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The Summer Magic Has Begun

Hey gang! I hope that your Holiday weekend (4th of July) was a good one. Thanks to Mike Guisti I got to perform his normal gig. Mike passed his gig to me this year at the Copper River Country Club. It was a site to see, rolling golf course green with hundreds of folks having an old fashion picnic waiting for the fireworks. At 7:15 that night I performed my show infront of at least 500 kids and parents. Greatest show in a long time! I even did a Chair Suspension almost in the round. Blew everyones mind. Hopefully next week I will have pictures to share. Then the Friday afterwards started a month of Fridays visiting day care centers in the Central Valley. Nice treat to work for so many nice kids. Reason #56 why I left Las Vegas....lol. Here's hoping your summer shows are just as much fun and rewarding. This coming weekend's newpaper here in Fresno, The Fresno Bee will be doing a story on Hocus Pocus, Paul and yours truly. This article is also about the magic classes that I will begin teaching at Hocus Pocus. If your in the central valley area and wish to be a part of the classes, call me at 1-800-407-4040.

Tony's Picks

Before I give this weeks Tony's Picks let me let you know of a great clearence sale we have going on. Magic tricks, DVD's, Books, that are on sale until Friday July 14 Midnight. To see the list click the banner on the opening page of our website. Items are going fast. First come first serve, some one of a kinds or just extra stock. Save now!!

Roaming Phone

From one of our newest magical inventors Jay Mattioli comes Roaming Phone. What is more common now a days then a cell phone. In real world magic you use everything to creat magic on the spot. So as usual a phone rings at the wrong time. Then imagine using your own cell phone in a asrah style levatation. Then like a asrah, vanish the phone. Clever idea and one of our finds for all of you. There is a video clip to see of this great new effect.

Cash On Call

The other item from Jay Mattioli also uses a cell phone and a two one dollar bills. Showing two single bills front and back give then given them a fold, BAM a cell phone appears. Dollars are gone and cell phone is shown inside and all. This piece of magic is so visual you would think it was like movie trick photography. I personally would do this bit first in a act, show the phone with pride and place it in my pocket. Moments later after or during your act the phone rings and then perform Jay's Roaming Phone. A young new talented guy I hope will share more of his inventions with us all soon.

Dai Vernon: A Biography

When one talks of the Gods of Close-up magic, Vernon is the name mention the most. His amazing is the stuff that makes a magician a legend. As a young kid his routines were the mainstay of my close-up magic and still are to this day.
How did he come up with so many routines? Who was this man that even fooled Houdini? Travel with Vernon from Canada to the streets of New York to the stages of London and Paris. This is a must for all magical historians seeking the knowledge of a creative force in magic. Hardbound book, 370 pages, 40 rare photos. I can't say more about learning about Vernon, the man that changed the face of close-up magic and inspired so many of todays talents.

Impossible Bill In Bottle

From Hocus Pocus good friend Gerald Kirchner comes in a series of his effects Impossible Bill in Bottle. For those of you in the hip world of street magic, this is one effect you should have in your bag of tricks. Imagine a borrowed bill, a torn off part vanishes only to appear in a small champagne bottle. Here is the kicker its a sealed bottle! This effect could also be done with cards, coins, messages or predictions. The sealed bottle is also great to give as a gift after the performance. No hard moves, resets quickly for the next performance. This is the type of stuff that makes you look like a real magi!

California Bar Tricks

From the hip bar scene of Los Angles to the fine dinning of Napa Valley comes Jim Rosenbaum, a full time working pro sharing his California Bar Tricks. Jim has made a great living making magic close-up and fun. This book contains 50 of Jim's personal magic tricks, mind stunts and challenges. Anyone working Bar's and Restauants will gain more cool things to have on hand to entertain with. This is the type of book that could turn a working bartender into a Magic Bartender and increase his tips. When anyone who is a working pro shares insider information you best listern and learn. Priced low and your first gig, heck your first tip will pay for the book. Got a call from one of our customers that just opened a bar and is giving one to each of his bartenders to learn from.

Here are a few other items that are flying off the self at Hocus Pocus. Get yours while they last.

Route 1
Autobend Silverware
Power reel
Emergency Cash

Tony's Tips

A few weeks ago Blogger just acted wierd and my Tips came out too small to read. I could not fix it. So many of you called and asked to republish it. So here are my tips for you to stay healthy during those hot summer shows outdoors. Sorry about not being able to read it the first time. I have added some more ideas for those of you that did squeeze your eyes to read it the first time. One of my readers did manage to copy the tips, blow up the print and says "it's now my check list before I live for a outdoor gig". Thank you for those kind words

So this week's tip has to do with being cool. Having lived in the desert for some 18 years (yes VEGAS is a dry heat) I have really not been aware of real heat fustration till moving to Fresno. Paul even recommend having a cooler in the car with Gatorade to cover the loss of minerals your body needs and loses during a show. Some sunscreen would not hurt either if your outdoors all day performing those company picnics.

Next idea happened two weekends ago. Make sure you have enough extension cords. I got to a gig outdoors and there was a outlet. Perfect! Only to find it was dead. So now to the van for the 100 foot cord to reach the nearest outlet. Always be prepared...Boy Scout training pays off. If you choose to use a sound system with batteries remember heat kill batteries fast so have plenty of backups.

Change of costumes and lots of deodorant is also a good idea on those hot days. Spray Fabreze is not a bad thing to have also to freshen up any clothes. Baby wipes or a ziplock bag with ice and a wash cloth to help keep cool.
Plenty of plastic bags in your case shows that you are a neat magician. After doing a show with mouthcoils, bananas, torn newspapers, etc. means your ready to clean your outdoor space up.

If you can a small container of water to rinse off any possible messing props. So before packing them away in the heat only to find a smell or mold the next time you open your case.
Also having some babywipes is not a bad idea when working with kids at these outdoor events that may be covered in ice cream and watermelon and now want to help you on stage. Welcome them up and give them a quick wipe/ hand shake to help you in your show.

update Idea #1

Regular Towels are also a good idea to have on stage. One for you at all times. Then one for those messy kids. If you audience keeps seeing a towel around then at one point slip in the towel gag and that would take them by surprise seeing those messing printed hands.

There are small fans that you can use (either with batteries or electric) set right next to you while performing. Heck if you really want to be a cool magician set a fan on stage or ground right behind you as you perform so that the audience gets a little breeze also. The audience will really love you then.

updated idea#2

Having enjoyed a Sunday bunch this past weekend, the outdoor patio had mist fans. You know when a fan has a very small stream of water that can be blown into the air from the fan. If you know ahead of time how the set up is for the show having this type of fan for you or the audiences comfort will really make the show a pleasure

Some of these ideas may be common sense but we are magicians since when did we use common since. We choose magic over being a Doctor for a living....lol. Any other summer tips let me hear them.

Have a great summer, stay cool as well as magical,

Tony Blanco

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