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The Magic of Fresno in Just One Week

Maybe I am now getting to know my new home town a bit better through things I know well. I have been lucky this past week to be part of two major tours that passed into Fresno. One was Cirque Du Soleil's new touring show "Delirium". Part Rock concert, Part Cirque, and the rest just magical. The next show in the same week was one I got to be part of was Disney Magic Live! The stuff of a Las Vegas magic show wrapped in the blanket of all the great Disney Icons. Both shows in just two days apart amazed and entertained the folks of Fresno. If all of you don't mind this week I will use "Tony's Tips as a review and tell you a tale of both. Either way if these shows come to your town it will be a magical night that will entertain, amaze, and inspire you.

Cirque Du Soleil's Delirium

Cast of Disney Live w/yours truly

Tony's Picks

Well after a week like last week here are the amazing items we have to offer at Hocus-Pocus.


From one of my favorite creative folks Andrew Mayne comes Ghostvision. Paul was so excited to show this to me first thing this morning. The video says it all but I will write a few ones for you. First we start out with a spectators camera cell phone, weaving a tale of how that spirits are all around us. In telling this tale you actually see a image walking in front of the camera. Then a photograph of something taken when you can see no one is in the room. When looking at the pic on the cell phone there is a person. This truly is the most creepy thing one can image. See the online video to believe what I am saying. Andrew has done it again. Just in time for those Halloween walkaround parties.

Behold the Scarabaeus

Well since we are on a Cell phone kick tonight, let me tell you of Behold the Scarabaeus. This is actually a few routines in one. First one of the most amazing is that of a real spectators cell phone and the penatration of a plastic water bottle. That's right penatration and all can be borrowed. The cell phone can only be removed by the use of a knife to cut the bottle open. All the tools are given with this effect, plus a bonus VCD to teach you this and other effects such as Fort Know Coins and Dra-Cola. Kevin Cramer has come up with a winner and gives you so more of his creative ideas for such a low price too. This will truly be the hit for all you "Street Magic" Fans.


Since its that kind'da spooky magic night why not set the scene with a tale or two from Christian Clelman. In this book he tells of tales of his bizarre collection of antiques that are part of his magical and spooky perfomances. Here is one of those books that will inspire the way you do magic This is one of those books that we are offering as a pre order because it will be that much in demand so free shipping is included if order now before October.

Ray Lum's Ultimate Champange Airborne

From Hocus-Pocus good friend and creative mind Ray Lum comes his version of the Champange Airborne. This is the effect that has made Lance Burton a Las Vegas magic legend. Ray crafts each of thse bottle sothat you are getting something only the pro's use. This is a high quality prop no cutting corners. Eight costs of Auto paint make this bottle a true long lasting prop. Each bottle carries Ray's engraved plate of his workmanship and identifying you as the owner. The same detail Ray put into his famous creation the Lumball machine can be found in this effect also. So don't miss you chance to own of a piece of magic history as well as a full time working pro's prop.

Warp One

This has become a favorite around the shop by our own Dexter. This has got to be the knock your socks off one card card warp routine ever. That's right I said one card. From the production company of Paul Harris presents comes David Jenkins amazing handing of card warp. First off the spectator can pick any card from the deck, its not prepared. Then with a series of moves the card is seen to reverse in half while fold many times over. Then the grand final as in the famous Roy Walton version you tear the card in half and hand it out to the spectator. Heck I think you can go as far as having the card signed from the begining but thats just my view on how strong a effect this is.

Tony's Tips

Well as I said in the beginning tonight more of a review of the two shows that graced the stages of Fresno last week first off Cirque Du Soleil's Delirium. About two weeks back one of our local entertainment reporters was looking for folks that were knowledgeable of the Cirque history. Having seen Cirque in Las Vegas grow from one show to the other and now have homes in 5 major casino's I figure to give him a call. Donald Munro interviewed me for about 15 minutes or so and that was that. The week Cirque came to town he did a big (front page even) article on them and I was mention a couple of times. That was that I thought. Then a phone call from one of the crew of the show, Dominic who was looking to buy some magic. As well as being a chief camera person for the show he is a working magician. We chatted and took his order and he asked who I was, told him my name and he said the guy in the paper talking about Cirque. I said yes! Well he called back with backstage passes and tickets from the managment for my kind words. Well now here are a few more...kind words.

This show is a wonderous sight to see! With hundreds of miles of cables, cameras, curtains, folks floating in air and a pounding rock beat its a touring show not to miss. Only second to the current Madonna tour in its scale of staging and setting up. If you have ever seen a Cirque show this again is diffferent from the rest. It has "theme" which sometimes I don't ever get but its the great performances that sell the show for me not the theme. Many incredible circus talents with amazing skills this time with a more rock and visual (projections on many screens) that make it another Cirque creative hit. Our host even introduced me to the company manager who gave us the tickets and Dominic had me do some magic while folks had their dinner. Once a close-up magician always one. Thank you Dominic for being such a great host.

Next up was Disney Live on Friday night. Even further back I got a call from a local ad agency to do a promo at a local Boy's and Girl's club to promote the tour of Disney Live. This was great as this group of kids kind'da lived in a tough part of town and besides my show that day, they were going to be guests of Disney Live. So we are off to the show, myself and family and Dexter and his. All of a sudden I am told everyone in the hot dog line is waving at me....I haven't a clue. Then I realize its the entire Boy's and Girl's Club, was that cool or what.

Earlier in the day the two live stars, Brad and Alex had spent the day chatting with Paul and beholding the wonder of his magical world of Hocus Pocus. Finds out Brad and I are from the East coast and have alot of the same friends. He was happy to hear that I did the advance work for the show so that again was way cool. Back to the Theatre, This is a show for those very young and young at heart. Its is a production like I grew with watching Disney on Ice but now with magic and on a stage. Brad and Alex are your host into the comedy world of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and all love Disney characters. Each one has a special moment doing magic in the show. In between our two magicians make with comedy and great magic. The audience was filled with children of every age and when Mickey or Goofy came out the cheers were like that of a rock concert. It is a Las Vegas type show wrapped in the magical wonders that is Disney. All good clean family fun and an inspiration for any working magician to see and behold what magic truly is. If you couldn't tell by the show you can tell by smiles and energy from the kids in the theatre.

Thank you Brad, Alex and the entire cast for a wonderous, magical Disney night.

Like I said before try to catch one of these shows when they come to your town. Be inspired for the magical times you wish to give your audience.

Best wishes

Tony Blanco

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