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The Time for Creating and Sharing Ideas

Good day my friends. It appears its just a few weekends away from the time we change the clocks again (Fall back) and gain an hour. This is the great time of the season to have that one extra hour to be creative. If your a late night person (like I used to be) or a earlier riser, time to figure in that extra hour for productive ideas for your show. Spend the time to find a quiet time to create and even share your ideas. One of the great ways might be to join our newly improved and the return of the Hocus Pocus Roundtable. This is our version of the magic chat board but unlike other chat sights it's meant for the brotherhood of magic to grow and share as compared to ones that seem to want to do magic a bad service. Please join us and the Hocus Pocus Family of creators, performers and customers to further better the craft that we honor and work hard to be a part of ...Magic .
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Tony's Tips

Superior Chinese Sticks

Searching the world over for the best products Paul has found what we are calling Superior Chinese Sticks. Now most magicians even very famous ones like Blackstone, Roy Benson, Fred Kaps have featured them in their act. Chinese sticks have been around a long time and they can be performed may ways. Heck Greater Magic put out a DVD just on this one prop alone. A Silent act or a talking act, Chinese sticks still to this day leave folks amazed and confused. So whats so great about these sticks? Ease of working and the perfomance inside is silent. Professionally made. Can be performed in almost any situation. Now the kicker, Paul has purchased up the entire line from this maker and is so impressed that if your not impressed with them, a full money back refund if your not impressed. No questions asked. So that truly makes them "Superior".

Jeff Hobson's Pro Lecture Series

Our good friend and comedy's Mr. Las Vegas, Jeff Hobson has done something amazing. First if you have ever seen Jeff Hobson Live video know how funny and how much he tipped of his comedy secrets. Well now Jeff has done it again, opening his bag of tricks for you in his Pro Series Lecture Series. Long ago Jeff produced a book which had so much information on the comedy business which had a limited run that it became a collectors item. Well now its back in a CD-Rom form with much much more "Hobservations" of show biz. As they say on TV but wait there is more as this is a 2 for the price of 1. This series includes his award winning One Man Parade from Linking Ring. At the time it only had a few black and white drawings, this time it has full color photos to teach you each of the effects. This is a must have lecture from one of magic's full time, funny all the time, working pros. Don't miss out.

Perfect Choice

From one of magic's greatest legends Mike Caldwell comes Perfect Choice. Recreating this routine that made Mike's reputation are our friends at Malloy Modern Magic and Kerry Ross. This effect is being released for the first time from the late Mike Caldwell. I ask that you read the full description of the effect on the website. Leave it to say that many spectators are choosen and deck of cards is in plan sight all the time and random choices are given by each spectator and when that deck is opened....you have one truly amazed audience. Again read the full decription and get blown away by this power magic miracle.

Vanishing Dove Carousel

Each of us at Hocus Pocus tend to have a favorite type of magic. Mike likes wacky comedy stuff. Dexter is our mentalism master of the strange. I tend towards close-up and fun family stuff. Paul is the guy that spent his early magic career as a Dove magician. When he saw this new Vanishing Dove Carousel he said 'This is the type he wished he had when performing". The construction of this prop is very well made and sets up very easy. This being a major plus for a real working pro, easy in the theatre easy out. Imported from Europe so that of course means we have a limited amount of them in stock, so add this wonderous prop to your show soon.

Art of Astonishment

From one of magic's closeup masters and creative forces Paul Harris is his new DVD "The Art of Astonishment". Paul has gained a reputation for looking at things jst a little different then you and I would. Because of this, for well over 20 years he is ever producing books, effects, videos and now DVD's. This DVD takes your into a "Strange" world of Astonishment. The effects on this DVD will blow away the minds of your audience as well as impress them with your talents to say the least. Effects include items with cards, coins, dollars and even the carbonation of a soda can. So take a ride in the world of Paul Harris and maybe you too will start looking at things a little different from now on.

Tony's Tip

It feels like its been a while since I gave you all a "real trick" in my tip part of this blog so I guess your due for one. This past weekend in my Saturday Kid Magic Workshop I had them learn how to force a card. To be exact a slip cut force, and learn these young magi's did. Then the question came up where or how do you need to force a card. I pointed out that effects like Insurance Policy when you end up with a banner of say the King of Diamonds is on the inside and now the policy is void cause you did find the choosen card. Just then I came up with a idea since we have so many magic posters in the workshop room, thanks Paul! One such poster is the Houdini King of Cards poster.
So here now is

"Houdini Does a Card Trick "

"One of the most famous, if not thee most famous magicians was Harry Houdini. Harry was know as the King of Escapes. His legend was famous for being either tired up in ropes, chains and locks only to escape. Legend has it that on Halloween the only escape that Harry could not escape from was Death.

All that time you are removing a photo from a bag first of Harry Houdini handcuffed. Then a small version of the King of Cards poster. Picture of Harry goes back in the bag/envelope.

"Now before Harry was known as the King of Escapes, he was know as the King of Cards. It is for this reason today that magicians still perform card tricks in his honor".

Bring out a deck of cards, riffle thru and ask the spectator to say stop, cut the deck and have them take the top card. You close the cut of the deck and then take the card back. Show the card back to everyone. Do a top change. Place the deck down and pick up the envelope/bag and rub the card against the bag with the photo in it. Turn the card over and show that it is now a blank card!!

Tear open the envelope (or tear apart bag) to show the photo Harry still in Handcuffs yet holding the choosen card.

"Once the King of Cards, always the King of Cards! Ladies and Gentleman, Harry Houdini".

Not bad huh. All that is needed is either a double envelope or large (8x10 size) tear apart bag, a copy of the King of Cards poster and two photos of Harry Houdini. Make these pictures about 8x10 so that can read from parlour to stage well. The photos are easy to get of the web from Google images. This is the photo I found the I liked and imposed a card right next to Harry's thumb on the left side of the photo. The real work is to scan a card and load it on to a photo of Harry. This you can do on the computer with a program like Microsoft Home Publishing or something like that.

Print the two photos and laminate them as well as the King of Cards poster, this makes for a longer lasting prop. The rest of the routine is really in the text and patter is up to you. I came up with most it that day for the kids. I have been using the line "this is why magicians perform card tricks in honor of Harry" actually for about 4 years. So I guess the rest of the effect really just fell into place the other day. I hope you also know that the one picture of Harry without the card on it goes into the secret double pocket of the envelope/bag after showing it in the beginning. The 2nd photo of Harry with the choosen card will be the one the audience sees when the bag/envelope is ripped open.

Give it a shot, make a set up just in time for your Halloween shows. Remember this could also be a close up effect with a smaller picture of Harry or a really large picture for stage. Hope you enjoy this from me and my group of great young magicians.

Don't forget to join the Hocus Pocus Round Table and share your views, knowledge and wisdom.

Best Magical Wishes
Tony Blanco

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