Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fall Magic is just around the corner

Good day dear readers. It has been a busy time last week. I have gotten to perform, teach, and perform some more. Last week finds me working for the Feld Corportation. The folks that produce Ringling Bros Circus, the former Siegfried and Roy show, and now Disney Magic. Seems Disney is coming to Fresno in September, and they wanted to do some PR for the show.

Thanks to the local article done on Hocus Pocus I got to entertain at a local Boy's and Girl's Club. After the show I gave away tickets to the show for these kids. Best part was I got to also be filmed for our local ABC, Fox and Univision newscast. Then that night was the second of the adult classes. Come Friday was a private gig for a surprise birthday. The party was for a guy whose wife planned an Asian theme party. So here comes me doing close-up magic with my brand new Matrix looking long coat. Ok! Not so Asian but heads turned and everyone knew I was the magician. Then Saturday morning the kid's magic class at HP. So I am looking forward to this the last weekend of the summer, and hope your coming weekend is filled with the last of the summer magic.

Tony's Picks


From Leslie Melville comes the most complete book on storytelling and magic. To create a magic illusion is one thing but to weave a tale to the magic can make the story that much more alive. In this book learn to add that extra touch that most performers miss....that talent to hold an audience with the spoken word. Here is a book with story/routines that you can really do. Also are Leslie's personal stories that he has created that he call's one off's that don't fit the normal magic show but drive home the entertainment value just the same. In this book you will learn how, where and why to create stories for your magic. Personally this is a must for every working magician. I am grabbed my copy today so should you.

Houdini's Tooth

Legend has it that Jay Marshall was helping Bess Houdini clean her home and came upon a box. Inside the box was Houdini's Tooth and Jay had asked if he could keep it. She agreed and Jay came up with this ideal for a routine sooo many years later. With a copy of Houdini's tooth, a shoelace and a silk the magic begins. The tooth is threaded onto the shoelace and wrapped around a spectator's hand with the silk. Faster then you can say "Jail Break" the tooth has escaped/ You get all the items and story or be inspired to creat your own story.

Super Chair

Here is the most "Super" of all the shocking type chairs you can think of. Over the years many famous magicians have mad e a good living using a electrical type chair in their show. Years past had you replacing batteries and carrying a not so real looking chair. all that is a thing of the past with the new super chair. First you can charge the chair from your home electrical outlet. Then it looks just like a nice folding chair. The you can control the charge to the spectator, low for a kids show and stronger for the adult programs. It also has a vibrating system so in turn you can cue a spectator during a mentalism act. There are many ways that this well crafted and long lasting piece of equipment can be used. The name Super is actually mild it should be called Powerful Chair.

Marketing Your Magic in the Real World

From the Marketing mind of Scott Davis comes Marketing your Magic in the Real World. Scott has taken the time to tip some of his best kept secrets to getting your name out there. On this DVD find out how to get more bookings as well as working for better audiences. Then he shares his best on the way to get better PR without spending alot of money, heck sometimes no money at all when the local press does the work for you. Ideas also cover Busniess cards and Brochures on a budget are also taught to you. So here is your chance to up grade those old ways of thinking of marketing your show and start making bigger bucks.

Darwin's Coin Bucket Instructional DVD

From Gary Darwin, Las Vegas's favorite magic son. Gary is friends to all the great magicians of Las Vegas and even is the host of the monthly get togethers of all the magic community there. Gary is full of knowledge and wisdom on most every aspect of magic. He is also a avid collector of magic. His home is a magic collectors dream. So it is just perfect that he teaches his pesonal best tips on the coin bucket aka The Miser's Dream. This routine is easy to learn and to perform. Lance Burton even says that " I have learn things that I have never seen before in any routine" So if your a fan of the Miser's Dream act get your copy of Darwin's Coin Bucket DVD.

Tony 's Tip

Well it has been a full summer and the one thing I have learned the busier I am the happier I am. One thing is always important also find time to focus and plan. This move to Fresno has had many changes for this former Las Vegas working pro. All good changes with new friends and new ideas. So lets start out tonight with a plan to focus on what we want from our performances. During my classes this past week I have talked about the creation of a magic act the same way circus clowns plan their look and character. It is one thing to learn a bunch of magic and do shows...but who are you on stage?

