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A Magical Beginning

Thanks for waiting a extra day for the blog, busy week at Hocus Pocus getting ready for lots of events. Tomorrow we are meeting with our crew of vendors and and Webmasters to take our website even further. Then tomorrow night begins my first series of classes (Thur. for the adults, Sat. for the kids) to create the next generation of magi's. There is one thing I have learned and remember this, what we learn we need to teach and share. So many times we get an interest in something like magic and yet our family may not share the same interest. That is why we have magic conventions, and workshops and teach magic. If you have interest in something its good to be around those who share the same interest. This is how we grow, learn, and create! This is why I write this blog each week. Some day I hope some of you will come forth and share. I promise to honor and spot light you all. Next week I hope to share with you the next group of magic hopefuls from our 1st workshop at Hocus Pocus.

Tony's Picks


From our good friend and creative force in magic Devin Night comes Sprung! The toy we all grew up with a Slinky become a force for a thru the body illusion. Devin and his co- creator John Moyer have come up with a toy that we all know and transformed it into a magical prop..that with blow people away. Remember this at any time during your show, with no special jacket, or set ups just pick up the slinky and do a magical miracle. You will get the prop that does it all and Devin has added a card trick that you can also do with the Slinky. Neat stuff, ready to put one in my bag of tricks.

Dancing Paper Doll

From one of my best Vegas friend Mike Michaels comes the most magical effect Dancing Paper Doll. My friend Mike has toured the world entertainer Kings and Queens of Europe and now shares one of his pet sercerts. The Dancing Paper Doll is the stuff that Robert Houdin would build if he was alive today. A paper doll is shown after a spectator has choosen a card. This doll is placed inside a really cool looking stage. It comes to life and a piece of paper is handed to the doll and scissors begin to cut the paper as the doll dances. Well when all is done the paper has the choosen card cut out. To really get a better view of the cool little stage check the website. This is one efffect I promise someone famous will do soon on TV....get yours before them.

Cellini Street Magic

From the guy who has traveled the world street performing comes his latest tips on the craft. Just the other day he called in to Hocus Pocus from Switzerland. He was ordering some magic and in true street magician style was willing to share his journey with us. This is his latest DVD lecture series sharing to all of us how he has made his living on the street. Magic is about the moment and I as a street performer myself can tell you that Cellini does not hold back in this the Third series of DVD's he has made. Magic is real world and Cellini has been real world for many years. The info on this DVD is priceless for all working in real world places,

Nicholas Einhorn's In-Flight

One of the most magical things people want to see is someone to float or fly. This is also a real world typ effect. Imagine setting us a cardboard box and standing inside it with a curtain and then you and the curtain float above the box. Then when all is said and done, fold the box up and walk away. Paul Daniel (legendary magic from England) blew everyone away in Las Vegas magic convention with this at a Midnight Show. What does that say, when youfool magicians!! Nicholas has made this effect only so many times a year and then stops. He has been so nice to once again make a batch for us at Hocus Pocus for a limited time. So never know when he say no more. For you if it strikes your fancy get one befor they are not made anymore.

Free Lunch

It is like the creative ideas don't stop from Paul Romany. This time he has teamed up with master entertainer T.C. Tahoe. This routine has its bases in a book test type effect but goes further a s PR effect for you. Imagine gathering business cards in a bowl. Then a spectator picks one card and your are able to tell the audience all the info on this card choosen by a spectator. Both Paul and T.C. have worked this into a great way of gather more clients. This effect can be a stage effect or even walkaround. The ways it can be done are endless. Don't miss out on a clever way of making magic and gathering more shows.

Tony's Tips

One of the terms I learned in showbiz is "Less is More". This term refers to not always spending lots of money for the trick but to get the most mileage out of the most simple effect. My heros growing up were folks like David Ginn, Londono, Richard Ross, Fred kaps and many others. Entertainers who knew how to make a trick go to the extra mile. Now a days folks like Jeff McBride, Barry Mitchell, (now thats a strage group there) Kevin James, Mike Michaels go that extra mile to make a effect a moment that leaves a lasting moment with the audience. Be it storytelling or magic to music.
So here are a few effects that have given me the confidence to go that extra mile when normally the effect is done before your know it happened.

20th Century Silks has been a staple in most magic shows. Magician ties to silks together and then vanishes a muti-color silk only to have it appear tied in between the two silks. Well this trick has been a great storytelling effect in my show. A story between Mickey, Minnie and Pluto and aday they went for a walk in the park. Mickey and Minnie held hands and sat while Pluto played. He then disappears in a garbage can (change bag) and later appears holding Mickey and Minnie's hand never to disappear again. Well today a caller asked for an idea about a trick for child abuse. I told him this story and he reworked it for the message he needed for his show. Thats the magic of a story and the magic of knowing the method of the magic. Your creative ideas need to come from knowing the routine and the growing past the act that it was designed for.

Spot Can a trick that I make (not the one from overseas) has given me so many ideas for storytelling. I have told a story of a Court Jester whose idea to fool the King almost lost his head until the Fool, fooled the King. One story is that the first trick I ever saw was done to me by my grandfather that couldn't speak english to well and he tought he could fool me with his bad English. This trick has many openings for your creative storyteller ideas.

Another idea comes form a Director of my that always said say the words in your head but first do it in mime. If the story really needs to be told then speak. I hope that opens some ideas in the way that you may start putting a show together next time. Remember what I said in the begining "LESS IS MORE" now that is magic.

Well next week pictures of the first magic classes at Hocus Pocus' new home. Some ideas from the classes and I will intro some my students. If you have anything you think they should learn share them with me at

Best Magical Wishes

Tony Blanco

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