Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Moments of Magic and Memories

This week has been a lesson in working outdoors. To tell you that summer is here would be a under statement. Let's just say I am going to have to rethink my costume for entertaining outdoors here in Fresno. I did a great show for a very wonderful birthday child but towards the end I was a soaked towel. When making balloons for the kids it was like someone just kept pouring water on my head. So to all of you be careful and have lots of bottled water near by. Also if you can, make sure to arrange your show at a time of day that won't fry eggs in your dove pan. I might even start using a bottle to spray everyone with just as a cooling bit when its this hot.

As I begin tonights b
log it is with sad news to tell you of the passing of a gentle giant in magic Tommy Wonder. For years Tommy Wonder was what I would come to learn was a classic type of performer from Europe. His performances would teach the world of magicians what style was. If you ever got to see him perform his silent act you were given a gift of true movement and magic. Luckly his knowledge and performances have been saved on DVD as well as his great books "The Books of Wonder". So thank you Tommy for all of the magic and creative ideas you inspired in all of us.

Tony's Picks

Well just moments ago, Paul has sent out this email to all of you. And if you didn't get one then you better sign up as a member to get on our email sales list.

The 4th of July is only a few days away. To celebrate we want to start with a BANG!!! YOU HAVE 7 DAYS TO SAVE!

Starting the moment you receive this email and ending Wednesday, July 5th at midnight PDT, we're offering you our famous 25% Off And More Sale Event!

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So don't miss out on the savings and Have a great 4th of July.

Dobson's Choice 3 TV Stuff

As one of England's hottest young talents in magic Wayne Dobson share his 3 collection from his TV series of magic. Over the year Wayne created and performed so much magic on TV only to rival as much as David Copperfield here in the states. On this DVD as well as the other 2 Wayne takes you back in time to show you his old shows, then tells you today what was going on behind the scenes. Very strange timing as I write tonight. This new DVD has a performance by Tommy Wonder. Plus Wayne's performance on her Majesty's Command Perfomance show.

Kennedy Power Reel

What has to be the most amazing and visual magic from the creative mind of John Kennedy, The Power Reel. Imagine being able to make silks and streamers fly around a room as if truly by magic. This amazing reel give you the power to pull in up to 100 feet of thread. So just watch that silk fly aross the room. Don't take my word, we have a video images to see this being done actually outdoors. See it on the website and get ready to be blown away!!

The Face

Those of you who like to entertain in the Bizarre way get ready for Borodin. Having created the Bizarre storytelling concept into an art form all over Europe. Borodin as well as writing to award winning books, Sheherazade, The Final Curtain now releases the effects that have made him a master of his craft. The Face begins as a tale of "I have seen that face before" and then journeys into a very errie final with the performer's face changing right before the audience. You get all the props and story to help your journey into the magical and bizarre world that is Borodin.

The Little Emperor and the Cricket

Again from Borodin this is a tale of ancient China which begins with the telling of a story involving a young emperor and one of his subjects...a small boy. The boy presents the emperor with a gift...a magical gift. It is a small carved ivory cage containing a cricket...but not just any cricket. This is a magical cricket which can speak. This routine is one which many performance styles can be applied. Comes with story, wonderfully crafted cricket holder and a very special gimmick. Storytellers and magicians alike will be charmed by this effect and so will you audience. This will be a very limited run so don't miss you chance to own one.

Original Koornwinder Kar

Back in a limited (very limited run) is the original Koornwinder Kar. This is the effect that Juan Tamariz considers one of his personal favorites. The effect is simple a spectator has a free choice of a card and it placed back in the deck. The deck is spread out and a cute little toy car carved from a block of wood is introduced. You the magi show the spectator how the car works and tells them to roll the car over the spread out deck. As he does the car comes to a stop, it really won't go any more. The card in which the car stopped on is the spectator's card. Simple but yet the most copied trick ever. This is the one and only Koornwinder Kar and we have just a few in stock.

Tony's Tips

So this week's tip has to jump around as my thoughts usually do. First as I started to say in the beginning do be careful this summer. Having lived in the desert for some 18 years (yes VEGAS is a dry heat) I have really not been aware of real heat fustration till moving to Fresno. Paul even recommend having a cooler in the car with Gatorade to cover the loss of minerals your body needs and loses during a show. Some sunscreen would not hurt either if your outdoors all day performing those company picnics.

Next idea happened two weekends ago. Make sure you have enough extension cords. I got to a gig outdoors and there was a outlet. Perfect! Only to find it was dead. So now to the van for the 100 foot cord to reach the nearest outlet. Always be prepared...Boy Scout training pays off. If you choose to use a sound system with batteries remember heat kill batteries fast so have plenty of backups.

Change of costumes and lots of deodorant is also a good idea on those hot days. Spray Fabreze is not a bad thing to have also to freshen up any clothes. Baby wipes or a ziplock bag with ice and a wash cloth to help keep cool.

Plenty of plastic bags in your case shows that you are a neat magician. After doing a show with mouthcoils, bananas, torn newspapers, etc. means your ready to clean your outdoor space up. If you can a small container of water to rinse off any possible messing props. So before packing them away in the heat only to find a smell or mold the next time you open your case.

Also having some babywipes is not a bad idea when working with kids at these outdoor events that may be covered in ice cream and watermelon and now want to help you on stage. Welcome them up and give them a quick wipe/ hand shake to help you in your show.

There are small fans that you can use (either with batteries or electric) set right next to you while performing. Heck if you really want to be a cool magician set a fan on stage or ground right behind you as you perform so that the audience gets a little breeze also. The audience will really love you then.

Some of these ideas may be common sense but we are magicians since when did we use common since. We choose magic over being a Doctor for a living....lol. Any other summer tips let me hear them.


Have a great summer, stay magical and cool

Tony Blanco

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