A Stage persona or even a closeup persona is important when "working the room". So magicians just like to look good and do tricks, that' s OK but its the working pro that knows the part he is playing on stage. So besides costumes and props learn why your doing one trick verses the other. Does this trick actully fit me or even better the audiences that I am working for. I am lucky that I travel with a big roadie typ case and sometimes the audience is not what I was told and in this case I can change the show a little when needed. Knowing my inner persona as a magical entertainer I can switch gears if all of a sudden a booking for children really is a show for adults since there are now only 3 kids and 30 adults.

This same talent I hope to instill on all of you means that you also have to be the person that can take charge of a room of people. Most entertainers are used to being introduced and having the show set just so. Now a days I find more people hire you because you know what your doing and wait for you to make it work. This is good in my book because on the average if you wait for the person who hired you to take charge, your 3:00 show may not start until 4:45 if you listern to them and wait for the rest of the guest to arrive. This "Take Charge" persona is important to have (be flexable) but yet strong to show them that your here to entertain and give them their money's worth.

Planning and Production ideas:

Now a days a real way to make extra money as a magician is to be a full service production company. So let look at a few ideas to be the real person who knows how thing should be run.

1 Setting your self up as someone who can get everything the event needs. This could include being the person hiring the band or DJ, balloon decorations, food services. Some big name pros sometimes make more money just putting the party together then they would doing just a show.

2. In doing this type of services you can now upcharge for the event or just ask those you book for a comminsion for you recommending them.

3. If your crafty you can do the party decor (i.e. Balloons and backdrops) such a foamcore sign in boards for the party (extra fee) with a stand.

4. Theme costumes are a offer you should give for parties and again folks will have to pay more for the magician doing a birthday now dressed like a Pirate or Wizard.

Ok gang there are a few ideas to upsell your programs. Do you have any? Share them with all of us. Remember we all live in different parts of the world so a guy sharing an idea from England is not going to be worried if someone in Ohio uses his idea. We are all here to learn.

Share with me for next week's column at Tony@Hocus-Pocus.com

Thanks for the kind words I get over the phone as I chat with all of you
Have a great 3 Day weekend

Best Magical Wishes,

Tony Blanco

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


The Next Generation....

Last week (Thur. and Sat.) began our magic workshops at Hocus Pocus. From just the article that appeared in our Fresno Bee we got a total of 24 students. 18 of which are the adults and 6 are the kids. It was amazing to see the interest of all the students and the willingness to learn. I have a feeling I asked alot of all of them by teaching first the classic palm and then some other sleights I think every magician should know. Either way I think I am very lucky with these folks and the energy they brought with them to learn.

Also last week I got to perform for our local zoo here in Fresno. It was a honor to work with a musical legend that does music and sing-alongs with the kids. Oklin Bloodworth is the zoo's musical piper who now is entertaining the kids of the kids he first entertained some 18 years ago. So to present my magic and storytelling also was a magical Ice Cream fund raiser night indeed.

Tony's Picks

Mindreading Orange

From the mind of full time working pro John Kaplin comes Mindreading Orange. Here is a routine that truly has been time tested and now released for the first time. John is one of those performers that has created a great working routine and now tips all the bits. Imagine the comedy of introducing a "Mindreading Orange". Heck the title is funny enough and yet many more laughs come from this act. This routine is one that can play for all audiences, loaded with great one liners, and to say the least very visual. Our good friend Paul Romany says "This is going into my cruise ship shows IT'S THAT GOOD. High praise from another full time working pro. Don't miss your chance to get one.

Kikuchi Spoons

From one of Paul's deals we are proud to bring you the magic of Kikuchi. This time Mr. Kikuchi has come up with an amazing line of spoons. First the Ghost Spoon, at any time with any spoon it visual bends right in from of the spectator's eyes. No pulls, no chemicals just a magical visual piece of magic. Kikuchi Twisting Spoon now goes one step further, using anyones spoon you begin to magical twist the handle of the spoon several times. There is also the Tornado Spoon and the Spoon Eating. All of these spoons come with complete routines and the gimmick that lets you perform these on the spot marvels. I suggest buying them all and use them as a running bit in your show. Even a different spoon act at each table, so spectators will show each other across the restauant. Each spoon item has a video on the web if you can't take my words of how amazing each one is

Auto Lit Vanishing Torch

Here is one for the opening or for any part of yor act. You can walk on stage and act like a fire eater and then chicken out and then vanish the torch. That fast and that simple. The usse of a Torch in your show can be use to show your illusion box empty and then Poof its gone. There are so many places that this can be used in your act. Now here is a piece of equipment that will last you a life time because it is made that well. This is a prop that magicians have been looking for, for a long time. Never know how long this will be around so don't miss your chance to get one.

