Tuesday, April 04, 2006


The New Magical Journey ( the Move) Begins

Well gang today started the first of many trips to the new shop/warehouse. After our main shipping/post man Ken did a super painting job, then the computer guy put in our new main line in, we started moving in some of the magic. Bringing in the Estate and collections magic, finding the right space to display the Illusions has been given to me to create Paul's vision of the fastest growing magic internet company.

It is almost a year (come May) that I have been here in Fresno, and its moving faster then any Vegas production show. I am so glad for all of you that have welcomed me into the fold of Hocus-Pocus. I am setting up a real space for many new creations for all of your magic needs. One of the things I love doing (amongst many) is to keep files for instructions for magic effects, so if you ever want to share instructions to add to my files please feel free to send them Our address is still Hocus Pocus Magic 2311 E. McKinley Fresno, CA 93703 USA till April 21st.

Speaking of sending, Paul asked on his blog, now I am asking, we wish to honor our performing family of customers. So if you can send Paul, Mike and Me your autographed 8 x 10's or posters and they will be hung in our new space with pride and honor. Our way of saying Thank You for your support of Paul's, Mike's and my dream of being in the magic biz. If ever your traveling in the Central Valley of California, please give us a call and stop by. We would love to see you, after April we would love to meet you and show you with pride Paul's new vision of Hocus Pocus. This move could not happen without of you....and we all Thank You.

Tony's Picks

Ed Marlo It's All in the Cards

One of the names I grew up hearing about was Ed Marlo. To the real card man Ed was one of those gods along with names like Vernon, Garcia, Dingle, Slydini that I knew I should study. Being a born and breed New Yorker I didn't get that lucky break to meet him, but now all of us can learn from him and his students. This 2 DVD set features home footage of Ed performing and telling his style of magic. Then Ed Marlo students such as Bill Malone and many others perform and teach you the genuis that was Ed Marlo. A DVD set for the true card magic fan.

Scripted Insanity

From our good friend Bob Kohler Productions comes the hottest comedy inspiration Larry Davidson. Larry has spent over 30 years perfecting his comedy style and now shares his years and pet effects with you. This is a DVD set I look forward to see. Knowing Bob he seeks out the best in the business to help grow the magic community. Larry will show you as I said his best comedy routines and ideas for you to learn which have essays on Scripting, Motivation and Rehearsal. Larry’s knowledge is based on performing for thousands of people. Larry shares his thoughts detail. This is a tool that most magicians rarely share so this is truly a DVD to own.

Shimmed Bicycle Card

Well as the logo says "Your a Magican You Know what to do with It". Imagine finally have the best made and made in America a shimmed card. You can do so many effects such as PK effects, PK coins for a matrix acts, card throwing and so much more. In stock and ready for every card effects that you have ever dreamed off using a shimmed card.

Kid Control

As you know, my first magic career is about Family shows. So now comes "Kid Control" a book that takes you into the mind of working for those kids that may sometimes not be perfect. Julian Franklin shares his wisdom and knowledge along with over $25,000 of training as a student of behavior managerment with a working pro's twist. His insight is one that every performer can learn from. When I first read part of the book I knew that this is a book for those that want knowledge and not tricks. It is a concept book that will make you and your show look better. Remember my term of Look, Listern and Learn, this book does that and much more.

Rafael Benatar's Elegant Magic

With a title like that alone your attention should be perked up. Rafael is one of Spain's honored performers. Here is another artist who is sharing his pet effects and sharing his knowledge that has made him a star in the magic community. With that said you will need to read the website for all of the great effects that Rafael tips to you. I always look at things this way, we in USA see magic one way and those in overseas see it a differernt way. If you want to look and perhaps better sometimes a touch of the old world knowledge make a differance in class and style for your act.

Tony's Tips

This week's tip comes from a gig I did this weekend. I performed for a group of children who were 4 years old. Now in regards to the great series of books by Francis Ireland Marshall "Kid Stuff" as a performer she had said not to perform for any child under 5. That was written many years ago, but it still holds true because most children at the age of 4 everything is magic or confusing. So this is why warming up yur audience no matter what age is important.

I have seen the biggest names in showbiz come out after being introduced walking on clapping. Why? To teach the audience to clap, thats why. It looks humble because the audience thinks he or she is clapping for them but he is teaching them to clap. You would be amaze how many folks have never seen a live show and you have to teach them stage manners.

A warm-up could be a voice over while the curtain is down. The Smothers Brother do silly jokes over the PA system to let the audience know of the fun that's about to take place. Some performers use music and visual things as warm-ups. Carrot Top shows visual bloppers of sport shows to lighten the load of the crowd waiting for the show.

So back to the 4 year old's, I refer to David Ginn warm up booklet. One of my favorite is a hand rising gag asking the kids what they like. Then hit them with a question like "Who are bad boys and girls"? Those with hand in the air you got them. Even the song "If your happy and you now it" so I don't expect you to sing but you can talk the song and get them warmed up clapping, shouting, and stomping their feet.

So remember you need to warm up the crowd before you can wow them!

Thanks for reading each week and help anyway you can to help make our new store/warehouse a place for all of you to be proud of.

Any tips you would like to share with everyone, please send them to me at:



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