Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Fall Magic is in the Air

The weather here in Fresno has gotten that crisp fall chill. There is already some mornings that the dew is on the windows of the cars. So much to look forward as the seasons change here in the central valley of California. This week, Fresno plays host to not one but two traveling shows. One is the new Cirque Du Soleil shows that is part circus and rock concert called "Delirium". Having lived in Las Vegas for 18 years and haven seen Cirque create 5 shows that rule the strip it's going to be fun to see them on tour. Then on Friday comes Disney Magic, a touring show where all the favorite Disney icons perform magic and illusion. I have been lucky to be part of both of these companies in one way or another so next blog I will give you some reviews. Right now I can tell you if either show comes to your town don't miss them.

Tony's Picks

Masuda's Wow

This is one of those effects that magicians have seen at or heard about at magic conventions. Folks have been calling wondering if we were going to carry this. Well thanks to our great network of friends Hocus Pocus is proud to bring you WOW! Imagine having a spectator sign a card and place it back in the deck. A different card is placed in a transparent holder and then begins to change while in the holder to their signed card. Words can't do it justice as this may just be the hottest close-up trick of the year. So go to the website and see the video of the performance. We are going to have a limited run so get yours now.

Fancy a Pot of Jam

As much as Wow may be the hottest trick of the year, James Brown from England may have the hottest DVD "Fancy a Pot of Jam. James is known for some of the most clever and well kept secret effects to himself. James has won the title of Closeup magician of the year for 2006 from the Magic Circle. His workings on the classic effect "The Travellers" which he calls "The Brainless Travellers" is worth the price of the DVD. There is so much more that this DVD offers by this full time, real world performer not to be missed. I have taken sooo many orders for this DVD so all of you know when something is hot and call us. Making this my pick of DVD's to get this week. Check out the website for the rest of Jame's killer effects.

Find The Way

Direct from the creative mind of Henry Evans and a complete sell out at this year's FISM convention comes "Find the Way". This has to be the most clever and cutest way to find a spectator's card. A card is choosen along with 2 different cards and a sheet of pper with circles is shown. The cards go into the circles and a toy vehicle is shown and let go on its merry way, circling around the paper till it stops on the choosen card. This method is different then most toy locations and comes with 4 more routines. You can really create more routines once you learn the method. Very limited supply at Hocus Pocus so don't miss your chance to own one.

Mummy Dearest

Mike Bent's take on a great comedy routine for your family fun shows for this coming Halloween season. Every magician at one time or another has owned a Temple Screen, not a great trick but a OK one for those small shows. Mike has created a legend and story for this lonely little prop. Mummy Dearest comes to you as a CD with PDF's to change your Temple Screen into a slice of the inside the ancient pyramids. Then the comedy begins as you are looking inside for the mummy and end up changing your helper into one.

Marmaduke the Wonder Mouse

Years ago having been a performer in Central Park I would see a pitchman do this little marvel. Then for the price of one dollar you to could own the mouse and the secret. Marmaduke is this same mouse all these years later with a complete treatment on how you to can make big bucks with this little wonder. Also in this book are explanations on other "Pitch" items such as the magic coin trick, Spooky pencil trick and the Fuzzy Wiggle Worm. This is something everyone should know about and if you have never seen a carnival pitch guy seeing any of these items you have miss some of the greatest salesmanship and close magic ever.

Greater Magic DVD Tom Mullica

What can one say of one of the funniest guys in magic. Taped before a live audience at the height of Tom's Tomfoolery days witness the best in comedy and bar magic. Tom does not hold back with anything on this now DVD of his comedy madness. Cards, Cigarettes, Egg Bag, Bill Tear and even the Gozinta Box. This is one high energy packed comedy DVD and yes Tom tips some of his pet secrets. Tom is now traveling doing a tribute to Red Skelton and I am not sure what magic he is doing now so don't miss his classic of the days from his performances that made him a legend in Atlanta, Ga.

Tony's Tips

As I said its going to be great this week to see some live performances here in Fresno. Not to say we don't get our share of headliners in the local Indian Casinos and concert halls here. It is just for me about fantasy and magic in a performance. Both shows that I have mention will let me watch the audience and see how the magic moves them and get inspired. Many folks always ask which comes first the trick or routine. Good question! I know magicians that to this day will perform a trick they just hate, but the audience loves. That is important to remember its for the audience and not always what you like. Now on the other hand we as magicians buy lots of stuff hoping to find the one trick that may make them a star.

This thought process can stop your calling to be a star. Knowing more of who or what your central magician is about will determine the effects you should do. I personally as I said go for the fantasy angle. I may perform some really cool sleight of hand but may just never talk or even do it to music. Its what the event calls for. The other night I was working that Zoo gig I did a few weeks back. This time it was as a closeup walkaround kind'da guy. Dressed in my "Willy Wonka" type look the families just came a running to see what I was about. They formed an image in their mind so did the kids and half my job was done. Now I could either depend on the trick and leave it at that or weave a magical story to the trick. I choose a kind'da wording as if they were hearing a Dr. Suess story. This made me different from the guy juggling and the guy singing songs for the kids. You see at one point we were all in a row on a path and each kid visited each entertainer. Now I am not saying I was better, just different and in the world of entertainment "different" gets you repeat bookings.

So think of how you either market your image to your audience. What makes you different? Special? This is a problem I have fought all my life in creating a unique show. I have learned from good friends that if you look the part and know your stuff and know yourself, your are different. Even if a child yells, "I know what your going to do"! He doesn't really know how your going to show him how your making this effect yours but the parents will and again that get repeat work. Work hard to create a unique you and the rest is just magical. Hope that inspires your week. Next week I will have pictures and reviews of the shows I have seen this. Hope to get to go back stage for both.

Best Magical Wishes

Tony Blanco

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