Tuesday, July 25, 2006


The Heat Is On

Well readers if it is not where you are, then your lucky. Fresno as well as the State of California is seeing record breaking temps. We have actually had blackouts during the days here. I am not used to that having lived in Las Vegas where each Casino has plenty of backup for such a emergency. Last Friday, doing shows for some great kids indoors, you could still feel the heat right in the building. Temps have been like in the 113's. Glad I made that list of things to have for the summer. Hope you got to check out Paul's Blog and the article done on Hocus Pocus in The Fresno Bee. If you didn't click on his Blog do so before this Friday's new one. My magic classes are starting soon so if you in the Fresno area sign up now. Dates are Aug 17-Sept 7th for the Adults and Aug 19-Sept 9 for the Kids. Call at the shop and ask for me if you wish to sign up.

Tony's Picks

So many hot new items have come in so be sure to always check out the first page of the website. Each week I pick 5 items that I would use or would like to own.

That Bottle Production

From Kozak the creator of the Superior Salt Pour comes "That Bottle Production. Koz (as he is called by friends) has been producing a full bottle of beverage from 3 empty silks in his show for over 25 years. Koz has worked out this no body load production to perfection. The production he is doing is not the old effect "This". Koz's production is all his, new and different from anything on the market. Remember that anytime during a show grab 3 large different color silks, show each empty and produce your favorite bottle of choice. Includes the special made silks and a DVD that shares those 25 years of a working pro.

Rubber Band Magic

Now over the years so many videos and DVD's have come out about Rubber Band tricks. I personally have never gotten any as there were to many to choose from. Here now comes Greg Moreland's Rubber Band Magic, possibly the one and only DVD you may ever need on the subject. Greg shares his wisdom on the subject featuring 22 amazing effects. Greg is one perform that can also teach very well, so that watching and learning each effect will be a pleasure. Watch live performacnes and then get up close with Greg to learn his Rubber Band Magic.

Rocky Mountain Magic

The "Godfather" of Bar Magic is Doc Eason. Having spent over 27 years (at one gig) at The Tower Bar in Snowmass, Colorado. Doc has entertained 100's of 1000's of folks. His bar magic performances are that of legend. This was first a video and now DVD of one such night at the Tower in 1990. Since then (and I recommend you get this too) Doc produced the only true set of DVD's on Bar Magic from L&L. This DVD is a performance only DVD, but none the less a life lesson in watching a real pro work the room. So thinking about working the Bars and restaurants then get this DVD to see the best in action. If you like what you see then also get Doc's Bar Magic DVD set which does tell how to perform his great routines.

Bazar De Magia Locking Spirit Slates

Ok all you Psychic performers check this one out. Made from the finest woods, measuring 6 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches large enough for any venue. Bazar De Magia now produces (might be for limited time) these fine locking slates.
The flap will fit on any of the 4 sides. These slates can be handed out. The magician has two chalkboard slates, blank on both sides. Placing a small piece of chalk between the wooden slates, he rubber bands them together. When you the magi open them up, the name of a selected card, name of a loved one or any prediction message is written in chalk.

A Girls Night Out

This is a effect I have carried in my bag of tricks for well over 20 years. Simple in concept and handling, yet always leaves them with laughter and jaws a dropping. Show 5 Bikini clad ladies (laminated cards about 3x5) asking the spectator "How would you choose from all these lovely ladies"? Well the magi shows his special way of choosing and gets a real cutie. Then its the spectators turn to do the same thing the Magi has done. When he turns it over he gets an "Old Hag" picture.
Now here is my first tip of the night. Buy this effect, learn the moves and you have so many more routines from it. I personally have created other versions using Movie Stars photos and a business card laminator. So for the ladies I have hunky stars and then the punch line is a picture of Pee Wee Herman. For the guys sexy movie stars and then the punch line a picture of Roseanne or Joan Rivers. You can get the stars photo's from Google and then click images and make up sets for your own use. I have created so many versions from this one great effect "Girls Night Out".

Tony's Tips

Hope you will look into re-thinking some of the packet tricks that you have, like I did for Girls Night Out for stage use. With the use of Goggle or Ask Jeeves you can get images that will make a standard trick personally your own. This is part of the creative process in performing. Many of the ideas from my shows start out from the regular look of a magic trick you can buy, then I go the extra mile to make it mine. Many different magicians are always saying this to young magicians and after 30 years it finally sunk in for me.

Sometimes jumbo cards are not always jumbo enough. So using a jumbo card and your favorite copy machine of choice, you can make really jumbo cards. I do this when making a stage version of The Princess Card trick from the Jim Steinmeyer's book the magic of Alan Waking.

Another favorite prop is the Devil's Hank, but most are made in a thick canvas. I have gone the extra mile and gotten a silky rayon fabric and made my own. This way when I vanish a banana or other objects and spin that silk that object has vanished.

Since I am doing so many shows lately clean up is important. So I carry alot of plastic bags from the supermarket. When the show is over bananas, apples, torn up newpapers and othe waste get thrown in one bag. Getting rid of it nicely twisted close so no one sees where the banana really goes.

Caring plenty of backup tricks, extra rope, extra hat tears is one way to be ready when loading your van up at 5 AM with out having to think do I have everthing I need. So many magicians (famous ones too) forget to keep stock on hand for those last minute or everyday perfomances. So stock up and plan ahead. Heck we have alot of sales at Hocus Pocus, this should be the time to buy 4 packs of mouthcoils or 4 packs of hat tears or bundles of rope and flash paper. Think of the stuff you use the most a stock up. As I tell my kids in my shows, all the time the Boy Scouts say "Be Prepared", well so should a working Pro!

Well a few common sense tips and a great idea for future routines hope you will learn from one of them if not all of them.
Again I offer any of you to be a guest on my blog and share your tips. It will be you way of saying Hey I am a working pro too! Let me know and write me at Tony@Hocus-Pocus.com

Best Magical and stay cool wishes

Tony Blanco

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