Lincoln's Best Boon Listo Pack

Well our new salesman Dexter has already stepped up to bring us Lincoln's Best Boon Listo Pack. Dexter has been in the Mentalism biz for a long time, and his friend Lincoln has come up with what has to be just that the "Best Boon" in the Biz. A Boon (if you don't know) helps you write those words in a special way during your prediction act. Along with a special pack of writers and gimmicks you get Lincoln's book "Shh" normally a $15.00 item alone. If you have ever thought of doing spirit writing in your act you will only need one Boon Pack and this is the one. Many of todays top mentalist are praising this marvelous device.

Sign Off

Here is a signed card routine that will blow them all away. Have a spectator sign a card, it gets shuffled into the deck. On the table is a jumbo card, and you can joke that it would be amazing if that matched the signed card. Turning this jumbo card over (he is the joke) it is actually 24 little cards on the one jumbo card. Here it gets wierd, one card is the spectator's signed card. You now go to pull off this card off the jumbo one. The card now visual grows to be the spectator's signed card. Tony Clark and Austin Brooks have a real winner and share so much on a 40 min DVD. Also part of this effect are ways of card controls and forces to make this Sign Off a true magical moment.

Tony's Tips

Here is a great life lesson when working with different groups. How many times do you get to perform for what you know will be a worthwhile audience, but are ask to work for free. In years past I turn down charity events just because it is never planned right.

Now I am not going on a bad rant of saying don't work for a charity. What I am saying is that you best be prepard for what might happen. Most of these type of events are run by folks who really don't know your needs. They want an entertainer to make their job as a fundraiser look good. So my tip is that everything better be in writing for this type of event. If your doing it for free or a reduced rate to help them.

Any form of PR best be given to them way in advance, and if you have to do the PR yourself. Charity groups might even welcome that better then they could do. This is a event where the group wants to raise money but in the mean time you want to get your name out there to. Bring giveaways with your name on it, even with the logo or look of the event.

Never miss your chance to promote yourself along with the charity. Heck every person living in this country knows Jerry Lewis' name linked with the MDA event. Movie Stars and Singers always do some form of charity work to keep their name alive when not working. So once in awhile you can too. Just make sure that your name is spelled right, let alone get printed somewhere in a program or poster.

Hope you life is magical and going well
Drop me a line at:

Best Magical Wishes,
Tony Blanco

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


A Magical Beginning

Thanks for waiting a extra day for the blog, busy week at Hocus Pocus getting ready for lots of events. Tomorrow we are meeting with our crew of vendors and and Webmasters to take our website even further. Then tomorrow night begins my first series of classes (Thur. for the adults, Sat. for the kids) to create the next generation of magi's. There is one thing I have learned and remember this, what we learn we need to teach and share. So many times we get an interest in something like magic and yet our family may not share the same interest. That is why we have magic conventions, and workshops and teach magic. If you have interest in something its good to be around those who share the same interest. This is how we grow, learn, and create! This is why I write this blog each week. Some day I hope some of you will come forth and share. I promise to honor and spot light you all. Next week I hope to share with you the next group of magic hopefuls from our 1st workshop at Hocus Pocus.

Tony's Picks


From our good friend and creative force in magic Devin Night comes Sprung! The toy we all grew up with a Slinky become a force for a thru the body illusion. Devin and his co- creator John Moyer have come up with a toy that we all know and transformed it into a magical prop..that with blow people away. Remember this at any time during your show, with no special jacket, or set ups just pick up the slinky and do a magical miracle. You will get the prop that does it all and Devin has added a card trick that you can also do with the Slinky. Neat stuff, ready to put one in my bag of tricks.

