Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Magical Moments for Young & Old Alike

This past weekend was a travel thru the ages of a audience. Friday sees me performing for children from ages 4 to 16. Then Sunday afternoon a party for a lovely lady who was turning 85 years old (or young). Both shows where actually the same in magic content. My patter changed a bit to relate to most of the seniors in regards to the intro of each effect, but the end result was still to see the sparkle in the eyes of a child and the child at heart. What I found most amazing was how much giddy children the seniors were. If you get the chance to entertain a senior home or such do it, it will remind you of why we are in this biz. The gleem in the eyes of the senior is not much different of that of a child. This is magic! Young or Young at Heart, is really the true magic of relating to everyone.

Tony's Picks

Remote Vision Die

From Fresno's own creative wizard Tim Wisseman comes the next in his creative ideas Remote Vision Die. Tim is a good friend of Hocus Pocus and keeps the magic coming. You may know his name from his Remote Vision Color Cube, now he has design a Die (single for Dice). The concept is the same a spectator (while magi is out of the room places a large Die in a box. Then the magi returns only to be able to tell you the number of the Die that is placed face up in the box. Simple in idea but magical in performance. Tim is a true wizard of the electronic stuff. We are proud to call him one of our vendors for he stands by his products and will always be there to help anyone that gets one of his props. For all this I always and will always say get his stuff. Read the full description of this super effect.

Color Changing Vest

Direct from overseas, from Lee Alex comes the hippest, fastest color changing effect on the market. Lee has spent a life time in the quick change costume biz and now offers his take on a color changing vest. During your show your seen wearing a nice white vest, at some point turn your back and turn around and the vest is now red. Then again do the same and it becomes blue. then even later in your show the vest is all 3 colors either in the form of the USA flag or the British Union Jack (when ordering ask for the version you like). This effect could not be made any better or easy. Lee has worked out all the moves for you. When I worked in Las Vegas to see a color changing act it blew the audience away, so to add this in your act will only make you look that much greater and magical.

Artist's Dream

From our friend Paul Romhany, one of the formost Charlie Chaplin performers comes "Artist Dream". His creative idea is not just a trick but a full silent act (ala Chaplin) so that it will play for everyone! I can describe the act but won't do it right (read the write up on the site) but let me tell you it is full of comedy and magic. Comedy artwork and the a drink trick ala the great Ricki Dunn whom gave Paul the right to make this special glass that truly brings the comedy to a very funny finale. There is a live performance video on our site. When you get this effect all explained in great detail and you get a live performance DVD as well as all the props for a most magical and entertaining effect

Heart String

Also from Paul Rohmany is one of the most clever ideas in a ring and rope routine. When I first started out, Ring and Rope was the rage. I walked away from this as fast as I could! Now Paul has brought the magic and romance to this old style form of magic in a way that says ahhh! Paul has been doing this act for over 15 years and has worked out all the bugs. This routine lends itself to many possible ways, close-up, stage, walkaround. It will truly touch the heart of a spectator (ok bad joke) but it will and make a lasting impression of you. Comes with a full instructional DVD, 5" golden heart, and string so that you can do the act that has made Paul a Star in his home of Canada. Don't over look this simple yet powrful form of magic, the magic that entertains and makes memories for your audiences.

Spiral Blend

What can I say about visual magic, I love it. As a working Pro that is what we all dream of. Magic that can get a reaction the moment we do it. Stuff that blows the audience away the second its done on stage. Again from our overseas connections (yes we really work to find stuff for your around the world) show 3 silks, red, black and yellow. Tie them together and swirl them around and the change them to a full foulard with all the colors. Its almost like magic 101.
Don't miss out on this limited one of a kind set of silks that we have. Once gone, that will be it. We have only soooo many and then thats it. Produce the 3 silks from anywhere, and the Poof change them into a big foulard

Tony's Tips

Hey its about being Magical. Last week or the week before I talked about what real and what illusion, well now its about What's Heart Felt. How many times do you watch a movie and at every moment you a drawen in deeper to each actor's performance and think its a great movie. It is that when way at the end of the first Willy Wonka movie for me when Gene Wilder says "Remember what happen to the man that got everything he ever wished for.........He live happily ever after". Well as magicians it not about the tricks and fooling folks....it's about touching them in someway that there remember your performance.

When I was a kid magi, folks would tell me about seeing a magician that did something wild and so they remembered them. Now with Street magi's it not much different....but many folks will tell you only one name that has touched them in magic. That David Copper something. David has set a standard that has change magic from just slapping a girl in a box. David has made movement, music and magic into a experiance. This is the same way I have seen Cirque De Soleil take over Las Vegas. There are now over 7 Cirque type shows in VEGAS. People want to be touched and feel something when watching a show. Visual and Magical. Talk is one thing, ala comics and storytellers, but it is the visual artist that makes a moment magic. Some of the best magicians I know (close friends no names) can not talk on stage and lucky for them for them magic is better unspoken. We live in a world of images, this is one thing you better remember.
Let me point this out again, Silence is Golden! Honestlyyou need to connect to the audience but somtimes Silence speaks so much louder.

I personally always open my show to music, a choice or smartness, I say smartness. If you don't know who your working for silence is going to work for your act. We are now a world of TV Movie watchers, staring and not knowing how to clap hands. this is why many Pros still have a warm performer that teaches the audience to clap hands. I have seeen it from Vegas to Branson. Todays folks will stare because to them its like watching TV even if its live. So don't forget to warm them up.

So among the many tricks and effects I recommend always think wht my first director said to me "Do it Silently First if it needs talking then add it". This is a lesson I have learned many times over when I have been to a gig that I find no one speaks english and then I have to change the act to a silent show. I aways have music with me that I can work to now matter what.

So remember Music, Movement and Magic and this could make a differeance!!

Well I have offered many of you the chance to have a spot on my blog......so far not to many takers.

So How about a contest then?

Then the best of "What I did this Summer perfomance" (with pictures) will win DVD's from me personally. So share your photos and stories of some of your summer performances which will be posted on this blog. I will send the best one a set of DVD's that you will really enjoy.

All folks have till Labor Day weekend (the end of summer) to summit ther best stories and photos thats a Monday to: tony@hocus-pocus.com

Thank you for reading and thank you for being my friends

Tony Blanco

P.S. Let me hear from Mickey M, Chris C, Ken M, Kevin B, Sammy R, Lawerance L, David G, Robert B and the rest of you that I chat with from day to day when you place orders. The challenage is on.

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