Tuesday, August 22, 2006


The Next Generation....

Last week (Thur. and Sat.) began our magic workshops at Hocus Pocus. From just the article that appeared in our Fresno Bee we got a total of 24 students. 18 of which are the adults and 6 are the kids. It was amazing to see the interest of all the students and the willingness to learn. I have a feeling I asked alot of all of them by teaching first the classic palm and then some other sleights I think every magician should know. Either way I think I am very lucky with these folks and the energy they brought with them to learn.

Also last week I got to perform for our local zoo here in Fresno. It was a honor to work with a musical legend that does music and sing-alongs with the kids. Oklin Bloodworth is the zoo's musical piper who now is entertaining the kids of the kids he first entertained some 18 years ago. So to present my magic and storytelling also was a magical Ice Cream fund raiser night indeed.

Tony's Picks

Mindreading Orange

From the mind of full time working pro John Kaplin comes Mindreading Orange. Here is a routine that truly has been time tested and now released for the first time. John is one of those performers that has created a great working routine and now tips all the bits. Imagine the comedy of introducing a "Mindreading Orange". Heck the title is funny enough and yet many more laughs come from this act. This routine is one that can play for all audiences, loaded with great one liners, and to say the least very visual. Our good friend Paul Romany says "This is going into my cruise ship shows IT'S THAT GOOD. High praise from another full time working pro. Don't miss your chance to get one.

Kikuchi Spoons

From one of Paul's deals we are proud to bring you the magic of Kikuchi. This time Mr. Kikuchi has come up with an amazing line of spoons. First the Ghost Spoon, at any time with any spoon it visual bends right in from of the spectator's eyes. No pulls, no chemicals just a magical visual piece of magic. Kikuchi Twisting Spoon now goes one step further, using anyones spoon you begin to magical twist the handle of the spoon several times. There is also the Tornado Spoon and the Spoon Eating. All of these spoons come with complete routines and the gimmick that lets you perform these on the spot marvels. I suggest buying them all and use them as a running bit in your show. Even a different spoon act at each table, so spectators will show each other across the restauant. Each spoon item has a video on the web if you can't take my words of how amazing each one is

Auto Lit Vanishing Torch

Here is one for the opening or for any part of yor act. You can walk on stage and act like a fire eater and then chicken out and then vanish the torch. That fast and that simple. The usse of a Torch in your show can be use to show your illusion box empty and then Poof its gone. There are so many places that this can be used in your act. Now here is a piece of equipment that will last you a life time because it is made that well. This is a prop that magicians have been looking for, for a long time. Never know how long this will be around so don't miss your chance to get one.

Lincoln's Best Boon Listo Pack

Well our new salesman Dexter has already stepped up to bring us Lincoln's Best Boon Listo Pack. Dexter has been in the Mentalism biz for a long time, and his friend Lincoln has come up with what has to be just that the "Best Boon" in the Biz. A Boon (if you don't know) helps you write those words in a special way during your prediction act. Along with a special pack of writers and gimmicks you get Lincoln's book "Shh" normally a $15.00 item alone. If you have ever thought of doing spirit writing in your act you will only need one Boon Pack and this is the one. Many of todays top mentalist are praising this marvelous device.

Sign Off

Here is a signed card routine that will blow them all away. Have a spectator sign a card, it gets shuffled into the deck. On the table is a jumbo card, and you can joke that it would be amazing if that matched the signed card. Turning this jumbo card over (he is the joke) it is actually 24 little cards on the one jumbo card. Here it gets wierd, one card is the spectator's signed card. You now go to pull off this card off the jumbo one. The card now visual grows to be the spectator's signed card. Tony Clark and Austin Brooks have a real winner and share so much on a 40 min DVD. Also part of this effect are ways of card controls and forces to make this Sign Off a true magical moment.

Tony's Tips

Here is a great life lesson when working with different groups. How many times do you get to perform for what you know will be a worthwhile audience, but are ask to work for free. In years past I turn down charity events just because it is never planned right.

Now I am not going on a bad rant of saying don't work for a charity. What I am saying is that you best be prepard for what might happen. Most of these type of events are run by folks who really don't know your needs. They want an entertainer to make their job as a fundraiser look good. So my tip is that everything better be in writing for this type of event. If your doing it for free or a reduced rate to help them.

Any form of PR best be given to them way in advance, and if you have to do the PR yourself. Charity groups might even welcome that better then they could do. This is a event where the group wants to raise money but in the mean time you want to get your name out there to. Bring giveaways with your name on it, even with the logo or look of the event.

Never miss your chance to promote yourself along with the charity. Heck every person living in this country knows Jerry Lewis' name linked with the MDA event. Movie Stars and Singers always do some form of charity work to keep their name alive when not working. So once in awhile you can too. Just make sure that your name is spelled right, let alone get printed somewhere in a program or poster.

Hope you life is magical and going well
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