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Tis the Season to.......Party!!!!

Hey Gang! Last month as well as this month is the slide right into the Holiday Seasons. If your a working pro or not now is the time to plan the promotions for getting Holiday work. I have been rather lucky to have been part of some great events that I know I would have never done in Las Vegas. So as much as you all read about magic in Las Vegas, some of the most magical moments happen in the most special events. This year seems to be big on 50th surprise parties for the husband. I have done a few of them. Fast getting near 50 myself. This type of event is cool because you just hang in the background and perform close-up magic and then before your leave do a 15 minute stand up magic show for the Birthday Boy. Well I will chat later in the Tip section tonight about seasonal parties. Either way get your name out and stay busy these next 3 months and relaxe in January.

Tony's Picks

Houdini's Last Escape

From the clever mind of Brian Thomas Moore comes what could be the funniest version of the Straight Jacket Escape. I have seen many comedy magicians do the straight jacket routine have a spectator lock the magi in place and the bit of the strap up the middle...ho hum. Brian has taken the clever point of using the magical lesson on CD to learn to escape to a high comedy level. This is not your regular funny escape. This is a very clever way of adding both magic and visual comedy to this type of performance. The concept is that your going to beat Houdini's record from his last escape at the same time your learning to do the challenge at the same time. This is a must for a real working pro that knows the meaning of getting laughs from the crowd. Yes the price is a bit higher and so will your dollars when you book a show. Many things come with this routine so don't miss your chance to be the first to be able to bring down the house with laughter.

Whispers Four Times Three

From the mind of our creative friend John Mendoza comes Whispers Four Times Three. This is in Mr. Mendoza's words "magic that must be simple". I agree! So many times when you magi's forget its about getting in and getting out . You mus tremember your magic must be powerful , visual and make a lasting impression! So imagine have a spectator pick four face cards , because only face cards can Whisper! The four cards are placed on top (one by one) on top of 3 choosen cards and tell you the magic what they are. Then for the kicker (say your four face cards were Kings) they change to Aces for the final. No gimmicks! Use any deck any time and this routine includes a DVD. Perfect for the working pro who knows visual magic makes for a perfect close up show.

Nothing DVD

What can one say of the creative mind of Max Maven, only one word.... scary. Max is some one that lives outside of the box and in a world of his own. For years he has produced magic effect that have both entertained us and made many a magician look cool on TV. Remember touching your TV set....that's Max's Routine. His wonderful series of videos called VideoMind showed all the possible ways mentalism can be done. Well now is the ultimate test performing with nothing!Thats right no magic props only stuff you could pick up in a supermarket. Now this is not a let makeup a show routine when you lose your props. This is a solid 50 minute show with creative ideas fro Max, Eugene Burger, Stephen Minch and Michael Webber. This DVD includes Para-Sight a routine that has been out of print for over 25 years and copies sold for over $400.00.So for the price we list this for, for the fact its "Max Maven", and for the fact it truly is a simple in simple out set up show your will have a show that is a mentalism masterpiece to perform. Yes I know that I recomend this last week but for all of you that were thinking about it, let me tell you that it has been another fast seller and for that I have choosen to tell you about it again!!!!
Get your copy now and learn the ways of what a great performer like Max can teach you!!

Vanishing and Appearing Glass

One of the nicest and clever made props this year is the first impression I can say. Yes it can hold water or any other beverage. This glass is not glass it is made from what I believe is silcone and imagine the possiblities. It can crush like your favorite vanishing coke bottle as well as be produced. Many routines come to mind. This glass as Paul called it "Is very nicely made and looks like the real thing". Those working pro's doing the restauant type shows will find many uses for them. There is a book "The New Bottle Book" by our good friend Norm Nielsen that I highly recommend that would give you more ideas for this glass. It is a great prop to have in your magic bag of tricks.

Musical Chairs

Our good friend and master craftman Jay Leslie has gone Hollywood. Add Director to his many talents as he is now a producer of DVD's. Jay has been on the fore front of presevering many great magic effects and rebuilding them is his style. Now he is doing the same by saving great magic routines on DVD. Now Jay has saved a routine by Bob Hummer on DVD. This is a concept in mentalism that many have payed magic dealers hundreds of dollars for in the past. Now Jay explains to you this secret and supplies the props to make you look like a mind reading master. All is explained including covering angles and everyone will be fooled even fellow magi's. We thank Jay for saving this great routine on DVD.

Straight Jacket Escape

Now for those of you that don't do the comedy version of Straight Jacket Escape here is a no holds bar DVD. Again our friend Jay Leslie has done it again, sharing everything you will ever want to know about this famous act. This DVD is for those who know a good thing when they hear about it. With well over a hour of infor that the working pros would never want you to know. Jay covers ever great detail for use of the jacket to promote a show or as a feature in your act. I highly recommend the use of a real jacket vs. a gimmick one for Jay shows all in this DVD. Ideas abound in this DVD so if you have ever thought of adding a jacket to your act this would be the DVD to learn from.

Tony's Tips

Party Season is here! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and everything else!!
This is one of the reasons I left Las Vegas. When I lived back East this would be the busiest time of the year. In Las Vegas around Christmas time the showrooms actually turn over the stages to the National Finals Rodeo. So the town becomes all about the cowboys and country acts. How Christmas is that. Last year I got to perform on what Fresno calls "Christmas Tree Lane". Marching bands, news crews, kids and thousands of lights. That's Magic! So now as the season is coming I recommend you giving thought to making all the bookings you can and take January off !

Props and routines

Think how you can custom your props to each party. Now I am not saying go out an buy lots of new props but, work with what you have. Going to a craft store, which has lots of decorations to help enhance your show. A hot glue gun and decorating foam can change that Chinese looking magic box into one of Santa's Chimmney's he visits. Even the old geni tube could be gift wrapped and a story of a child opening a present early finds nothing only to have the magic of Christmas be able to produce many things from it. We have a book at HP call Christmas Routines. We also have a book by Paul Osbourne called Haunted Illusions for Halloween. Ideas abound, be creative and seek out every idea to make your holiday show great. I love to do a few effects that tell of Houdini and Halloween. Last week I think I came up with a great one and will be using it this weekend at a show.

Parties run in such a wierd way. So one thing I have learn over these past 33 years is to be flexable yet know when to take charge. The average party planner has no real sense of timing. Really! The guy serving the food does, the band does, so make sure you introduce yourself to them and work with them to make the event run smooth. Don't be afraid to do things that are not always "magical" but helpful to the host. This will endear you for future work. As I said know when to be on and when not to be. You are really the person the guest will see first and may turn to you for directions to bathrooms or when is the main course coming out. Working with a band or a DJ will only show your a pro to the buyer. They hired you so they can party so don't bother them once the party starts. Another thought is to get the payment for your services in the begining rather then the end of the party when the host is saying good-bye to family and your done and have to wait another half to hour to get paid. Just a few tips for now more to follow.

Plan ahead and look festive, magical and in charge.

Best Magical Holiday wishes,

Tony Blanco

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