Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Tis the Season to Party On...Dude

So the Fall season of parties are in full force. I do hope that you are finding all those great bookings for Halloween. The time magicians can really shine. Our Dexter is the master of the Seance Room out at Hobb's Grove. Each year the folks have a rather spooky event each night and this year have added Dexter to the mix with his Seance House. A recent guest was so truly scared that he took the time to tell Dex after the Seance. It was the actor that played Leatherface in Texas Chain Saw III passing thru Fresno for a Halloween promo. Kudos to our own master of the bizarre, Dexter. Remeber if your planning a spooky fest or a story event make those bookings a lasting memory.

Tony's Picks

Capstone's Torn and Restore Pirate Treasure Map

Just in time for the season of Halloween and the pirtate craze from recent movies comes Torn and Restore Pirate Treasure Map. Capstone (the inventor) has said Why tear up a newspaper? When you can entertain much more with tales of the high seas and a Pirate Treasure Map." What starts out as a folded up Pirate hat of paper becomes a tale of a map and the 9 pirates that want a piece of the map. The funny continues with great story and gags and jokes. Each set comes with 8 mapes that are ready to go. 10 full pages of instructions for the routine and patter make this a must have for the storyteller magician or just allaround entertainer. One effect that I know you will want in your show.

Exploding Lightbulb

From the cute to the bizarre. Its Halloween and here is one effect that will cause the goose bumps. Borrow a lightbulb (if folks actually have them) or have one ready and let it be examined. Seems ok nothing fake about it. Then while holding the lightbulb and focusing your energy or powers the bulb shatters. This is one creepy effect! You have seen "Street Magic" shows where magicians do this effect and now you can too! This gimmick is so well made for our overseas friends that it will last you a life time. This is a effect that will make a lasting impression of your talents.

Fearless Fred

From our friend Mike Bent comes Fearless Fred. Here is a routine that takes the silk in the Apple routine to a new whole comedy level. A tale of Fearless Fred (a worm) who in his contract gets a apple before each performance but must have no seeds in the apple. The apple is cored and wrapped in foil. Now his daredevil stunt must begin to land inside a net after being shot from a cannon. To tell you the whole act I won't do it, please read the act on the website. To tell you this was the hit of all Mike's summer shows is true and can be the hit for your programs. Comedy, helpers from the audience, visual props, great sound effects and much more. This is the type of stuff that makes for great family entertainment and Mike Bent has done this so well. So much is included in this routine.

Royal Family Portrait

From the master of visual artistic grapic work Ton Onasaka. These jumbo cards are so well made as allof Ton's effects are. It begins with a joker on a easel. The a Jack of Hearts, which changes to a Queen of Spades. Back and forth. This time for the Queen changes into the King of Spades then into the joker. But wait what of the Joker that was on the easel from the begining? This gets turned around to show the entire Royal Family Portrait! The card that does it all is so well made that there is no way that it looks like this could happen. All is included with this great Ton effect even Ton performing the routine on DVD for you to learn. What more can you want for such a cool jumbo, visual card effect.

Ultimate Snake Basket

From our cool creative friend Dick Barry comes the Ultimate Snake Basket. Recently Paul went to the magic castle for the famous swap meet and saw good friend Dick Barry. Dick showed Paul his new and improved version of his already hit Ulitmate Snake Basket. In this version at no time do your hands go into the basket. You control the action from out side with little buttons. The effect is a comedy runaway of the snake trying to find the spectators selected card. Twice the snake misses (in funny ways) only to find the choosen card with fanfare and flags a waving.
We have 12 in stock and when they are gone that is that. So don't miss your chance at one of these.

Tony's Tips

Parties Part Duex " House Parties"

As I started chatting about working a party last week let's chat some more. House parties are a great way to just be the host as well as the entertainer. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the time for these great types of events. Drinks and food abound and a magical hot can really make the party. Here many times working hand and hand with the host or the caterer will make you as important as the party. I have always looked at this type event like what if this was my own home and I had the money to spend that these folks have.

Then I would make sure everyone is having a good time. Mingling in and out of each room I spend a few moments at each group of folks chatting and drinking. Then I even check if anyone needs anything well I am the one standing up. This is a time to work with the caterer's staff to bring them over to get more drinks or food. Then move on to the next area of the house. At some point offer the host a little "Standup Magic show". This I arrange to be around the time after I have done almost two hours of walkaround magic. after my show I am done and leave.

A rule of thumb or should I say a cardinal rule is....when your done your done! It is not time to join the party as a guest! You have shined for the night let them remember your perfomance and leave. If you stay you end up working off the clock with no pay. Some of you might say "hey that a way to drum up more work". Actually it makes you look like a poor straving actor now eating the food and drink that is meant for the guest. What most entertainers forget is that we don't get hired to eat, we get hired to work. It's not our party! Sure I said play the host but also know your place in the world of classes. At a house party your are still seen as a Hired hand to make the event not relax at it. This is just one way that I keep working. I have been offered so much food and drink at events, but trust me it makes you look less then if your eating and then entertain. OK off my soap box. Just be classy when in someone's home.

We will chat more next week and if any of you have ideas please share your Do's and Don'ts to me.


Best Magical Holiday wishes,

I like what you wrote about not joining the party afterwords. It is a sign of good manners that people will offer food and drink as a show of appreciation, but secretly hope the performers don't stay. After all, performers are people the the customer really don't know and parties are usually for family and friends.
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