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With Knowledge Comes Wisdom

One of the great things being here at Hocus-Pocus is being able to share some of the Hot New Items and recommend whats growing in the magic community. Stopping by today was Robert Baxt sharing some of wit and wisdom. Again Thank you Robert for being the first guest Tipster for this blog.

I will also continue to share my reviews of some of the DVD's, Books and Tricks that are coming to us this season. Also I still need to hear from all you who would be interested in a Hocus-Pocus Weekend Swap Meet. Email me to know if you would be interested in traveling to Fresno for a weekend.

I hope all of you know if you ever have any questions at anytime before you make a purchase, your welcome to email me to help make the right choices for that something special for your shows. After 30 years of performing all you have to do is tell me the type of shows your doing and what your interested in buying. Paul and all of us at Hocus-Pocus will be honest and tell you if its a right trick for you. We rather see you look good on stage then just sell you something you can't use. Also from the time you read this till midnight Wed Jan 18 we have another Sale going on. This one is buy one get one half off. Don't miss out

This Weeks Picks

In Stock and Ready for Shipping

All Criss Angel DVDs are now in stock and ready to ship

MasterMind 1 and 2 as well as MindFreak Season 1

Don't miss out on this years Hottest Magic DVD


Last month I knew I sold the last two Kinetink's on the shelf, well in the shop today came a box from creator Craig Matsuoka of 30 of this bizarre piece of magic. Placing a dot of ink on a piece of cardboard you watch how it draws a shape that of which the spectator had choosen. Complete with cards that you can give out after the performance, ink pen, and teach in DVD. There is a video on line to see how cool this effect is. Remember after these 30 are gone who knows...

Incredible Magnetic Holdout Device

The term "Holdout" has been linked to the gamblers of the Wild West, secretly being able to add or change cards during those Poker games in the Saloons. Well now comes a holdout device made for the the magician who has a magnetic personality. Ok being silly for a moment, actually it's a magnetic holdout for helping you produce and vanish metal items. Coloring Changing Knives, Rings, Keys, Nails, Magnetic coins. so just think of the things you can do with this powerful secret weapon in your magic bag of tricks.

Ambelitious Card

Imagine performing what would would appear to be a classic ambitious card routine. You know spectator's card goes from the middle of the deck to the top of the deck. Then the card goes to the bottom of the deck. Well, with the Ambelitious Card you are about to just blow the spectator away when after all of the above are done. This time as a finale, the entire deck vanishes just leaving the spectators card in your hand. Comes complete with gimmick cards and teach-in DVD. A Very Visual kicker indeed.

Derek Dingle's Last Notes CD-ROM

One of the icons of New York Close-up magic was Derek Dingle. Recently his friends put together a 46 page manuscript. Well they sold out very fast, it was a limited print. Now those 46 pages have been put to CD-Rom in a PDF format for both Mac and PC viewing on your computer. Derek was know as a magicians magician when it came to working for magicians. When he performed for lay audiences he performed his 5 classic effects. These effects are on this CD-Rom. So learn from one of the true masters about working real world close-up magic.

West Coast Conjurers

So now a days its all about reality TV when watching performances. Shot on location at a typical gig with 4 of the West Coast top real world workers, look learn and listern. See how these performers work the crowd and make magic look just that magical. If you ever wanted to see what its like from a working pro's view this is the DVD for you. Watch and learn some great magic featuring Tony Clark, David Regal, Lou Serrano and Jason Alexander.

This Weeks Tip

Last I mention about giveways for your shows. Everyone makes balloons so how about one of the hottest things to do is to make a Napkin Rose. If you don't know how to make one there is a Napkin Rose DVD which to learn form and get great hints. A Rose can be a nice gift and a powerful memory. I have been making roses for over 10 years, and each time its a magical moment after performing in a close-up situation. I have worked many Wedding Dinners and when you make a rose and say just the right loving words as you present this to the bride and groom there is never a dry eye in the room. This will score points for you having you visit their table not to mention bigger tips. One idea I do is when making the rose, I say "I am going to give you the rose (to the guy) then you give it to her and she gives you a kiss". This way the heat is off you for looking like you were hitting on his gal.

Since the time I have been making them usually out of just regular bar napkins, comes Michael Mode's custom made rose napkins. Made perfect with a mix of Red and Green. Also other colors are pink/green and yellow/green. One thing I learned which I think makes them look even better is to split the napkin removing the white backing. The colors just pop more and its not as thick to twist.

When you have now given roses to all the ladies at the table what about the children or the guys. I like giving the Fortune Telling Fish. You can get these from places like Now to have a little more fun with the Fortune Telling Fish is the Misfortune Fish by Michael P. Lair (this you get from our website). Have a bit of fun showing how the fish moves and can tell your fortune. Then slip in the Misfortune fish to the spectator and no movement at all. Great little comedy bit and then give them a real fortune telling fish as a gift.

Let me hear from all you on what you like to giveaway to your spectators. Then I will share them with all who read this blog

Thank you all for reading each week. As Always please read the full descriptions of these items on the website ( of this weeks picks I recommend for you to have for your show.

Some of the items I have recomended have videos to view also.I would like to hear from really, so feel free to write to me at: or snail mail me at:Hocus-Pocus Magic Att.Tony Blanco, 2311 E. McKinley, Fresno,CA. USA 93703

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