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To Every Season

Well gang the official weekend to end the summer has come gone. So now its time to be a smart planner for those great fall shows. Already today here at Hocus Pocus some smart Magi's are ordering Christmas props. Well before Christmas is Halloween, Magician's best time of the year for shows. I remember telling tales of ghost and the famous Harry Houdini and doing a Keller Rope Tie for my shows. So start planning your shows and get your orders in before the day before the gig. A wise man plans to fail and silly man fails to plan.

Tony's Picks

This week starts with a mix bag of Pick's and again all I would use and am happy to recommend.
Animated Shoelace

The time of the last David Blaine special we all expected to see much more magic then a guy floating in a bubble for two hours. On of the tricks that did make the special was the self tying showlace (a different trick from this one) and it was cute in front of the kids when he did it. As usual someone has to reinvent the wheel and now comes Animated Shoelace. In this version you can perform it in shorts. This one is even faster and clean in my humble view. Don't believe me check out the video on our website.

Moving Violations

From the creative mind of Jay Sankey comes Moving Violations. This is a mind blower and all of you know a good trick when you see it. How do I know? I just had to reorder more cause we just sold out of the first batch we ordered from Jay. Jay call's this a little Sci-Fi card effect using a hypno card to make the magic happen. Plue on this DVD which comes with all the gimmicks are extra card effects such as "One of Six" and "The Ultimate Business Card Giveaway". All this and a killer close-up effect make items by Jay Sankey a must in your close-up bag of tricks. Avideo is on the web. Check it out.

Trevor Lewis Uncut

What can one say of a British icon of magic. Those of you who read each week know I love Brit humor and ideas. Well Trevor has be coming up with more magic that is for real workers for a long time. This book with well over 200 pages covers over 20 years of the genius of Trevor. He has created many of my favorite effects that I do in my performances. So now this one book covers his writings of different party, school, library effects from his series of "Party Pieces" books. This book is a must for the real working pro that works for everyone! For a real in sight into what a real entertainer does to make a real living I highly recommend this book. Remember this when you know how to make folks laugh as well as do magic then and only then can you be called a "Entertainer" and Trevor Lewis truly is just that!

Free Lunch

Does Paul Romhany ever stop coming up with great ideas, hope not! Free Lunch is Pauls take on the way to get your business card into the hands of a spectator as well as getting their's for your mailing list. Everyone knows now a day restauants have a bowl to drop your card in for a "Free Lunch". Well Paul and TC Tahoe have worked out this mindreading piece of magic that can even be done as a work around effect. A bowl of business cards are shown and sepectator is asked to choose one. Then the Magi can tell the phone number and the zip code of the choosen card. So now everyone wants tadd their card for sure. You get cards for walkaround and a stage version, heck the fishbowl is included plus so much more to make this a killer effect. Thanks Paul and TC for a magical marketing effect.

JC Wagner Lecture DVD

JC Wagner is a living legend when it comes to Bar and Restauant magic. His knowledge and wisdom has given us some of todays most famous magicians that work the Bar and Restauant arena's. So now on this DVD learn the inner sercrets of the man that folks like Doc Eason, Bob Sheets and many more call the Master. JC tips some of the most clever moves in closeup when working the crowd. My favorite is a explaination on the card under the drink. This has been a killer effect that many would sell their soul to learn, now it yours on this DVD.
So much history and magic to learn on this one DVD dont miss out.

Tony 's Tips

So each week I hope I share ideas that help you as a entertianer get inspired. I search my files and find things to share. One thing I may have a bad habit is to repeat things I may have said before in my writings. I do this sometimes because I don't always hear from all of you and wonder if your getting it or not. Here are some quick flashes to refresh you noggin.

Dollar stores (or 99 cent stores) can be a magicians best friend. I am always finding supplies there. Getting gold wrapping paper for making Martin Lewis version of Tossed out Chinese Sticks (Making Magic DVD) or getting tissue paper for Torn and Restore Tissue Paper Routine (Bob White) . This type of store besides getting 8x10 frames for a buck and DVD's of Jack Benny, Marx Bros, Charlie Chaplin is today Woolworths. For those to young to remember Woolworths was know as the 5 and Dime store. This place had everything from Kitchen to hardware to clothing all surround by a great soda fountain. Many of todays legends of magic will tell you that this was the place to get those special comedy props. So check out your local dollar store!

Home Depot and Lowes and any other Home improvement stores are another way of bringing that touch of magic to your show. Watching so many magicians on DVD today one can't help to be inspired and build. Even if you don't have a full blown woodworks (like I do) you can still walk the isles of these home improvement stores and find so many magic gimmicks. Serects line each corner of the store even more then a old Tannen's catalog. I have found parts and pieces to repair and create stuff for my show. If your a fan of someone like Barry Mitchell you can bet he knows Home Depot real well if you have ever read or seen his books or DVD's.

Craft Stores like Michael's or Ben Franklin or JoAnn are another source for magical creations and inspiration. One thing I have learned to do is sew. Its not that hard guys! How many times did you need a bag for a prop and payed a little old lady on the block to do it. By the way if you don't have a bag for each prop then I hope your good on doing touch up painting. Well this is why I learned to sew, then from that point I have made my own card in wallet wallets from an idea by Patrick Page. Then later learned to make bow ties and even costumes. How can you create magic if you don't know the way the trick works. This is the same in sewing and expecting someone to understand your vision if you can't explaine how to sew it. These craft store also have so many idea down each turn you go. Paints, woodworking items, cool little trunks and cases, fabric and so much more.

Remember this each performers show is suppose to be of that performer. We all buy magic but we all need to make sure that we all don't look like we came off the shelf. Going to these type of stores is a way of making your show look personally yours. When it comes to parties craft stores can help your creat a great image for your show. A home improvement shop can give your that professional look using the right tools and lumber to build your look. Dollar stores can provide so many things that give you that comedy edge as well as giveways for your audience. Heck its just a buck give it away and make a memory.

Well, I hope that touches your creative outlet again this week. I would really like to hear from all off you. Ideas types and suggestions. I really would love to highlight our Hocus Pocus family so don't be shy email me: Tony@Hocus-Pocus.com

Thanks for reading each week

Tony Blanco

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