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If we only knew this when we were younger....

As my journey continues, Thank you all for your kind words. I have even gotten mention on another blog that I my words and thoughts are worthy. To quote Sally Fields, "You really Like me" kidding but thank you, Wizard.

One of my favorite sayings comes from a Barney Miller show, " The years bestow a certain amount of wisdom upon you, whether you like it or not!" Well I have been living that credo for a while now. Many types of shows and many styles of magic make Jack healthy, wealth and wise. OK your saying "What am I talking about". I have told you all the difference between working Vegas to doing birthday shows. Well, even a birthday show has its weird energy and you as a performer you must be able to pick up on it to make your show work. The age of the kids to what the parents expect. When booked this past weekend, I could tell the father wasn't say to swift. When I got to the gig he raved about that his boy looked forward to being floated in air (Harbin Chairs).

When I met the birthday boy and during the show I could tell this kid could care less, so what to do? Just keep working! I had gotten paid before the show but honestly felt I didn't have a good show because the Birthday boy was not into it. One would feel bad but the rest of the audience were having a good time so keep working, finish and leave. It's not the way I like to think or work, but then again nothing was right from the beginning. Then I find the boy is stuck in the middle of a divorce between mom and dad. So guess no matter what, this child was going to be sad...Not my fault or problem. I did my best, and so should you too. These are factors one may never know but you must go on. Shine and do your best. I know the show went well when folks asked for my card afterwards, but at the time during the show you feel your not doing well because of the birthday boy's sadness. The year's bestow wisdom on you, move on and don't take it personally. Remember we all want to make a child smile, but if he feels nothing, nothing will make a difference.

Tony's Picks
Remember these are items I choose each that I would use in my shows from the new items that we get at Hocus-Pocus each week. I choose what I think you too would like or are just so hot you better get one before they are not made anymore. Thanks

Andrew Gerard

What can I say about the newest discovery of Paul Gross for our Hocus Pocus Family of creators. This magical man from Canada has come up with some creative ideas that you are lucky to get them only here at Hocus Pocus. How good are his ideas....well look to the left of our website and Paul has given him his own category to click to for his effects.

Ice From Water

This is the one of the first of Andrews ideas that is so hot it's cool. Imagine taking a glass of water reaching in and you produce a ice cube, then another and another. Then for a final produce a hand full of cubes on to a plate . This item is so hot I can only hint at some of the big stars planning to use this soon in their shows. No names mention here but I am telling you that you can only get this here at Hocus Pocus and my story is over. Get yours and be a star too.

Real Time

Simple in its concept but ingenious in its conception is Andrew's Real Time. I have always been a person that says out of common knowledge or understanding the real world comes miracles. How many times have I said visit and know your local Home Depot and you can be a magic man. Well knowing how time flies Andrew has worked a great magical concept for all of you. You only need to know that if your a working Pro, money is no object for an idea that could make you look like a star. Andrew has done just that with Real Time. So read the description on our website and make your choice for this magic miracle.

Educating Archer

Those who know me here at Hocus Pocus know I have been here now about 7 months, so not since the Criss Angel craze have I personally have not taken soooo many orders for a DVD like "Educating Archer". I personally tell I have not seen it! That means when all of you are calling in asking for it, You all must know that this is a clever guy. I must admit if all of you know something that I don't, then I need to recommend this and his other DVD "Blindfold Tips" highly. I personally have written so many orders this week you guys know something I don't. So by your vote this week I have to recommend his DVD's .

Royal Revison

Using a combination of the Visible Deck and the McCombical Deck (my hero Billy McComb) this effect by our friend Ton Onosaka is a sure magical miracle. Ton has been noted for producing great visual effects. Both in graphs and storyline. So you as a magi only need to practice and learn the genuis of Ton to make some really great effects for your audiences. This is one of those effects that will leave a lasting impression on your audience saying " How did He do that!"

Dove Fame

From the creative mind of Derek Rutt, maker of many effects that we sell at HP comes this Hot new item Dove Frame. Derek is all about visual magic be it kid show or stage show, his magic is visual. With a video to show you this effect on our website imagine showing a pic of 2 doves and the having doves flyout from the pic...that's is way cool. It's a hot item and a pre-order as Derek is overseas so we will get it in soon. So now is the time to get your order in.

Tony's Picks

Well, my friends as always thanks for reading. Remember this blog, I don't get paid extra for doing each week. This is me as a working pro, I am sharing knowledge and hope to make your show look cool. I do hope you'll take time to rehearse and live the magic. Your are the inspiration for the next Famous magi.

This week I inspire you to use the tools at hand,, Ask and other search engines. What ever your ideas for your show the answer is on the world wide web (the www. before the website). Seek and you shall find. Its a simple thought but it's the smart person that make the step that has been traveled before. " If you forget the past you are condemmed to relive it" a famous thought I also live by. I have traveled to a point in my life that making magic comes from knowing what the giants before have done. If this is to wierd understand next time you buy a trick and say "Is that all the trick does".

Please I ask you, think and create! Visit Dollar stores, undertand what your computer can give you! Then if you get creative you don't always have to ask or pay a pro to make you look good. Knowledge plus ideas are the stuff dreams are made of. Watch movies to be inspired, remember those you entertain watch them too! So inspire them from what they see. Today's magic is tomorrow's science!

With this said if you don't get what I am saying or understand, email me at anytime I would be happy to chat. I have done this magic thing for 30 plus years and each year is still a learning lesson. I do nothing in this blog but hope to inspire you. I may even start holding workshops which might be soon at my own home. This would be for those in the California area or those willing to travel to Fresno. This would be a mini festival type event of creative workshop ideas....but that's a idea of mine from my writing each week. Those interested let me know. While in Fresno you can pick up knowledge and some props from Hocus-Pocus which is not open to the public, just a thought. Email me so I may start a list of workshop folks. Trust me it would be a magical weekend!!

Understanding of the power you have as magicians is the reason why you work hard to make a child smile!

Well, there are a few of my hopes for you. Want to share an idea. Know of a free website you like, or have an Idea or tip send to:

Thanks for reading each week

Be Magical and Be Ready to inspire others

My Best Magical Wishes to you..........Tony Blanco

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