Dancing Paper Doll

From one of my best Vegas friend Mike Michaels comes the most magical effect Dancing Paper Doll. My friend Mike has toured the world entertainer Kings and Queens of Europe and now shares one of his pet sercerts. The Dancing Paper Doll is the stuff that Robert Houdin would build if he was alive today. A paper doll is shown after a spectator has choosen a card. This doll is placed inside a really cool looking stage. It comes to life and a piece of paper is handed to the doll and scissors begin to cut the paper as the doll dances. Well when all is done the paper has the choosen card cut out. To really get a better view of the cool little stage check the website. This is one efffect I promise someone famous will do soon on TV....get yours before them.

Cellini Street Magic

From the guy who has traveled the world street performing comes his latest tips on the craft. Just the other day he called in to Hocus Pocus from Switzerland. He was ordering some magic and in true street magician style was willing to share his journey with us. This is his latest DVD lecture series sharing to all of us how he has made his living on the street. Magic is about the moment and I as a street performer myself can tell you that Cellini does not hold back in this the Third series of DVD's he has made. Magic is real world and Cellini has been real world for many years. The info on this DVD is priceless for all working in real world places,

Nicholas Einhorn's In-Flight

One of the most magical things people want to see is someone to float or fly. This is also a real world typ effect. Imagine setting us a cardboard box and standing inside it with a curtain and then you and the curtain float above the box. Then when all is said and done, fold the box up and walk away. Paul Daniel (legendary magic from England) blew everyone away in Las Vegas magic convention with this at a Midnight Show. What does that say, when youfool magicians!! Nicholas has made this effect only so many times a year and then stops. He has been so nice to once again make a batch for us at Hocus Pocus for a limited time. So never know when he say no more. For you if it strikes your fancy get one befor they are not made anymore.

Free Lunch

It is like the creative ideas don't stop from Paul Romany. This time he has teamed up with master entertainer T.C. Tahoe. This routine has its bases in a book test type effect but goes further a s PR effect for you. Imagine gathering business cards in a bowl. Then a spectator picks one card and your are able to tell the audience all the info on this card choosen by a spectator. Both Paul and T.C. have worked this into a great way of gather more clients. This effect can be a stage effect or even walkaround. The ways it can be done are endless. Don't miss out on a clever way of making magic and gathering more shows.

Tony's Tips

One of the terms I learned in showbiz is "Less is More". This term refers to not always spending lots of money for the trick but to get the most mileage out of the most simple effect. My heros growing up were folks like David Ginn, Londono, Richard Ross, Fred kaps and many others. Entertainers who knew how to make a trick go to the extra mile. Now a days folks like Jeff McBride, Barry Mitchell, (now thats a strage group there) Kevin James, Mike Michaels go that extra mile to make a effect a moment that leaves a lasting moment with the audience. Be it storytelling or magic to music.
So here are a few effects that have given me the confidence to go that extra mile when normally the effect is done before your know it happened.

20th Century Silks has been a staple in most magic shows. Magician ties to silks together and then vanishes a muti-color silk only to have it appear tied in between the two silks. Well this trick has been a great storytelling effect in my show. A story between Mickey, Minnie and Pluto and aday they went for a walk in the park. Mickey and Minnie held hands and sat while Pluto played. He then disappears in a garbage can (change bag) and later appears holding Mickey and Minnie's hand never to disappear again. Well today a caller asked for an idea about a trick for child abuse. I told him this story and he reworked it for the message he needed for his show. Thats the magic of a story and the magic of knowing the method of the magic. Your creative ideas need to come from knowing the routine and the growing past the act that it was designed for.

Spot Can a trick that I make (not the one from overseas) has given me so many ideas for storytelling. I have told a story of a Court Jester whose idea to fool the King almost lost his head until the Fool, fooled the King. One story is that the first trick I ever saw was done to me by my grandfather that couldn't speak english to well and he tought he could fool me with his bad English. This trick has many openings for your creative storyteller ideas.

Another idea comes form a Director of my that always said say the words in your head but first do it in mime. If the story really needs to be told then speak. I hope that opens some ideas in the way that you may start putting a show together next time. Remember what I said in the begining "LESS IS MORE" now that is magic.

Well next week pictures of the first magic classes at Hocus Pocus' new home. Some ideas from the classes and I will intro some my students. If you have anything you think they should learn share them with me at


Best Magical Wishes

Tony Blanco

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

When it is time to be Magical

Over the years when someone hears that your a magician, the first thing you hear is do something. We have the luckest job for everyone gives us the chance to shine when they know your a magician. This past summer having performed at 10 Day Care Centers, this was the case. I walked in and the kids were ready for a show. It was a great thing to be accepted for just what kids want to see and believe in true magic. When you perform or heck just walk in a room folks should know that your magical. I don't mean to walk around wearing a tux and top hat but to carry with you a few magical things and be ready to shine. Much of the greatest magic comes from what appears to be spontaneous, but thats the mark of a great pro to make years of practice look natural.

