Tuesday, August 08, 2006

When it is time to be Magical

Over the years when someone hears that your a magician, the first thing you hear is do something. We have the luckest job for everyone gives us the chance to shine when they know your a magician. This past summer having performed at 10 Day Care Centers, this was the case. I walked in and the kids were ready for a show. It was a great thing to be accepted for just what kids want to see and believe in true magic. When you perform or heck just walk in a room folks should know that your magical. I don't mean to walk around wearing a tux and top hat but to carry with you a few magical things and be ready to shine. Much of the greatest magic comes from what appears to be spontaneous, but thats the mark of a great pro to make years of practice look natural.

Next week our magic classes start at Hocus Pocus Thursday Evening for adults and Saturday morning for the Kids. So if your in the Fresno area sign up now. Give me a call at the shop 1-800-407-4040

Tony' Picks

Jolly Roger's Ridiculous Ravioli

From comedy magician Jolly Roger is the newest and hottest fun act Ridiculous Ravioli. What starts out as a changing place routine between a can of ravioli's and a can of chicken soup leads in all sorts of comedy madness. After changing back and forth then other cans start appearing, soup cans, tomatoes, peanut butter, coke can. Then it get crazier a jar of maralade appears with a white mouse inside of it. This mouses come alive and is seen running all over your body and is heading for the Peanut Butter. Once the Peanut Butter is opened two cloth spring snakes shoot out. A real winner for those family shows, it is laugh packed and comes with Roger's time tested routine which he has performed from England to Arizona. I am going to find a spot in my show for this one.

Antigrav Levitation

From Mike Parobec comes what maybe the final answer in person levitations. Over this past year I have seen many different ideas and this one may just be the best. Imagine walking down the street and gathering a crowd. Then you take off your shoes and are in your white soxes. You then channel energy and begin to float up 2 1/2 to 3 inches off the ground. All this while surrounded. Its a cool thing to see. You get the complete routine as well as a well made gimmick. No let me blow your mind some more. You can show the bottom of your feet before and after. You can even do it in shorts. No need to gimmick pants or shoes, plus you can wear this gimmick all day long. Super winner and we are selling them so fast.


Our friend Paul Romhany just keeps coming up with more and more winners,. this time it is " Toasted". Starts out where several members of the audience are given paper and pencils and asked to draw a image star, cross circle what have you. This is all put in a envelope and one piece is choosen by a spectator. Now to find out what is on the paper, the Psychic toaster takes over at this point. Speactator has a free choice of a slice of bread from an entire loaf. The bread is placed in and when the toast comes up it is the choose design burnt in on the toast. The bread can even be given away. Paul also offers another routine with Toasted. This has been a mainstay of his comedy cruiseship show for years so don't miss your chance to own one.


One of the most gaurded secerts of magic the art of sleeving. Brian Platt and his 2 DVD set Catapult will take you into this secert world. Watching the video on our website will let you know that this guy is all about sleeving, and the effects will blow you away. If you have ever wanted to learn sleeving and really couldn't get it down pat from a book, this DVD is for you. Jam packed with teaching the moves that magic magic look magical and one the spot. As well as so many different effects that bring the lessons to a real magical level of performance. This DVD set is just moving out the door here at Hocus Pocus and we just put it on the web yesterday.

Power of the Curse

Many of the best tricks now a days start with a good story. "Want to hear a scary story"...bring out a deck of Tarot Cards you weave your tale and spectator choose one card. During this tale a ancient coin is wrapped in paper and placed on the deck. The paper is set a fire and burns its way thru the deck landing on the choosen card. This is one of those effects that bizarre magi's as well as closeup magi's will just love. The
performance is all up to you on how dark and scary you want to get. Once you know the basic routine you can really shine in your storytelling.

Tony's Tips

Ok since I started tonight talking about being magical on the spot as that TV commerical asks "What in your Wallet". Actually what is in my bag of tricks? When I travel I have a cool close up bag I got at Lowes Home Centers. It looks like a canvas Doctors bag, but it a tool bag. The photo here is not the same colors of my bag. Mine is a blue /black.

So what do I have ready, set, go when I get those calls for closeup and walkaround magic. Well of course decks of cards, and only one being a gimmick deck, a jumbo McComical Deck. The other decks are standard bicycle rider back, and casino cards. The casino cards of course being free when I worked in Vegas (wonder what I will do when i finally run out) for using in signed card tricks. Coins in a 2 sided purse one side 4 halves and a english penny. The other half a couple of bent quarters and a quarter with a nail solder to it. Its a great effect!

Further in the bag (lots of pockets) and big middle for stuff. A container with 4 sponge balls and a frame. A close up pad in a tube a must have! Rope is a must so I have enough for a cut and restore routine. Then a color set of Professor's Nightmare, if you remember a blog and story using the 3 way ropes it now gets great reaction. Silks and Thumb Tips. Now I do have a few card silks also ready to wear on my outside suit pocket. I actually have a couple of those metal horse type puzzles and one shaped like a heart. This is a great little after dinner thing to bring to some of the tables at a long formal dinner event. Plenty of paper napkins for making roses, the good napkins by Michael Mode. Also a small cheap ballon pump and bag of balloons. Just started doing the pearl poodle trick and now Robert Neale just wrote the first book ( I think on ) making animals from string beads.

Further down the rabbit hole that is my bag of tricks I have a card in wallet I made from watching Patrick Page video (now DVD) as well as a Ring Flite and a Borrowed ring on shoe. My personal favorite and custom made version of Girls Night Out. I told you about that last week. A muti-change bag that keeps changing till you get to a zipper pocket which I then finally get to a deck of cards.

Also some of my favorites that I have made up from watching videos from Max Maven, Trevor Lewis and Martin Lewis. Max's trick is what I call Penny, Nickel and Dime. A great effect from the Videomind DVD series. Trevor's Trick from his DVD is a great comedy effect using a piece of paper with numbers 1-16 and the punch line ends up in a tea tin with 7 empty tea bags strung together. Then Martin's great Big Switch from Making Magic DVD.

Not to mention a few other things like Sharpie's, Scissors, a Altoid tin (small) that I use as a Okito Box. Yes my idea, run with it let me know how it works for you.

So everything fits nicely in the bag but here is the deal it all wears even nicer in my suit so i don't carry that bag all night. One casino would not let me carry the bag in so I loaded the suit in the parking lot and walked in just carrying the close-up pad.

So theres whats in "My Bag of tricks", what' s in yours. Come on and share with me for our familyof readers.

email me tony@hocus-pocus.com

Hope to hear from you, thanks for reading

Best Magical Wishes,

Tony Blanco

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