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Around every corner could be your next Gig

Things just keep getting better and better here in Fresno with having left Las Vegas. I have been finding out that having lived in the middle of a Disney like world you miss alot of the real things. So first off I found was a great discovery of a old western looking (and I mean right out of the movies) building here in Fresno. It was a general type store for western clothing, boots and such. I really needed new boots badly. I want to go back and do a photo shoot for my magical medicine show magician. Along the way chatted the owner up and gave him a business card for events. On the way to his place, I had seen an old victorian home with a sign for Tea Parties for Young and Old. So a perfect time pull over to introduce myself and pass out a card.

Later that night I had a gig for a group of teenagers. It was a 16 year boy's birthday, yet it was also his rock concert debut (if not on a real stage ) his home for friends. As I got there it was into a room with teenagers just sitting all over the floor. A normal kid show this was not to be. So it was about grabbing my bag of close-up stuff and just sitting (even dressed well) on the floor cross legged and doing magic. After 30 minutes of close up magic, it was time to step out to the backyard and do a little stage magic. Being the opening act for a mini rock concert as it was. All said and done..the father walked me to the car and talked about a fund raiser dinner for his company so there was another busniess card handed out. Busniess Cards .....Make sure you don't leave home with out them!

And let me say sorry for not posting last week.

Tony's Picks

Greg Gleason Theatre Close-Up Vol 1 &2

What can I begin to say about a talented guy that has the brave sense to do close-up magic on Stage. Since Greg makes a living woking the cruise ships, he worked a deal to do close-up magic on stage and with a video backdrop. Good deal my friend. Folks are sitting in a theatre (proper english spelling) watching him on stage doing some killer effects. Greg kicks it up a bit with his secret weapon "the G Card". In this way he has many wonderful routines to share with all of you. By the way, these are all real world proven routines so no fake stuff here. I consider Greg's card stuff killer, both DVD's will open your eyes to what close- up magic theatre style is!!!!!

Cody Fisher On Magic

I have to be honest to all of you, one of my newest friends since working here is Cody Fisher. None the less he is a very creative guy and now has let some of his greatest effects out on one DVD. He has come up with many super ideas in the world of magic. ALL WORKERS ideas, which means he is out there every day proving time after time his ideas work! He is now tipping them to you in this DVD. Full time working pro....sharing his income with all of you guys who may do this only on the weekend, don't miss out on this insider infor. He is tipping stuff we sell trick by trick on the website on this DVD. Get it now!!

Gut Buster

As you may know I am a fan of Andrew Mayne's creations and Gut Buster is his latest, Hottest, Clever, Idea. Having seen many magic acts do the stage illusion where some one is in a box and then another person passes thru the middle of the one in the box, I compare Gut Buster to this get illusion. Its gonna catch you by surprise (watch the video on line) the look of what happens. Whats even more clever the details on how to perform as well as the props. This was another one of those effects that was going to be on a recent street magic show but didn't make it on. So your luck to get this and make a visual magic name for yourself.

Merlin's Classic Workers DVD

Bill Abbott the creative mind behind "The Thing" and some other killer DVD's on entertaining family folks in walkaround places. Now presents Merlin's Classic Workers DVD. The magician that calls himself "Merlin" has been a full time working pro for over 30 years. He has opened for such famous acts as Jim Carey, Elvis Costello and Alanis Morrissette so this means he is tipping his best stuff. Watching the preview I personally know he is sharing stuff that my Vegas friends do and so now can you too !!! Don't miss this DVD while it last...This could be another "THE Thing", a surprise for those that don't know what it can do until everyone wants one.

John Mendoza Live and Personal

One of our great friends at Hocus Pocus is John Mendoza. He has toured the world performing his style of close-up magic. This new double DVD set was once a two video set of Mr. Mendoza's lecture on his greatest card effects. Added to this DVD set are even non card effects. The perfomance of his closeup show is just using a deck of cards and then each effect is explained in detail after his show. This is a super DVD to own to see not only his performances but to get inside the mind of a true working master of card magic.

Tonys Tip's

Well its come to my attention to mention about booking shows. Lots of times you may think a phone ad will be a good idea, maybe if you live in a small town without a lot of other magicians. I spent thousands on phone ads and most of the time folks would call and just want a price. To stop them in their tracks I would turn the tables and start asking questions which would help me give a price for that show. Now a days everyone wants the best lowest price. A phone call means work and the longer you keep them on means maybe that much more of a booking. Some of the questions you can ask are:

Where is the show going to be? House, Stage, Outdoors,

Is the space going to have electrical outlets?

How old is the Child going to be?

How many guest will be attending the event?

Do you need a PR/Photo package?

All of these type of questions will help make you and the price you give sound much more like a working pro. Also if your doing kid shows (Birthday Parties) talk up the part that your price includes a give-away bag for each child. This should be told as a saving grace to the parent that this is one less thing that they have to shop for.

Contracts are a great idea for those bigger gigs but even helps for those birthday parties. One thing I learned very young was to get deposits. I mean I learned from one working pro that you may have to live off those deposits if the gigs are far and few in between. So get at least a 50% deposit when booking those gigs far in advance.

Here is one phase that has served me well in my contracts so feel free to add it to you contracts.

This agreement is subject to dention by sickness, accident, civil tumult, strikes, Acts of God or conditions beyond the performers control. In such a case, a refund of deposit, a replacement performer couold be supplied, or a rescheduling of the show.

This has been a very helpful term to have. I have only needed once but it was a way of getting out of the contract. The next phase I recommend to have right by the place they sign is:

With the signing and returning of this agreement, a deposit of________ is required at this time. Deposit is non-refundable when show is cancelled by the sponser.

Hope this helps for your next gig. Now a days its also good to have insurance of all kinds when booking that show.

Till next week...Be Magical and Get those Bookings

Tony Blanco

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