Next week our magic classes start at Hocus Pocus Thursday Evening for adults and Saturday morning for the Kids. So if your in the Fresno area sign up now. Give me a call at the shop 1-800-407-4040

Tony' Picks

Jolly Roger's Ridiculous Ravioli

From comedy magician Jolly Roger is the newest and hottest fun act Ridiculous Ravioli. What starts out as a changing place routine between a can of ravioli's and a can of chicken soup leads in all sorts of comedy madness. After changing back and forth then other cans start appearing, soup cans, tomatoes, peanut butter, coke can. Then it get crazier a jar of maralade appears with a white mouse inside of it. This mouses come alive and is seen running all over your body and is heading for the Peanut Butter. Once the Peanut Butter is opened two cloth spring snakes shoot out. A real winner for those family shows, it is laugh packed and comes with Roger's time tested routine which he has performed from England to Arizona. I am going to find a spot in my show for this one.

Antigrav Levitation

From Mike Parobec comes what maybe the final answer in person levitations. Over this past year I have seen many different ideas and this one may just be the best. Imagine walking down the street and gathering a crowd. Then you take off your shoes and are in your white soxes. You then channel energy and begin to float up 2 1/2 to 3 inches off the ground. All this while surrounded. Its a cool thing to see. You get the complete routine as well as a well made gimmick. No let me blow your mind some more. You can show the bottom of your feet before and after. You can even do it in shorts. No need to gimmick pants or shoes, plus you can wear this gimmick all day long. Super winner and we are selling them so fast.


Our friend Paul Romhany just keeps coming up with more and more winners,. this time it is " Toasted". Starts out where several members of the audience are given paper and pencils and asked to draw a image star, cross circle what have you. This is all put in a envelope and one piece is choosen by a spectator. Now to find out what is on the paper, the Psychic toaster takes over at this point. Speactator has a free choice of a slice of bread from an entire loaf. The bread is placed in and when the toast comes up it is the choose design burnt in on the toast. The bread can even be given away. Paul also offers another routine with Toasted. This has been a mainstay of his comedy cruiseship show for years so don't miss your chance to own one.


One of the most gaurded secerts of magic the art of sleeving. Brian Platt and his 2 DVD set Catapult will take you into this secert world. Watching the video on our website will let you know that this guy is all about sleeving, and the effects will blow you away. If you have ever wanted to learn sleeving and really couldn't get it down pat from a book, this DVD is for you. Jam packed with teaching the moves that magic magic look magical and one the spot. As well as so many different effects that bring the lessons to a real magical level of performance. This DVD set is just moving out the door here at Hocus Pocus and we just put it on the web yesterday.

Power of the Curse

Many of the best tricks now a days start with a good story. "Want to hear a scary story"...bring out a deck of Tarot Cards you weave your tale and spectator choose one card. During this tale a ancient coin is wrapped in paper and placed on the deck. The paper is set a fire and burns its way thru the deck landing on the choosen card. This is one of those effects that bizarre magi's as well as closeup magi's will just love. The
performance is all up to you on how dark and scary you want to get. Once you know the basic routine you can really shine in your storytelling.

Tony's Tips

Ok since I started tonight talking about being magical on the spot as that TV commerical asks "What in your Wallet". Actually what is in my bag of tricks? When I travel I have a cool close up bag I got at Lowes Home Centers. It looks like a canvas Doctors bag, but it a tool bag. The photo here is not the same colors of my bag. Mine is a blue /black.

So what do I have ready, set, go when I get those calls for closeup and walkaround magic. Well of course decks of cards, and only one being a gimmick deck, a jumbo McComical Deck. The other decks are standard bicycle rider back, and casino cards. The casino cards of course being free when I worked in Vegas (wonder what I will do when i finally run out) for using in signed card tricks. Coins in a 2 sided purse one side 4 halves and a english penny. The other half a couple of bent quarters and a quarter with a nail solder to it. Its a great effect!

