Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fall Magic is just around the corner

Good day dear readers. It has been a busy time last week. I have gotten to perform, teach, and perform some more. Last week finds me working for the Feld Corportation. The folks that produce Ringling Bros Circus, the former Siegfried and Roy show, and now Disney Magic. Seems Disney is coming to Fresno in September, and they wanted to do some PR for the show.

Thanks to the local article done on Hocus Pocus I got to entertain at a local Boy's and Girl's Club. After the show I gave away tickets to the show for these kids. Best part was I got to also be filmed for our local ABC, Fox and Univision newscast. Then that night was the second of the adult classes. Come Friday was a private gig for a surprise birthday. The party was for a guy whose wife planned an Asian theme party. So here comes me doing close-up magic with my brand new Matrix looking long coat. Ok! Not so Asian but heads turned and everyone knew I was the magician. Then Saturday morning the kid's magic class at HP. So I am looking forward to this the last weekend of the summer, and hope your coming weekend is filled with the last of the summer magic.

Tony's Picks


From Leslie Melville comes the most complete book on storytelling and magic. To create a magic illusion is one thing but to weave a tale to the magic can make the story that much more alive. In this book learn to add that extra touch that most performers miss....that talent to hold an audience with the spoken word. Here is a book with story/routines that you can really do. Also are Leslie's personal stories that he has created that he call's one off's that don't fit the normal magic show but drive home the entertainment value just the same. In this book you will learn how, where and why to create stories for your magic. Personally this is a must for every working magician. I am grabbed my copy today so should you.

Houdini's Tooth

Legend has it that Jay Marshall was helping Bess Houdini clean her home and came upon a box. Inside the box was Houdini's Tooth and Jay had asked if he could keep it. She agreed and Jay came up with this ideal for a routine sooo many years later. With a copy of Houdini's tooth, a shoelace and a silk the magic begins. The tooth is threaded onto the shoelace and wrapped around a spectator's hand with the silk. Faster then you can say "Jail Break" the tooth has escaped/ You get all the items and story or be inspired to creat your own story.

Super Chair

Here is the most "Super" of all the shocking type chairs you can think of. Over the years many famous magicians have mad e a good living using a electrical type chair in their show. Years past had you replacing batteries and carrying a not so real looking chair. all that is a thing of the past with the new super chair. First you can charge the chair from your home electrical outlet. Then it looks just like a nice folding chair. The you can control the charge to the spectator, low for a kids show and stronger for the adult programs. It also has a vibrating system so in turn you can cue a spectator during a mentalism act. There are many ways that this well crafted and long lasting piece of equipment can be used. The name Super is actually mild it should be called Powerful Chair.

Marketing Your Magic in the Real World

From the Marketing mind of Scott Davis comes Marketing your Magic in the Real World. Scott has taken the time to tip some of his best kept secrets to getting your name out there. On this DVD find out how to get more bookings as well as working for better audiences. Then he shares his best on the way to get better PR without spending alot of money, heck sometimes no money at all when the local press does the work for you. Ideas also cover Busniess cards and Brochures on a budget are also taught to you. So here is your chance to up grade those old ways of thinking of marketing your show and start making bigger bucks.

Darwin's Coin Bucket Instructional DVD

From Gary Darwin, Las Vegas's favorite magic son. Gary is friends to all the great magicians of Las Vegas and even is the host of the monthly get togethers of all the magic community there. Gary is full of knowledge and wisdom on most every aspect of magic. He is also a avid collector of magic. His home is a magic collectors dream. So it is just perfect that he teaches his pesonal best tips on the coin bucket aka The Miser's Dream. This routine is easy to learn and to perform. Lance Burton even says that " I have learn things that I have never seen before in any routine" So if your a fan of the Miser's Dream act get your copy of Darwin's Coin Bucket DVD.

Tony 's Tip

Well it has been a full summer and the one thing I have learned the busier I am the happier I am. One thing is always important also find time to focus and plan. This move to Fresno has had many changes for this former Las Vegas working pro. All good changes with new friends and new ideas. So lets start out tonight with a plan to focus on what we want from our performances. During my classes this past week I have talked about the creation of a magic act the same way circus clowns plan their look and character. It is one thing to learn a bunch of magic and do shows...but who are you on stage?

A Stage persona or even a closeup persona is important when "working the room". So magicians just like to look good and do tricks, that' s OK but its the working pro that knows the part he is playing on stage. So besides costumes and props learn why your doing one trick verses the other. Does this trick actully fit me or even better the audiences that I am working for. I am lucky that I travel with a big roadie typ case and sometimes the audience is not what I was told and in this case I can change the show a little when needed. Knowing my inner persona as a magical entertainer I can switch gears if all of a sudden a booking for children really is a show for adults since there are now only 3 kids and 30 adults.

This same talent I hope to instill on all of you means that you also have to be the person that can take charge of a room of people. Most entertainers are used to being introduced and having the show set just so. Now a days I find more people hire you because you know what your doing and wait for you to make it work. This is good in my book because on the average if you wait for the person who hired you to take charge, your 3:00 show may not start until 4:45 if you listern to them and wait for the rest of the guest to arrive. This "Take Charge" persona is important to have (be flexable) but yet strong to show them that your here to entertain and give them their money's worth.

Planning and Production ideas:

Now a days a real way to make extra money as a magician is to be a full service production company. So let look at a few ideas to be the real person who knows how thing should be run.

1 Setting your self up as someone who can get everything the event needs. This could include being the person hiring the band or DJ, balloon decorations, food services. Some big name pros sometimes make more money just putting the party together then they would doing just a show.

2. In doing this type of services you can now upcharge for the event or just ask those you book for a comminsion for you recommending them.

3. If your crafty you can do the party decor (i.e. Balloons and backdrops) such a foamcore sign in boards for the party (extra fee) with a stand.

4. Theme costumes are a offer you should give for parties and again folks will have to pay more for the magician doing a birthday now dressed like a Pirate or Wizard.

Ok gang there are a few ideas to upsell your programs. Do you have any? Share them with all of us. Remember we all live in different parts of the world so a guy sharing an idea from England is not going to be worried if someone in Ohio uses his idea. We are all here to learn.

Share with me for next week's column at Tony@Hocus-Pocus.com

Thanks for the kind words I get over the phone as I chat with all of you
Have a great 3 Day weekend

Best Magical Wishes,

Tony Blanco

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