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The Secret is Smile and Looking the Part

Most of you know that half the battle is the preparation, if you don't now it is a good time to learn. Having learned to sew as to make magic bags and props, costumes just came next. Over the years I have created many, Clown outfits, Ringmasters, Santa Elves and of course something for St. Patricks Day which was this past weekend. I got to perform magic at an Irish Pub here in Fresno called "Fagans". Now working a bar would be hard enough but dressed like a Leprechaun well thats another tale to tell. I feel that when the event calls for it go the extra mile and theme your outfit. Folks want to have fun, laugh and have a good time.

So believe it or not I was more welcomed to go up to a table and start my magic. The costume, big smile plus a killer Irish accent helped break the ice. This has always been my way of creating more of the magic. Now dressed as I was I was not just a guy doing magic, but the host of the Pub, heck I was the host of the Holiday. Folks wanted to take pictures (hope I get some to show you all) and the ladies wanted to kiss the Leprechaun for good luck!

So think next time you get a gig on how you can be prepared to go the extra mile. I did and the owner asked me back for the next night when I was just booked for the one night. Then the next night she introduced the band telling of the next big event on April Fool's Day. You guessed it my next gig, because I offered to be a Court Jester who does magic, I am booked !

Tony's Picks

Ultimate Pitch Act

Those of you who are real workers know the value of every dollar you can make as a performer. The Circus has had a long tradition of making sure when you leave you remember the show by selling you all sorts of Hats, T-Shirts, Balloons, and Coloring Books and Programs. Well why shouldn't you the magician do the same. That is the goal of this DVD "Ultimate Pitch Act" by Paul Romhany and Andrew Gerard. Imagine after your show being able to sell a DVD with your logo and look that contains 10 magic tricks to learn.
This DVD has been professional done so that just magical hands (no voice) teach from ages 8 and up some very clever magic effects. This is once in a life time type purchase as we at Hocus Pocus are helping you create magic and profit for your show. Please take the time to read the full description on the website for this most powerful tool for promotion and profit for your performances.

Birthday Cake

From the magic of Doc Magic of Las Vegas comes this clever take on the Forgetful Freddie act. Birthday Cake tells of a tale of how a slice of birthday cake is taken away before the actual party takes place. The mother of the birthday child doesn't know what to do. To save the day you the magi make a suggestion to kind'da decorate the missing spot with a balloon. Seeing this won't really work, the balloon is popped and the slice returns. Fun and the story you tell can go in many directions. I have taken the time to write an few story and patter suggests along with Doc's great routine. A memoriable piece of magic for any Birthday party entertainer.

Complete Package

One of the newest trends for magicians to sell themselves to corporate clients is not just to do magic, but to motivate. The Motivating Speaker market is the latest tool for the magician that wants a longer and profitable career. Again our friends Paul Romhany and Andrew Gerard have done all the work for you in learning about this new type of market. This package is so way complete (gosh I now speak like I live in California, yikes) to the max! Kidding aside so many tools in this package does make it a complete package, a 112 page "Magician to Speaker" book, "Laugh yourself Well" 64 page book, a massive joke book and so much more. This truly can be consider a key to opening a new door for your magic talents and shows. Having something different in your marketing tool belt will get you more bookings.

20 Oz.

From the ever inventive mind of Michael P. Lair comes a killer of a production. Imagine during your show waving a few silks around and then producing a full size 20 Oz. bottle of soda. Heck if you want to be real street magic, produce a 20 Oz bottle of beer right in the middle of a group of street gang types. Try that one on street magic guys. Comes with gimmack, instructions and two silks. Now thats magic on the spot.

Vanishing Rabbit

From the tradition of the great stage magicians of days gone by comes the Vanishing Rabbit. Your audience sees on stage a wonderful looking box and table. After producing your rabbit, I have to say it (by your favorite method) it is time to make it disappear. Place the rabbit in the top of this box. Now start folding the box flat and lay it down flat on the table. Hand the flatten box off to your assistant and then even fold the table flat. This box looks so clever, painted/designed like as I said from a by-gone-era of magic. By the way you could also come out with the flatten table and box, set it up to produce lots of silks and streamers also.

Tony's Tip

Well gang, as I write each week the ideas always abound. Since I touched on costumes tonight let me give my tips on them. First off when ever buying something already made, be it a cool looking shirt, tie,vest, suit, whatever in a store.....BUY TWO OF EVERYTHING! Seeing something you like and it becomes a regular part of your show it will wear out fast. Also try to get things that you can wash in a machine vs. dry cleaners. If you do have to use a dry cleaner send out one of the two in case they ruin the first outfit.

The same if you do sew or get something custom made. BUY PLENTY OF FABRIC! Say your having a vest made, don't just buy enough fabric for one vest buy enough for 5 vests. This way if that look becomes your trademark you have more fabric for more vests. The same holds true for any trim, rhinestones or buttons you may have on your costume. Same with Hats, Canes, pocket watches...BUY TWO of everything.

Tux Shirts come in many different styles and change each year. Don't find your favorite is not made anymore. Right now I have about 15 shirts. This comes from doing many shows in a day where I might change for each show. You might not have to have 15. I just think if your running from one gig to the next in the same day a fresh shirt for each show is just being classy, smart and clean when you work. I have changed in some of the most famous parking lots in the world (Las Vegas casinos) running to another gig from another and so should you. A little cologne doesn't hurt either! Fabreeze your costumes too when you can't clean them in time helps with the ahem B.O.

Mondays. This is the day if your a weekend entertainer to bring everthing that needs cleaning to a dry cleaner so your ready for the following weekend.

Thrift Stores. This is as magical to me as going to a magic shop or convention. To wander thru and find (many times actually new) Tuxedos, Suits, Jackets even shoes or boots at prices way below buying new. Big tip if you do get say a jacket or suit check the pockets. If they appeared still stitched closed, guess what this is a new suit that was given from a department store they could not sell so it's really a new suit! Also check the pockets anyway I made $10.00 in one suit pocket when trying it on. Someone gave the jacket away and it had a tenner in the pocket guess what the jacket cost, yep $10.00. While in the store look around for those really wierd things that could later be apart of your show. Prop and gag ideas are everywhere in a thirft store.

Suitcases and travel bags are always donated, and cost next to nothing. This has been that extra bag or so I need for one prop or another. Same with finding bowling balls, wooden boxes, kitchen items (for juggling) ties, and so much more. By the way the shiny green jacket for my St. Patricks costume (yes new) made it all come together came from a thirft store. That magic and the luck of the Irish.

Well those are a few ideas....you have any? Write me and share them...... tony@hocus-pocus.com

Thank you all for reading. Some of you I am really getting to know when you call in. So feel free to ask for my help (when I can ) so I can better your show and career.

Have a creative and magical week,

Tony Blanco

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