Further in the bag (lots of pockets) and big middle for stuff. A container with 4 sponge balls and a frame. A close up pad in a tube a must have! Rope is a must so I have enough for a cut and restore routine. Then a color set of Professor's Nightmare, if you remember a blog and story using the 3 way ropes it now gets great reaction. Silks and Thumb Tips. Now I do have a few card silks also ready to wear on my outside suit pocket. I actually have a couple of those metal horse type puzzles and one shaped like a heart. This is a great little after dinner thing to bring to some of the tables at a long formal dinner event. Plenty of paper napkins for making roses, the good napkins by Michael Mode. Also a small cheap ballon pump and bag of balloons. Just started doing the pearl poodle trick and now Robert Neale just wrote the first book ( I think on ) making animals from string beads.

Further down the rabbit hole that is my bag of tricks I have a card in wallet I made from watching Patrick Page video (now DVD) as well as a Ring Flite and a Borrowed ring on shoe. My personal favorite and custom made version of Girls Night Out. I told you about that last week. A muti-change bag that keeps changing till you get to a zipper pocket which I then finally get to a deck of cards.

Also some of my favorites that I have made up from watching videos from Max Maven, Trevor Lewis and Martin Lewis. Max's trick is what I call Penny, Nickel and Dime. A great effect from the Videomind DVD series. Trevor's Trick from his DVD is a great comedy effect using a piece of paper with numbers 1-16 and the punch line ends up in a tea tin with 7 empty tea bags strung together. Then Martin's great Big Switch from Making Magic DVD.

Not to mention a few other things like Sharpie's, Scissors, a Altoid tin (small) that I use as a Okito Box. Yes my idea, run with it let me know how it works for you.

So everything fits nicely in the bag but here is the deal it all wears even nicer in my suit so i don't carry that bag all night. One casino would not let me carry the bag in so I loaded the suit in the parking lot and walked in just carrying the close-up pad.

So theres whats in "My Bag of tricks", what' s in yours. Come on and share with me for our familyof readers.

email me tony@hocus-pocus.com

Hope to hear from you, thanks for reading

Best Magical Wishes,

Tony Blanco

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Magical Moments for Young & Old Alike

This past weekend was a travel thru the ages of a audience. Friday sees me performing for children from ages 4 to 16. Then Sunday afternoon a party for a lovely lady who was turning 85 years old (or young). Both shows where actually the same in magic content. My patter changed a bit to relate to most of the seniors in regards to the intro of each effect, but the end result was still to see the sparkle in the eyes of a child and the child at heart. What I found most amazing was how much giddy children the seniors were. If you get the chance to entertain a senior home or such do it, it will remind you of why we are in this biz. The gleem in the eyes of the senior is not much different of that of a child. This is magic! Young or Young at Heart, is really the true magic of relating to everyone.

Tony's Picks

Remote Vision Die

From Fresno's own creative wizard Tim Wisseman comes the next in his creative ideas Remote Vision Die. Tim is a good friend of Hocus Pocus and keeps the magic coming. You may know his name from his Remote Vision Color Cube, now he has design a Die (single for Dice). The concept is the same a spectator (while magi is out of the room places a large Die in a box. Then the magi returns only to be able to tell you the number of the Die that is placed face up in the box. Simple in idea but magical in performance. Tim is a true wizard of the electronic stuff. We are proud to call him one of our vendors for he stands by his products and will always be there to help anyone that gets one of his props. For all this I always and will always say get his stuff. Read the full description of this super effect.

Color Changing Vest

Direct from overseas, from Lee Alex comes the hippest, fastest color changing effect on the market. Lee has spent a life time in the quick change costume biz and now offers his take on a color changing vest. During your show your seen wearing a nice white vest, at some point turn your back and turn around and the vest is now red. Then again do the same and it becomes blue. then even later in your show the vest is all 3 colors either in the form of the USA flag or the British Union Jack (when ordering ask for the version you like). This effect could not be made any better or easy. Lee has worked out all the moves for you. When I worked in Las Vegas to see a color changing act it blew the audience away, so to add this in your act will only make you look that much greater and magical.

