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The Season is the Reason....for Gigs

Well, lets be smart fall is around the corner. Fall is the beginning of the most mystic season Halloween. This is the time for every magician to be working. Legends of Houdini's last performance on this planet. Ghost, Goblins, Vampires and the magic that is Halloween. This is only September but if you haven't been planning for those show and for supplies now is the time. I have already taken calls from our family of customers at Hocus Pocus who now know its time to stock up on Halloween effects. So now I tell you to plan ahead not only for Halloween, but for Christmas shows. This is my personal favorite time of the year even if I don't gig as much as I like, but I am telling all of you to be ready. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. There is your Halloween moment of Zen.

Tony's Tips

Forgetful Frankie

Lets start the Halloween Spirit with my favorite horror movie Frankenstein. From magical creator Mike Bent comes Forgetful Frankie. If you have been in magic enough you know the concept of Forgetful Freddie, well Mike has created Forgetful Frankie based on the look of the Frankenstein monster. This version includes all the goodies that makes this a funny yet magical horror effect. Watch winder and sparking gimmack include. Just imagine making the story come alive of the creation with a magic twist of the vanish and reappearance of his head.


From a true living legend of magic John Calvert comes Casper. Casper is his personal version of the of the Dancing Hank. Mr. Calvert shares with you his pet routine that he has performed for well over sixty years. He has been nice enough to release this only to our family of Hocus Pocus customers only!. This is a routine he still performs to this day and Mr. Calvert is now the grandfather of magic still touring and traveling the world. Include are all the gimmicks and music and a video to make your show truly look like magic is alive and well in a pocket hanky.

Spirit Cabinet

Again from Mr. Calvert comes the Spirit Cabinet. This is a full blown stage effect but can be done parlor style to envoke the spirits to play a little mischief for your audience. This is a routine that makes your name at the end or middle of you show. You the magi are bound with rope by members of the audience and no stooges are used! The a portable curtain is introduced as the serect chamber within the spirits will visit. While in this chamber objects placed around you (you being roped up) on the ground and the cirtian raise begin to fly out of the chamber. Then a memeber of the audience is seated next to you and you still roped up. Well after more stuff flies out of the curtain by the time the curtain drops his pants is rolled up, shirt off and a bucket on his head. I can't say more then having seen another living legend do Mr.Calvert's effect... Andre Cole, the audience did believe ghost do exist!!!!

Dracula Bites the Dust

OK if all of the effects I mention are to over the top for your programs let us go back to Mike Bent, creator of Dracula Bites the Dust. This is Mike's take on Terry Seabrook's Chatting Teeth Routine. As you know of my love of Brit stuff, Mike has made it more of a family routine with comedy and spoof of the legend of Dracula. Graphics and routine are included whether you use Doug Malloy's version of Chatting Teeth or not this the great effect for all of you storytelling magi's. Comedy and magic and a kicker final is what all you want in your show...Thanks Mike!

Haunted Illusions

From the Godfather of magic blueprints Paul Osbourne comes his Haunted Illusions. Paul has been printing his takes on classic illusions for many years in magic magazines. Now from his vast collections is "Haunted Illusions" his take on effects for theme parks and huanted house shows. Paul has served the magic community very well so you will know his ideas are the dreams that magic shows are made of. Don't miss your chance to add that special illusion and touch of magic as well as extra money for having a illusion when booking a show to your show!

Tony's Tips

As you can tell tonight I am asking you to plan ahead for your shows. This is the time of the year when time moves faster then you can think. So if you can stop and read this then you can plan for your hoilday shows. My staff at Hocus Pocus want each and everyone of your to look cool for your shows, so plan ahead and don't forget to rehearse to make it look like magic.

There are many more effects on the site that can help a simple magic show turn into a great spooky show or the most powerful illusion show, but planning is important. This week I have been in touch with magic vendors from around the world with magical ideas that create the most errie of effects and we have them on the site. It is a matter of you ordering in time to make your magic look like a ghostly or spirit like effect if you want to be precieved a real entertainer. Items like The Face, items from our newsest vendor Magicurios (on the left side of the website) have just some great weird and bizarre items. Some items are custom made so plan ahead.

Also like last week I mention local stores, that now are turning attention to Halloween. Paul has been visiting local Halloween stores for more ideas for items for all of you. He has found a number of Geni's in a dome, as well as Willy Wonka glasses for me...Thanks Paul! Either way now is the time to plan ahead not only for Halloween but then for Christmas and get the flyers or bookings before its to late. Check those catalogs of vedors that sell giveaway stuff too and order now! Don't forget music from movies as well as classic music for your shows to give that extra horror feeling and mystery to your show.

If you have any ideas of storytelling and bizarre magic as well as creating a magic moment for the audience this is the season to plan for. In years past I have done a show dressed as a vampire and did 4 shows nightly at Circus Circus' Adventure Dome , which became the Dome of Doom for Halloween. Seek out your local areas and talk them up for a special magic show, you never know what may happen. Our own Dexter is getting ready for a series of Seance shows and it looks pretty good both performance wise and $ wise. Don't miss your chance to upsell your simple magic show to a Halloween Spectacule!

Thanks for reading each week.
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Tony Blanco

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