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Pure Imagination

What is Magic with Pure Imagination? As Doug Henning would say "That Sense of Wonder". Some of you reading each week may be "Workers" and others "Weekend Warriors" but either way your show should always take your audiences on some sort of journey. Be it magical or comical it has to have a place in the world of make-believe. Last week's guest tippest Barry Mitchell talked about being a magician is being a storyteller. VERY TRUE!!

Another thing I also believe is that you also have to be a sales person from the very start. This starts with the booking of the show right up to the performance to the meet and greetings after the show. You are selling "Pure Imagination" of the world of magic. Recently watching the DVD "Highlights of Paul Daniel's Masterclass" (which I attended in Las Vegas) it's all about salesmanship and how you can really do well in this business, if you have the focus and energy to want folks to believe. So what this all ties into is never losing that view of how the audiences sees all the things you do as magical and entertaining but you should not dream away that sense of business and making money. Don't spend all your income and never save for your future when the magic disappears.

Its a fine line to walk between being an artist and being a hustler. Many artist (painters and photographer types) need agents to sell their creations. Well, many of us can't afford or don't want an agent when we think we know our product better then they do. That's a personal decision for you, and if you choose not to then you better be able to sell your wares and still put on a good show. Either way you better be able to create a "sense of wonder" and magic whenever your hustling the next gig. Fine line for sure like a juggling act but that's a modern take on what I would call fooling them all the time. In sales and on stage. Think about it next time you have to sell your show and then perform it. Don't forget plenty of giveaways with your phone number too!

This Weeks Picks

Wizard PK Ring

Ok all you magicians, bizarrest, psychic's your new sercert weapon is now here. Freak people out with power to move ojects, stop time and just do wierd stuff. The Wizard PK Ring is your new tool of choice. It is a ring made to look like a wedding band (in gold and silver choose when ordering) but it is made of Neodymium, That's a 100% rare earth magnet. Which means 360% of powerful magnet power to make your performance magical and wierd. Imagine just having this "magnetic" personality to move objects (made of metal of course) say at a dinner table or at a party. Then to play like Uri Gellar and control someone's watch. The ideas and possiblites are endless. Heck! I wore one today and spun a clothes pin on a table.

Volcano Wallet

From the creative mind of Jim Pace, creator of the Web, comes the Volcano Wallet. Handtooled leather, small in size (hip style) and so unexpected to see flames burst from this fine piece of leather. In its style is a clever hidden flap so that the wallet can still be seen as normal for everyday use. Volcano does use regular lighter fluid and flash paper to create its flametastic effect. A must for stage and close-up workers.

Bend it Wand

I was always told that there is never anything new just a rehash of old stuff. Well as one who works lots of kid shows....THIS IS NEW!! The Bend it Wand which uses the same idea as woman's twist curls will add more comedy milage to your program. Imagine bringing out the magic wand for your helper on stage to use. You hand it to them give it a quick twist as you turn away and turn back to find it out of shape. Laughs begin. So you fix it, and then hand it back and its twisted again. Fix it and rest it on a childs head and do the Wand thru Head gag ala arrow thru head gag. Many running gags, many ideas will come to you. Snatch up yours now...never know how long this will be around.

ESP Chips

From the creative minds of Anthony Blake, David Harber and Max Maven comes a new idea in testing ESP powers. You get 10 offical casino weight and size chips printed with Rhine/Ziner symbols for many different E.S.P. testing type effects. 3 of these routines are outlined on the website from many of todays top mentalist performers including Max Maven and Banacheck. Powerful little tool to carry in your pocket for some astounding and errie ESP results. Not even to mention that you will know which one is the square, star, circle when they are face down.

Diminishing Cards

From the craftsman at Viking Magic we are proud to have the finest Diminishing Al Baker Style Cards made today. Each set are hand made in the style that will last for the real working pro. When I was a street performing in New York I would marvel at Jeff Sheridan doing his card act and then finish with a wonderful set of Diminishing Cards. Same look in this set, magical, visual and unexpected to see happen. Each time the cards would shink about 1/4 of the last size that you had just seen. Really cool to see and well made can't say more then that!!

Now the best for the last! A Trip to China....

Buddha Chop Cup, Chinese Coin Bag, Nesto Boxes, Pro TipOver Trunk

In his searching journey to bring Hocus Pocus members the best from magic around the world comes what I will nick name our Chinese Line of Magic. We have found some of the finest looking, working, as well as collectable pieces of magic. Each piece has either silk screened or handpainted gold with painted dragon guilded designs. Finest silk and satin print fabric for carry bags or as part of the effect. So good and what we have are it! Once sold, we will not be able to get these items again. How wonderful are they? I purchased one of each. The prices are a super deal for these fine works of Chinese Art and Magical Props. Look for each prop on the site. In this case one picture is not worth a thousand words seeing is believing how lovely each prop is.

This Weeks Tips

As I started to say in the beginning about being a working pro....its called ShowBiz so don't for get to be a businessman. As we all start to get our W-2's and 1099 forms ready for the great April 15 tax deadline start organizing those receipts. Remember if your using something in your show its a deduction. So those boots, those tux shirts, that magic trick, balloons, DVD, Books. If its for your show its deductable. Start preparing now.

Few tips from readers of this blog:

From Local Fresno Teacher and Magician Frank Collins

When last I talked of give aways, Frank wrote in about some food items that he is using with some of his magic routines. He mention something he called "Invisble" using a form of Kool-Aid in his act. Then"Magic Popcorn" which he says actually taste like cotton candy. During his presentation of Barry Mitchell's "Got Cookies" he has little packs of Oreo's to giveaways at the end of his show. If you shop the warehouse stores like Costco or Sam's Club or Winco you can get this stuff in case sizes. Even the production of Peep Rabbits for those Easter Shows from Dove Pans or Chick Pans is another of his ideas. He also found candy bars which have a magical name or two which tie into his show. In his version of "Instant Magician" (by Kevin James) he gives away plastic Top Hats for his future magician helper.

From Magician George Franzen

When I last chatted about using the napkin rose, George wrote in with this great patter. "Most Origami (the art of paper folding) is very hard and pointed, but this origami is very soft and delicate and beautiful, just like you". He says woman love hearing that. I just want to say make sure her boyfriend or husband doesn't hear you say that....kidding its a great line...I'll use it on the single gals just to be sure of not getting hit.

Thank you Frank and George very much.

Hope you all reading this will start sending in your ideas to share. See your name in print for the World Wide Web to read.

Well again, Thank you for reading and check out the website for full descriptions of these items I take the time to recommend to you each week.

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