Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Magic for Mind, Body and Soul

As we all journey as performers, we have to always keep in mind why we picked this career as magicians. Over the past few months I have had an awaking for what makes me happy. I hope you never lose sight of that. It is the moment you see the smile on a birthday child when all this is for her. When you work an event and see folks looking lost until they see you all decked out to give them what they never expected was to be a magical night. As Doug Henning would say " that sense of wonder". Never forget we know the secerets, but the audience has no clue what is in store for them. Live that moment every time you get on stage and make someone a memory that last a life time.

Tony's Picks

Half Dyed Hank

If you don't already know Billy McComb is one of my idols. I was blessed to spend time here and there with him at a few magic conventions. One of my favorite acts of Billy's was the Half Dyed Hank act. I have made my own set, made my own Dye Tube which I shown Billy and he gave me his own to get the right size. The one I had made was to small by his standard. Now we have the complete act for sale. His routine, the silks, and the right size dye tubes. Even our own Mike Guisti could not believe the size of the tubes. Now thru one of our vendors with permission of his estate you to can perform this magical miracle. Price really low for an act that served Billy his life time and now can serve you. I would also recommend getting the Greater Magic Billy McComb Tape / DVD to learn it. On the website we have Billy doing the act. So get your piece of classic magic.

Chameleon Change Tuxedo Shirt

Our friends from Chameleon Magic have made what I think is the finest "Quick Change" costume prop for your show. These folks have worked out every detail to make a clever prop. Imagine during the course of your show that you take quick turn around or bow behind your table only to change from a tuxedo shirt into a other shirt. These are well made and can be used with ease. A visual magical delight for your audience. This is the kind of thing that makes your show that much more a memory of your performance. The same company also makes a suit type shirt costume change. Well done to our friends at Chameleon Costume .

Renaissance FX

One of magic's newest talents Jay Mattioli has done it again. First he came up with a vanishing cell phone now he has Renaissance FX. this is a device (actually 2) that lets you create all sorts of visual "Street Type" magic. The package comes with special gimmicks that let you do all sorts of cool stuff. Work with productions, Changes, Levatations and much more. With these gimmicks you can make a IPod Float, a hank dance, objects change, flash restored rope, ideas for fast dove productions, and so much more. Jay is a young creative genius in magic and his ideas are real world visual. Watch the online video of what you can do with Renaissance FX. Its like owning your Special FX company when you get this package. The ideas are endless.


What can one say of the creative mind of Max Maven, only one word.... scary. Max is some one that lives outside of the box and in a world of his own. For years he has produced magic effect that have both entertained us and made many a magician look cool on TV. Remember touching your TV set....that's Max's Routine. His wonderful series of videos called VideoMind showed all the possible ways mentalism can be done. Well now is the ultimate test performing with nothing!
Thats right no magic props only stuff you could pick up in a supermarket. Now this is not a let makeup a show routine when you lose your props. This is a solid 50 minute show with creative ideas fro Max, Eugene Burger, Stephen Minch and Michael Webber. This DVD includes Para-Sight a routine that has been out of print for over 25 years and copies sold for over $400.00.
So for the price we list this for, for the fact its "Max Maven", and for the fact it truly is a simple in simple out set up show your will have a show that is a mentalism masterpiece to perform.

Magic Under Fire

Over my 32 years performing I have done all types of events and parties. The title of this new DVD says it all "Magic Under Fire". Imagine every rough event you have ever done, well that is the idea behind Harry Robson's magic. You know what I am talking about. Getting hired and folks that don't want to see magic, folks drinking , noisey DJ's we face it all the time and yet the show must go on. Harry tips his favorite routines for this tough kind of crowd as well as tells of his funniest stories working the room. This is real world knowledge if you are just starting out or have done it for many years. I can relate to this DVD very well, as was just this weekend working a gig were if I didn't take some action the host would have thought I was not working. A real pro's advice on this DVD so live and learn before your next gig.

Tony's Tips

Well I hope you enjoyed last week's Houdini Does a Card Trick routine. I have heard from a few of you and it seems it was well liked. I hope to hear from more of you and hope you will send me a picture of your version. I will post them on this blog if you do send me them. I a wait your version AJ, Bill, Tom and those that did call in to the shop.

So this week what to share....mmmm. I have it! Magic for the body and the Soul. What is that you say. Well today I shared with one of our customers my Professor's Nightmare routine (I wrote a while back on this blog) about 3 different size kids but we are all the same on the inside. His problem was to create a show about bullies and how you have to be nice to your fellow man.
the ideas with magic just came out. So I tossed out some ideas to him and he is now on his way thinking in a more creative way.

This is the thing now a days. It is not about just getting hired to do a show at a school with magic. Schools want a educational slant. This can raise your worth in a busy market of magicians trying to get schools gigs. My friend Barry Mitchell has been a creative force in this market. So have other magicians. You may need to rethink your shows. Find a friendly theme that gets you the gigs. Topics can range from Recycle to Reading to Just Say No. It would be smat to even call your local schools to find what is needed and custom your program. You will be amazed how much is needed that the teachers just can't teach that a magician could. It is our power as entertainers that can make a differance in our shows.

Now understand a theme is not cause to lecture on the evils of something but, to do it it in away that the audience walks away with a good feeling. No one likes to be lectured at! Hell, how many times do we get turned off by a movie star asking for money for a cause. If that movie star moves us in a movie with a message we can feel it much better then someone saying give money. So that is your power as a magician do it magically and the message about the "problem" is a bitter pill that can be swallowed easier. Give inspriration with a message, give a magical moment in your performace. This is a way the message and the problem may get solved. Then you will look better then just a guy doing silly magic for a school school. Remember that someone inspired us, your job as a entertainer is to inspire the next generataion.

Best Magical Wishes
Tony Blanco

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