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Magic Moments

Remember the first time you were inspired by a magic trick. The time as a child when a magician at a party showed you your first magic trick. The time you watched a magician on TV and had that sense of wonder. To be inspired, to be amazed for the first time is a memory alot of us will have a long time and the main reason we have chosen to be magicians.

Such was a gig I had this weekend when I got hired to what would have been a birthday party gig but this time just for one child. This young man was turning 12 years old and has been learning magic for the past year or so. So his Mom hired me to teach him and work with him for a hour or so. This was going to be his first time, I got the idea that he would have had a teacher. This talented young man has actually learned alot from his DVD's. So watching him perform a card routine or two reminded me of the spark, the dream we all chase to be performers. His moves were done very well no problem there, except to get more comfortable as a performer.

Now it was time to teach him a few things more then card tricks. Even as I was teaching him, I started coming up with a few new magic ideas. These effects as a matter of fact are the inspiration for this weeks Tony's Tips. Again this day turned out to be another rediscovery of the reason some 30 years ago I choose to be a magician. At this moment it almost felt like a "Disney Lion King" moment "Circle of Life" thing...lol. I just always wish your magic is always inspiring and entertaining for the next generation.

Thanks Brady and Good Luck!!

Tony Picks
Remember these are items I choose each that I would use in my shows from the new items that we get at Hocus-Pocus each week. I choose what I think you too would like or are just so hot you better get one before they are not made anymore. Thanks

Magic Hands Prodcution Fan

From the creative world of Magic Hands (items that are making there return) is the Production Fan. How many times in a show do wonder how to produce or even vanish a silk or another small object. This colorful prop does that job for you. Reminding me of the Tarbell cone I used to make out of brown craft paper, this version is a solid use of bookbinders board, fabric and plastic. Show a half circle, fold it into a cone and produce numbers of silks, vanish, change them. Can be use to produce money, ribbons and so much more.

Chips & Cola Silkola

One of the first cool effects I had performed was Silkola, but that was so long ago. Now a updated version is Chips & Cola Silkola combining the knock them in the aisles final of a fully new can of Pringles. The routine of Silkola is the placement of a empty (capped) bottle of Cola placed inside the Pringles can. Then to the vanish of a silk only to be found inside the capped bottle. The magic offers to repeat the effect this time the can is sealed and full of chips. Upon pouring the chips out the silk is found inside the can. Did I mention the can was sealed? A classic truly updated for a snack happy world looking for a little magic.


A true mystey in magic is when a object is vanished and reappears some where else. Can-Tastic is the perfect effect for your Watch in Can, Card in Card, or just about anything that can fit in a can. This version is less complicated then some higher price models. Simple in its method, that it can resest and be used over and over again. A clever magician will take the time to change the labels from time to time to make appeal to the crowd they work for. No assistants are needed! That's right you do it all right on stage and in front of the audience. So for the price and clever method a true winner.

Table to Flowers

In magic its always about being visual and colorful. The Table to Flowers is just that piece to add both to your show. The most colorful and well made flowers for the price (Paul's comment) and I must agree hands down also. Removing the table top the stand transforms into a tall stream of flowers. The table top transforms into a tray of spring flowers filling then entire top. The workmanship in design, the way the entire unit breaks down for traveling is a total package you will be proud of if you purchase one.

Kozak Live! Rare, Raw & Uncensored DVD

If you could take one part stand-up comic, world class manipulator, and some one who travels on the edge, your have Kozak. Koz to his friends, he has traveled the world, being one of the best paid and successful stand-up comedy magicians. Currently appearing in "The World's Greatest Magic" in Las Vegas, the DVD covers his performances from comedy clubs, TV, as well as on stage in Las Vegas. A giant of a guy on stage but take you right into the heart of his brand of magic, humor and good times. Truly a power of energy when you see him and this DVD captures of the magic and madness that is Kozak.

Tony's Tips

Well one of the principles of magic every magician should know is the magician's force or "The Equivoque". Without teaching it to you cause this is written up in many books. Max Maven's writings as well as his great VideoMind series (now on DVD) has great effects using the Equivoque. In teaching my young student I came with these following ideas. Hope you use and enjoy them.

DVD Movie Magic
So writing down a prediction or telling someone or not which will be the choosen DVD. Start out with 5 Movies in DVD cases. Ask the spectator to choose two "just point to two." 3 are left "point to two". Spectator now has one. Proclaim you knew he would pick this one. Open the written prediction or have the other person tell them the name you predicted. Now for a really cool punch line or two. One idea is to have him open the case and its the only one empty or its the only one with a DVD in it (theres two endings). Show all the other cases empty. Take this DVD out, play it and you the Magician appear on TV saying I knew you would pick (let's say) Wizard of Oz and then the movie starts.

CD Music Magic

Try this one next time you have company over. Have some music playing on the CD. Make sure its music your guest would not know. Ask them if they know whats playing. No one will know, but tell them I bet you you do the musical artist. Introduce 5 CD cases (this time one will be empty) and make sure the covers are artists not known to your friends. Now begun the magicians force. Pick three, now pick one. "You chose this CD". "I told you, you would know who is on the CD player." Open the CD case to show them its empty. If they don't believe you now open the other CD cases with the CD's in them.

Busy weeks ahead with our move to the brand new building. I have been told to get ready for lots of packing and lifting. Its like I still haven't finished moving yet from Vegas yet. Well as always Thank you for your kind words each week. John Archer wrote me to say "Thanks to all of you for making Educating Archer and Blindfold Tips a hot seller, thats a classy guy ! So theres your part in Tony's Picks.

Have something to share for the blog let me know tony@hocus-pocus.com.

From Hocus Pocus customer and friend Mickey Magic these words of wisdom.

"Recognize that life is what you get when you’re born ... living is what you do with it."
-- Jim Allen

Here's wishing your magic to always be the best, fun and inspiring.

Inspiration to many, Ireland's Tallest Leprechaun... Billy McComb. Both of us posing with our fashionable smoking pipes. Happy St.Patrick's Day

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