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Wiser From Each Gig You Do

It is now one year since I made the move from Las Vegas to Fresno. I want to say thanks to all you, our Hocus-Pocus family for making me feel welcomed. Sure it sounds easy to type about but I can't begin to say how much has happen in one year. I am as the title say getting "wiser" ( I hope) each day from this change of life.
Point in case, a private Birthday gig the other Saturday. It was a bit of a drive to a town 40 minutes out of Fresno to what I had a feeling was a Posh gated community. I get there and start unloading, met the birthday child, and started setting up the show. I had a feeling he was going to be a great kid to entertain. Twenty minutes before the guest arrive, Dad comes in carry a brand new Black Labadour puppy for the birthday boy. Now I begin to realize what W.C. Fields would say about working with kids and animals. All his attention was on the new dog! Magic Show, yea, ok if I have to have one. Was now. the general feeling from him and the kids as they arrived. Oh great! So once they were all there I started music and magic and all. It was a tough struggle between his getting his attention vs. lets all play with the puppy. It all worked in the end but I really had to work hard to keep him focused.
So there is a new rule to add to the "Lists of Don'ts" for the parents to make my show go smooth. Save all the gifts till after the show....new puppies included.

Tony's Picks

One of the forth runners of saving magician's performances has been Greater Magic Videos (now DVD's) but now from England comes a series of DVD's of lectures filmed of some of the Greats of magic from International Magic. Now the likes of David Williamson, Albert Goshman, Jaun Tamariz, and Darren Brown are on DVD and Hocus Pocus has them. Many more I expect to appear in the future. So for those who have ever wanted to be as funny as David, Clever as Albert, or mystic as Darren, this group of DVD's are for you. What I have is a knowledge of things from European places here in the States we miss out on. I love stuff from across the pond as they say. So see some of the best share there best in England that now we can see in USA and around the world. Thank you McMillian family for saving these great talents on video. So check out the entire series that has that Blue and white look on our site.

Black Widow

As part of the Paul Harris presents for the street magic series of a water type guy comes Black Widow. This has to be the most interesting "Holdout" type gimmick around. Having spoken to Paul personal the other day he says the magic family will be impress with what you can do with this lovely lady called "Black Widow". So in about two weeks we will have them ready to ship for all of your magical performances.

Black Hole

There was a line in the movie Yellow Submarine that "I have hole in me pocket". Well with the Black Hole ever spot you choose is a hole in this deck. I t is very simple yet very amazing of all the moves you can do with very special dot and a pencil. As the old ad woud say Amaze your friends and family. This the Black hole does that and much more. If you in to visual magic of the street magic type this one is just for you.

Stars and Hexes

Tattoos and tattoo art are in fashion lately so why not a magic effect with them. Here is the concept of the effect. Draw a star on your arm, have a spectator cover the star, snap of the finger and it is gone. Then it appear on your other arm, then agin it disappears and appears on their arm. How cool is that ! You can do this bounce star effect on all the folks watching. Grap their arm and it leaves one and appears on an other. This effect crosses all veins (no bun sorry) of magic kid show to bizzare magic. So check out Reed McClintock's pet effect that he is tipping. It is a effect spectators will remember you by.


One of the greatest signs of a true magic artist is a performance of Billiard Balls. Most of the times these were made from wood, well now check out these made out of Silicone. So smooth and have a more of a grip when using them. Since they are silicone and white they will read well from the stage against those black back drops every magician uses. This super set of balls comes with two gimmicks (shells) and DVD teaching you fantastic moves from beginning to advance. Great price and a prop that will last a life time.

Tony's Tip

Each week I do my best to share ideas from what I keep learning. Never stop learning is one thing I must always inspire you to remember. A friend of mine back in NY who was a puppeteer would book a show and then send out a contract along with a little letter. This letter or what I like to call "reading the riot act". Most of her shows were in homes, so there were "rules" that she would set up so the show ran smooth. Like the puppy thing I just wrote about her list included things like no food is to be served during the show for the kids. A space for the show should be ready so its not a last minute thing to move furniture around. Many things like this are written into contracts but having a worksheet for the sponser to go by is actually a better idea.

In showbiz terms this might be called a "Rider". Usually this would be the type of things that when a rock star comes to town and only wants green M & M's in the dressing room. Well this worksheet shouldn't be that silly, just point out your needs that will make the show run well. If you need a electrical outlet put that in, a extra table put that in, someone to help unload your car put that in. To make you look like a pro lay out all of the things you wil need before the show. The sponser of the event will have to many things on their mind that day. If you come in with more problems this will not sit well for a repeat booking. Getting it in writing ahead of the performance and even sending two copies for one they sign and send back with the contract will cover your needs.

When writing this agreement keep using the term "this will help your performance run smooth and give you the sponser your dollars worth". This will inspire them to get things right since everyone wants to get what they pay for in full. So create your own Reading the Riot act sheet and watch your shows go smoother.

Thanks for reading each week

Best Magic Wishes

Tony Blanco

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