Tuesday, April 25, 2006


We Are Moved In

Well, gang sorry to have been away for 2 weeks, but that's what happens when you have the van dudes. Opps I have become a Californian. All jokes a side, thanks to some great folks including master craftsman and Magician Jay Leslie and his friend Vaughn and staff and family and freinds of Hocus Pocus we moved into our new warehouse/offices. It has been an amazing push to move so many years of magic and knowledge from a small building to a modern sleek office space. Thank you all for Hocus Pocus' growth.

Tony's Picks


From the creative inventor and performer Peter Loughran comes Rainmaker. Telling a story of the ancient Indians and a stone used to produce rain you gather your crowd. Now the coolest thing you can image. After chatting for the stone to make it rain, tell the crowd to look up and it is raining droplets of water. You will have to read the full description on the website but, trust me this is going to blow your close-up crowds away. Done indoors or out and is a pre-order Hocus Pocus Exclusive.

Mind Reading Wizard Puppet

For those of you who remember Bobo the Magic bear now comes the Mind Reading Wizard. The wizard has a magic bag with 5 colored tablets upon which a spectator chooses one. This happens when you the magical puppeteer's head is turned. The choosen color tablet is placed in the wizard's mouth. When you turn back you know the color of the tablet. All self contained and automatic. Great looking puppet for walkaround, parties and stage shows. Many clever ideas will present itself. Here is athought of mind, If you own a copy (or get a copy ) of Bill Abbott's DVD Stand Up Magic for Kids, you can even get ideas from his Chico the Mind Reading Monkey act to use for this wizard!

Colorful Rabbit
For the first time a magical efect that plays to even the smallest child. Telling a story of how it is a tradition that magicians produce a rabbit from a top hat. You now mention that recently your own hat got flatten, so now you have to unfold it to show it empty. As you fold it up you then produce several colorful rabbits. Plus on the back of the stand which holds the rabbits, you have space for a messege like Happy Birthday or your own name. Clever and as the name says very colorful

Wizzy Dizzy Milk
For those of you that like magic boxes here is one that is weird for sure. Showing a box that can be opened at the top and the bottom you pour a litle milk in. Turning the box over your pour in some more. This turn and pouring goes on for a bit till you actually produce a real full glass of milk. Now you place this on the table and with a metal tube vanish the glass of milk only to produce it from the box again. Clever version of a classic of magic very well made and a limited run so get yours now.

Thanks for reading....this week my blog will be a little short still busy here getting settled in.Thank you all so much for making this move happen.

If you care to share some magical ideas and tips please write me at: tony@hocus-pocus.com

For your magical knowledge and ordering the new address is
1492 N. Clark St. #104
Fresno, Ca 93703

phone number is the same 1-800-407-4040

Next week much more news and ideas to grow on.


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