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Moving with a Touch of Magic

I hope all of you enjoyed your three day weekend. This weekend I traveled about a half hour out of Fresno to the town of Visalia. I got a gig to entertain at a Senior Center's. It was like a Fourth of July look all over. They even had Classic Cars...lots of Model T's and such. The only side of the event which was making me feel uncomfortable was the lack of things not looking like they were going to be ready on time. Isn't that the case all the time actually.

Well, after a little chat with the sponser, getting a power cord to my roadie case, setting the chairs so the seniors didn't fall off a hill backwards, the show was going to start in 20 min. Now again lack of planning on their part made me wonder when the folks were going to come over to watch the show. So as this event was set in the circle like driveway enterance, it was now time to use that Ringmaster voice. I gave a loud "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN AND CHILDREN OF ALL AGES" (kind'da funny in a senior center if you think about it) and everyone came and sat down.
Truly a wonderful picnic like setting for those young and young at heart.

Tony's Picks

Snurdley and Samantha Rope Snakes

We are always looking for the hottest, newest ideas in magic. This week we bring you Ray Rubenstein and his Snurdley and Samantha Rope Snakes. Ray has created some clever ideas in this 6 minute routine. It's a complete routine actually several routines in run. You might want to use it as a running gag or perform the whole act at once. From a Snake Basket act to a Card routine to a Clippo act. Snurdley and Samantha have just about everthing your looking for in a fun family act. Comes with Table, all the props and a 11 page
script/instructions. This weeks fun find for you shows.

Tivoli in Tivoliland

That wacky Arthur Tivoli is back again with more creative and fun routines. Filmed in what appears to be a Parlor lie setting, Arthur performs some great comical stand-up magic routines. His takes on such classics of magic like the Gypsy Thread and the Josie the Mouse are worth the price of this DVD. His use of comedy, spectators, and even balloon magic are things that ALL enertainers can use when you need to put a laugh or two in your show. I recommend this DVD for everyone as his material can play to young and old.

Divine Time

From Jason Palter (Third Degree Burn) comes his latest brainstorm Divine Time. He is the premise of the efffect, explaining to the audience that you have a interest in time and all things of time. You bring forth a collection of watches (digital style) in a plastic bag. You explain the powers of a digital are based on the mystical powers of the Quartz stone. Quartz has the ability to transmit energy so with this spectators have a free (yes) choice to each pick a watch. Placing it away from the magician he now senses the energy from the watch and correct names the time. What is great is that there are no stooges, no prompting and the effect resets in 5 minutes. Heck you can even give the watch away. A true winning for the part in the show where everone gets involved and are all stunned

Bowling Pin Production

The power to just produce the strangest objects in a show always blows an audience away. Michael Mode, the creative guy behind the Napkin Rose napkins has come up with a real eye opener. Bowling Pin Production is just that and more. This routine also comes with a version for kid shows and a bonus routine for a wine bottle production. I would go as far as saying if your doing the Kevin James Bowl-a-Rama routine, this would be a welcomed addition to it. Well made and complete with a Pin, harness, and teach in DVD. Pro's will know a winner when they see it and this is one for sure.


When I was a kid the saying went "a picture is worth a thousand words" and so is watching the on line video of Canz. From hot new magic inventor Kevin Parker (check out his other items) is a amazing production from one can of soda not one but two more cans. Filmed in that street magic style, the folks are just right there watching this magical miracle. Now remember these are unopened cans, full of soda (or whatever) and can be opened and drank by the spectators. Again type in Kevin's name in product search to see his other amazing items Passing Thru and Descent for more amazing eye opening magic .

Tony's Tips

Tonight I want go all over the spectrum of ideas and tips. My favorite thoery to be able to move like magic is to be Ready, Set, Go. Last week I also was lucky to entertain at a very high end party. Having the right look and props are a must. Lots of times I am told it's a sit down affair so a close-up pad or small table would be perfect. Well this was more of a stand-up and walk around with drinks. Luckly it was a casino night affair and the Blackjack tables were set and not being used. So I stepped behind one and gathered a crowd and did my stuff.

To really be ready I also have a Eureka Tripod base in my van ALWAYS! The key to using a base is a pipe flange and you can get them at most home improvement stores. To use it on the base of a case, it takes a 1/2 threaded pipe flange. The flange in this photo is the right style but not the right numbers, you need a 1/2 pipe flange for the base. By getting a bunch of these I have nut and bolted them to boards for tables, to suitcases to workout of, and other types of light cases. This way every case can be a table to work out of. The main thing is remember to center the flange on the bottom of whatever case you use. Also if the bottom of your case is thin, cut a piece of thin wood and nut and bolt thru the wood, the case and to the flange. The wood of course going inside the case.

Knowing your show and your audience. I may have mention this before but when it comes to booking a show, ask always the age of the group. This has saved me many times so I have enough and the right magic for all ages. Many times at a party or event someone says yes there will be a few kids there and you find out its a adult party with a few babies in tow. So always be able to move thru your show now matter what age turns up.

Back of the House sales is for those luckly enought to do shows that are sponsered by the town or group. Promoted shows where tickets are sold is a extra way of selling magic kits, photos, posters, T-shirts etc. Remember this, the circus, sporting events, rock concerts make more money for the event then the actual performance. So in this day of marketing you should look for every chance to sell your items. You can include it in the price of the booking and give out stuff to x amount of kids. Any way you do it make sure you name, logo and even phone number are on what you sell. Hocus Pocus has a kit like this for a magic DVD were you can have your logo and PR stuff on each DVD. Check out the Ultimate Pitch DVD by Paul Romany and Andrew Gerard.

Just a few tips and ideas this week.

Do have something to share? Let me know


I will give credit where credit is due. To those who read each week and tell me you like my ideas....let's share some with everyone. It's how we all grow together...Thanks

Tony Blanco

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