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Spring and Summer Magic in the Air

Spring has begun but you would never know it at first here in Fresno. It's been raining alot, strange thing to see for a desert kind'da guy. When it's not raining the magic of the season of growth are all around. Trees with Cherry Blossoms abound, as well as leaves are sprouting. As Spring arrives Summer soon to arrive, now its time to plant those seeds for summer camp shows and fairs and festivals. This year for the first time I look forward to getting to travel on the weekend to do a few fairs and festivals up and down the California coast. Start contacting those camps and summer programs to book your shows. Remember something with a educational touch can get you the gig faster. Here's wishing your summer gigs are fun and not to hot.

Tony's Picks

Nana's Necklace

From Hocus-Pocus good friend and magical creator Dean Dill, is his take on the tradition of Grandma's Necklace. Nicely crafted in velvet cords and wooden beads a most magical in the moment effect. You the magi ask a spectator to grasp the 3 beads and close they fist. Now the magic begins as the magician grabs the velvet cords and the cord passes thru they hand leaving the beads behind. Full instructions by one of magic's nicest guys and effect that will always be ready to go.


As if the magic community doesn't have enough effects with Sharpie makers here comes a real killer and priced for fun. Moveo has answered all the problems of the other Sharpie effects. No wires, No motors, No Noise, No liquids inside. It is a real working marker also. Yet you can perform some of the eerie psychokinetic moves of higher price Sharpie's. I personally chatted with one customer today that wants to use it in a series of effects with a PK Wizard ring. Great Idea! Price so well that you can get a few for all your magic bags.

Monkey Business

From the craftmanship of Derek Rutt, creator of many wonderful magic effects comes Monkey Business. In the tradition of England's Supreme Magic who were famous for great colorful silk screen pasteboard storytelling effects, Derek continues this with Monkey Business. With your back to the audience, you turn around showing a cage with a monkey in it. Explaining that every night the monkey escapes as you place the cage behind your back and bring him forth and he is gone. Well the kids begin the shouting ( a good shouting for once) and yet the monkey is back by morning. For a real magical final the monkey visual vanishes as the cage falls open. This time you turn around and the Monkey is on your back covered in bananas. A soon to become children's classic as well as collectors item, getting mine right away for my birthday and school shows.

Stealth Assassin

The dictionary defines Stealth this way, noun: avoiding detection by moving carefully. Assassin:a murderer who kills by a treacherous surprise attack. Well with these two words in minds come a killer effect that defies detection as well as offers many effects for the price of one . Peter Nardi has finally tipped his prize creation wallet. The Stealth Assassin can be used as a Peek wallet, Billet index, Out to Lunch effect and for many switches, loads, steals. This wallet truly earns the name Assassin as it will truly kill all other wallets for the variety of ways it can be used. They are moving in and out the door here at Hocus Pocus as fast as we get them. Comes with a DVD showing all the great ways you can use the stealth assassin, featuring Peter Nardi and Marc Spelmann.

Sword Through Head

From the creatively wacky mind of Jay Leslie is his newwst master crafted effect Sword Through Head. This is a prop to behold and proud to beheld. With over 30 hours of design work alone I dare you to find a illusion for the price and appearance. On the site we list 15 reasons why this version is better then others out there on the market. I will let you go the the website and read them. With that said, it is colorful, comes with 15 swords, lighter then any box you may have used. In stock and ready for shipping and think an illusion always helps you raise your fees. So an investment in a great prop that is a cut above the rest, gee did I just say that....lol. Hey I like it, OK !

Greater Magic DVD's

This week a few more videos from the Greater Magic series have been released to DVD.

Dick Ryan Legendary Trade show performer sharing his years of tips and knowledge and wisdom. Information that can benefit jugglers, Vents, Mentalist as well as Magicians

Bobo The name we all know for one of the greatest Coin Books, shares his knowledge from years of performing school programs. Interviews include Bobo one on one, then school shows, then close-up work.

Tony's Tip

Each week I try my best to either share an effect or prop or idea that will help your show. This week its more of a sense of knowing who you are "On Stage". Whether your Stage is Las Vegas or a Living Room or Class Room, you have to be at all times the person in charge of you. I touched on this last week with costumes creating the persona. As a entertainer you must define the type of magician you are the minute the audience sees you. One magician said to me that it takes so many steps on to the stage that the audience will decide either to like you or not. Some entertainers I know actually walk longer from the wings just to get the smile just right before walking on stage.

Another example of this is that you don't always get a second chance to make that first impression. Lots of times you better be on and ready to go the minute you knock on that birthday party house door, or walk into a that pub or restaurant.

Another thing that came up in a joke between Mike and I this week. He said the joke and knew I would be the type of person that would have gotten it. Since moving here I still am setting up my home. Magic is all over my home, roadie cases and such. Mike goes to me "That you really live your magic like Terry Seabrooke". Story goes that Terry once kept an illusion set up in his living room and looked at it for about a year till he came up with his signature way of performing Black and Decker Chest stock illusion. Yep I got it and have to say I live that way so I can live the effect when I perform it on stage.

Jeff McBride uses a term called "Play Time" when he just uses the prop or trick in as many ways as possible either in mime, dance, to music or not. Pratice equals "Play Time". This way he can create a one of a kind perfomance that he makes it his signature piece.

So remember when next time you sign a autograph hopefully its because someone considers your performance one of kind. This above makes you that different from all the magicians and if not hopefully you did entertained them. Look, Learn and Create.

Thanks for reading each week.

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Tony Blanco

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