Artist's Dream

From our friend Paul Romhany, one of the formost Charlie Chaplin performers comes "Artist Dream". His creative idea is not just a trick but a full silent act (ala Chaplin) so that it will play for everyone! I can describe the act but won't do it right (read the write up on the site) but let me tell you it is full of comedy and magic. Comedy artwork and the a drink trick ala the great Ricki Dunn whom gave Paul the right to make this special glass that truly brings the comedy to a very funny finale. There is a live performance video on our site. When you get this effect all explained in great detail and you get a live performance DVD as well as all the props for a most magical and entertaining effect

Heart String

Also from Paul Rohmany is one of the most clever ideas in a ring and rope routine. When I first started out, Ring and Rope was the rage. I walked away from this as fast as I could! Now Paul has brought the magic and romance to this old style form of magic in a way that says ahhh! Paul has been doing this act for over 15 years and has worked out all the bugs. This routine lends itself to many possible ways, close-up, stage, walkaround. It will truly touch the heart of a spectator (ok bad joke) but it will and make a lasting impression of you. Comes with a full instructional DVD, 5" golden heart, and string so that you can do the act that has made Paul a Star in his home of Canada. Don't over look this simple yet powrful form of magic, the magic that entertains and makes memories for your audiences.

Spiral Blend

What can I say about visual magic, I love it. As a working Pro that is what we all dream of. Magic that can get a reaction the moment we do it. Stuff that blows the audience away the second its done on stage. Again from our overseas connections (yes we really work to find stuff for your around the world) show 3 silks, red, black and yellow. Tie them together and swirl them around and the change them to a full foulard with all the colors. Its almost like magic 101.
Don't miss out on this limited one of a kind set of silks that we have. Once gone, that will be it. We have only soooo many and then thats it. Produce the 3 silks from anywhere, and the Poof change them into a big foulard

Tony's Tips

Hey its about being Magical. Last week or the week before I talked about what real and what illusion, well now its about What's Heart Felt. How many times do you watch a movie and at every moment you a drawen in deeper to each actor's performance and think its a great movie. It is that when way at the end of the first Willy Wonka movie for me when Gene Wilder says "Remember what happen to the man that got everything he ever wished for.........He live happily ever after". Well as magicians it not about the tricks and fooling folks....it's about touching them in someway that there remember your performance.

When I was a kid magi, folks would tell me about seeing a magician that did something wild and so they remembered them. Now with Street magi's it not much different....but many folks will tell you only one name that has touched them in magic. That David Copper something. David has set a standard that has change magic from just slapping a girl in a box. David has made movement, music and magic into a experiance. This is the same way I have seen Cirque De Soleil take over Las Vegas. There are now over 7 Cirque type shows in VEGAS. People want to be touched and feel something when watching a show. Visual and Magical. Talk is one thing, ala comics and storytellers, but it is the visual artist that makes a moment magic. Some of the best magicians I know (close friends no names) can not talk on stage and lucky for them for them magic is better unspoken. We live in a world of images, this is one thing you better remember.
Let me point this out again, Silence is Golden! Honestlyyou need to connect to the audience but somtimes Silence speaks so much louder.

I personally always open my show to music, a choice or smartness, I say smartness. If you don't know who your working for silence is going to work for your act. We are now a world of TV Movie watchers, staring and not knowing how to clap hands. this is why many Pros still have a warm performer that teaches the audience to clap hands. I have seeen it from Vegas to Branson. Todays folks will stare because to them its like watching TV even if its live. So don't forget to warm them up.

So among the many tricks and effects I recommend always think wht my first director said to me "Do it Silently First if it needs talking then add it". This is a lesson I have learned many times over when I have been to a gig that I find no one speaks english and then I have to change the act to a silent show. I aways have music with me that I can work to now matter what.

So remember Music, Movement and Magic and this could make a differeance!!

Well I have offered many of you the chance to have a spot on my blog......so far not to many takers.

So How about a contest then?

Then the best of "What I did this Summer perfomance" (with pictures) will win DVD's from me personally. So share your photos and stories of some of your summer performances which will be posted on this blog. I will send the best one a set of DVD's that you will really enjoy.

All folks have till Labor Day weekend (the end of summer) to summit ther best stories and photos thats a Monday to: tony@hocus-pocus.com

Thank you for reading and thank you for being my friends

Tony Blanco

P.S. Let me hear from Mickey M, Chris C, Ken M, Kevin B, Sammy R, Lawerance L, David G, Robert B and the rest of you that I chat with from day to day when you place orders. The challenage is on.

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