendor whose company makes the most beautiful feather flower you'll ever see. On the website you will see a few different feather flower productions items. My favorite starts out with what we all know as a Dove Pan, in this case it's called a Change Pan. So in the tradition of placing silks or sponge balls or a cooking act. You cover the pan and produce a truly wonderful, colorful ring of flowers when the lid is remove. Paul and I both agree that this item could easily cost much more since the flowers are just that darn great looking.

Classic Chop Cup Teach In DVD

One of the coolest close-up effects I have enjoy is the Chop Cup. Many different versions can be done such as tin cans, coffee cups, little pails. Well now comes a DVD "Chop Cup Teach In", featuring the talents of magicians, Larry Jennings, Martin Lewis, Don Alan, Brad Burt. These 4 great talents share their best "private secrets"on this knowledge packed filled DVD. So much "worker" tips as well as watching the master of the Chop Cup Don Alan perform.

This Weeks Tip

As we begin a New Year I have promised to have some of todays working pros share their tips. This weeks blog starts with the first of our guest blog tips from "real world workers". This week, Hocus-Pocus creative friend and working comedy magic pro Robert Baxt. Robert has created so many comedy magic effects and has performed all around the world. So here are a few words of wisdom from Robert Baxt.

Well thank you Tony for this chance to chat with your readers. I feel magic is not about the props, but the performer. Being able to do stuff impromptu is a great thing. A singer can sing a couple of bars of a song, a dancer can show a few steps, a comic can tell a joke, even an actor can do a short monolog; but a magician usually has to stop and find a deck of cards or his props before he can do any of his material. I think this is part of why thousands of actors, comedians, and singers go on to greater fame and fortune. But ask a lay person and while they can go on and on about the famous actors, comedians and singers they know, when you ask them to name a famous magician they can just barely name one or two at the most.

For example, I just got back from performing on the Celebrity Cruise line ship, the Summit (photos attached). I did great shows, and during the day the passengers would come up to me to tell me how wonderful I was. Having some impromptu stuff to do around the ship at any moment made me a character they will long remember. You don’t want to do actual close-up tricks for them and have to carry all your strolling props in your pockets at all times. Doing that would take away from the impression I made when I was just the star in the big 1,500 seat theater on board. Lots of magi can do close-up magic, but not as many of them can hold a large crowd in a theater the way I can. It’s actually a different set of skills, in the same way a guitar player at a wedding is not the same as being Eric Clapton the rock and roll guitar god. I want to be remembered as a comedy god on the ship, not a strolling entertainer.So remember it’s the singer, not the song.

The tricks you do are just the hook you hang your personality on. Don’t be confused thinking the hook is the important part. If that was true, then anyone with a platinum card and the website would be the next David Copperfield. (WAIT, DID I JUST SAY THAT?!) UM, ER... I MEANT TO SAY THE TRICKS YOU BUY AT HOCUS-POCUS.COM ARE WHAT MAKE YOU GREAT!!!! YES! ESPECIALLY THE ONES I MARKET LIKE BAXT’S BETTER NEWSPSPAPER TEAR, BAXT’S LIE DETECTOR LANTERN, BAXT’S SILK TO SODA CAN TRICK, AND BAXT’S COMPUTER CUTIE ROUTINE! (Plus be on the lookout for my new instructional DVD “Baxt, A Boy, & A Bucket: The REAL Work on the Miser’s Dream” that will be out later this year with my own special gimmick and coin pail. Yeah, that’s the ticket! Keep on buying! Paul Gross has teenage kids he has to get through college! (This has been a paid plug from our sponsor! LOL!)

Seriously, I mean that the tricks you buy should be chosen carefully to fit your style, presentation, and artistic sensibilities. That tricks by themselves are inanimate props. It is only when the performer breathes life into them that they seem to live for the moment and still that is just an illusion created by the conjuror. It’s all in the performance, not the prop. If it wasn’t this way, you could get applause just for displaying your props. A musician with a $10,000 dollar guitar does not come out on stage and put the guitar in the spotlight and expect people to applaud for it. It is his skill playing it and sharing his emotions and feelings with the crowd that make him great. Your personality is what will make you a great magician and entertainer, not the props.

One last example: The beginning of December, the legendary Carl Ballantine was honored at Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas with a tribute sponsored by the local I.B.M. ring there. It was a star studded event and I was very honored to be asked to emcee the evening as Carl is my very dear friend. I’ve also been very fortunate in that I’ve gotten to play with and touch some of the props Carl has used all these years. You know, in his suitcase they’re just a rubber chicken, some rope, a wicker basket, a top hat, a scissors, and a feather duster; but on stage with him they are the props that made him a TV and film star for lo these many, many years. I held them in my hands and realized that they were nothing, the magic was in the man. With all my skill I couldn’t make them funny even if I did Carl’s routines line for line and move for move. It’s Carl alone that makes them great and that’s because he is great, not because the items he holds are. It was a very sobering thought and I’m glad I can share it with your readers.

Thank you so much Robert. Those are great words of wisdom and inside knowledge. Thanks for sharing your time with our Hocus-Pocus family.

Thank you all for reading each week. As Always please read the full descriptions of these items on the website ( of this weeks picks I recommend for you to have for your show.
Some of the items I have recomended have videos to view also.I would like to hear from you so feel free to write to me at:
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