Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Here Today, Gone tomorrow

Well Hi! Hopefully tonight I can finish what I started last night. Due to a revision in our system I couldnt get photos to finish my Tony's Picks. Lets try again.

So each week I choose a title of something to relate both my opening and then lead into Tony's Tips. So it is now a year away from Las Vegas, Here Today, gone tomorrow. This was what I had seen for 18 years of watching the scene and the city change. Change is always good, but some stable things that ground you are important. I can never stress how important is to be able to be flexable both in your performing and your life. As time goes on you have a act or routine to follow. If it grows and you know it well then you can create from it. If you just do the same tricks, jokes and the world around you changes you become a classic or maybe a old joke.

This amongst many reasons you should always explore new ideas in magic, music, fashion, TV & Movies. The world is your magical playground but it is also set with trends. Make sure whatever type of act you do you have a equal balance of who you are and what is currently in fashion. Remember to look hip but not square. Do the stuff that is you and you will be remember today and tommorrow.

Tony's Picks
Let me take a moment my friends to point out that after some tech problems the RoyBenson Book is in stock. I have read it, own it (which I payed for it) and will tell you that this its the most honest tribute to a perfomer I have ever read!!!
My New York friend Levent has paid more then a homage to a performer...it is a tribute and a well researched book. No matter what we a asking for it sale or not this is a book for your collection of wisdom and knowledge must have!!! I am proud to own a copy of this book and you should think the same and get one!!!

Parasols Any Where

My goodnees, can we just give your act a lift or make you look like a magical performer for the lowest price ever. From Japan comes the magic of Joker Lam and a act he has worked on so long and is tipping for all of us. I want to do this after seeing the on line video. I spend a day listerning to folks asking for "Hot New Magic", well it does not get more impressive then this. Watch the video my friends. You get a bunch of Parasols in different colors that just magical appear. There is a DVD by the same performer on the website (sold on its own) but none the less its a kicker of a routine so don't miss out one this low price knowledge and wisdom to make you a star.

Steve Dacri No Filler

He is a guy I grew up with in the world of close-up magic and have admired for along time. A working Pro who has done everything and worked everywhere around the world. Now Steve is tipping the stuff that has made him a living legend in the world of close-up magic for well over 30 years in the biz. In this 3 DVD set he shares ideas that contain ideas for the card, coin and close-up stars you want to be. Steve has made a life style from the hills of Hollywood to the Strip of Las Vegas and now tips his best to you so don't miss this working pro's best magical creations.

JOL Jerry O'Connell Leather

Hocus Pocus is proud to present some of the finest leather wallets for all your magical needs. Designed by Jerry O'Connell who truly has crafted leather to help your create classy looking magic. From Himber style wallets, to card cases, coin cases, hip wallets, packet trick holders and much more. Those of you who love to perform card in wallet type effects can choose from so many different style in this line. Then to just have the look of a working pro carry those decks of cards in a fine leather case. If your coins are worth their weight in silver and gold carry them in that fashionable leather case look. Just type JOL in the product search and see all of the marvlous items Mr. O'Connell has designed and crafted for you stylish magi's.

Silver Stainless Steel Appearing Cane

In his search to bring you great magic at great prices, Paul has found this. A Silver Stainless Steel Appearing Cane. The price (something I never put in the blog) $29.95, I haven't seen a cane at this price since I started out in 1975. It's a well made and easy to use Appearing Cane. This is a forsure Here today, Gone tomorow product. We have only so many, so if you need a cane ever now is the time to buy one or two for tomorrow. Stock up fast

Tony's Tip

Let me start with the reason for the title of this weeks blog. We all have things we enjoy but if never shared they can be gone tomorrow. A few weeks ago when I disappeared and didn't write a blogone night, well here is why. I came home one Tuesday night ready to have dinner and write the blog only to find my home was broken into windows were damaged and some loose change and pocket watches and a camera were taken. Much more could have been, so far everthing else has been fine. I had to get a alarm system in my home and now feel closer to my "Stuff" (as George Carlin would say a place for my stuff). Years of collecting magic books and tricks, computers and much more could have been gone and never have had a chance to be seen again.

So a little wiser in the knowledge of safety and security let me share these tips. If you home has sliding windows get a lock bar or just cut a dowel and widge it in as a lock.

Alarm systems are not as expensive as you might think. Full motion detectors, a horn alarm, and window hookups as well as a kicker of a LED panel which rules the home are a must.

Having the real goodies like money or watches, rings or credit cards in a lock box well hidden or a small heavy safe are also a good idea. Tagging or making a master book of your items serial numbers helps any law enforcement group find your stuff as most are in contact daily with Pawn Shops to catch the robbers.

As I said I was a bit lucky but dam frighten for it could have all been gone tomorrow so think of your family's safety, your career stuff and your treasures. Thanks for letting me share this with you. Now my next rant......

Each week I point out two things, this blog I do from my heart and two I have been honored to learn from many others. Which means I want to share with you with the hopes and ideas you will share with me and all of us wh read each week. Your knowledge and wisdom you have learned with others could easily be here today and gone tommorrow. Remember this way we are all a special group of folks. So to share will not mean someone will steal your gig. We are a family of folks doing the same thing MAGIC! To entertain, to make others feel better, so as I write now for a year, I wish to hear from those of you who read my blog. You read but yet I don't know who reads and I count you as my family and wish you to share ideas. I do each blog with hopes that you will help us all. In honest, I could stop doing this, but have hopes of a magical friendship like those of you who join clubs like the IBM or SAM. This is our space without paying a membership. All creative ideas are welcome and I will honor you with your own "Guest Blog Spot" picture and all. So you can email me at Tony@hocus-pocus.com and be part of our family of readers. So many have called and said you enjoy my blog but now its time to share your tips or picks also. Soap box done .....Please share and show your love of what we do.

Thanks for reading

Best Magical Ideas and hopes,

Tony Blanco

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